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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How to find work in Jamaica at Call Centers - Tritel Services Jamaica seeking TSA’s with Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA Certifications

Folks and Call Center peeps at Advantage, Xerox and Startek, I've got news more exciting than the possibility that Rainforest Seafoods Lionfish Fillet might be coming to Mother's Enterprises as predicted in my MICO Wars blog article entitled “How Rainforest Seafoods Lionfish will end up as Mother’s Lionfish Patty”.

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If you're in possession of a degree in IT or Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA certifications, you might be inclined to become a TSA (Technical Service Agent) instead of a CSA (Customer Service Agent).

After all, all we CSA's do all day is handle calls that are for the most part very simple as I currently do at Advantage Call Center as pointed out in my blog article entitled “How to find work in Jamaica at Call Centers - A Brief Listing of Call Center Job Openings in New Kingston”.

So for those techie peeps, there is Tritel Services Jamaica, which is secretly seeking persons with such qualifications to expand their Call Center. The Technical Certifications needed to work at Tritel Services Jamaica are as follows:

1.      A+
2.      Network+
3.      CCNA
4.      CCNP
5.      Microsoft Certified Professional
6.      Degree in Information Technology

Past experience as a TSA is great according to my sources at Tritel Services Jamaica, especially if that experience involved fixing:

1.      Personal computers
2.      Electronic devices
3.      Networking
4.      Mobile products
5.      Applications

Being well spoken, and possessing a proficiency in Microsoft packages will also help. My sources at Tritel Services Jamaica tell me the jobs pay over JA$400 by you’ll be required to submit the following as part of the interview/evaluation process:

1.      Updated resume
2.      2 passport size photos
3.      Educational qualifications
4.      Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
5.      Valid Government issued photo identification
6.      TRN & NIS cards
7.      P45 (if applicable)

Application are sent to this email:

Interestingly too, you'll also be required to submit the following, an indication of how stringent Call Centers are becoming:

1.      Police record certificate
2.      Drug test

So are there other like Tritel Services Jamaica

Tritel Services Jamaica and BPO in Jamaica - Slow Silent Expansion of the Call Center Juggernaut

Tritel Services Jamaica is one of six (6) new companies that launched in 2016 as noted in “New BPO Companies Coming”, Published Friday February 12, 2016 by Tameka Gordon, The Jamaica Gleaner

These six (6) new Call Centers are:

1.      Quality Works Consulting Group
2.      PCR Nearshore
3.      Advanced Call Centre Technologies
4.      MJ Contact Solutions
5.      DG Call Sales Solutions Limited
6.      Tritel Services Jamaica

This translates into a lot of potential in 2016 and beyond as the silently ramp up of these Call Centers picks up pace:

1.      3,237 jobs
2.      2,047 permanent
3.      1,190 temporary posts

Currently the BPO sector in Jamaica consists of some 40 companies providing some 17,000 jobs. Albeit it's not going to make you wealthy, it's worth keeping your ears to the ground and watching your WhatsApp groups.

Buying and reading the Sunday Gleaner and even placing an Ad in the Sunday Gleaner seeking work isn't a bad idea either as explained in my blog article entitled “How to find work in Jamaica at Call Centers - How to use a Call Center to Hunt for your Dream Job”. 

So keep an eye and ear out for Tritel Services Jamaica as these other Call Center present opportunities for the more technically skilled specialists seeking upward mobility in a world based on providing service to customer on behalf of clients.

Here’s the link:
Tritel Services Jamaica

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How Russian Academy of Sciences’ Far East will make Gold from Coal Waste

“We burn a ton – we gain 1,500 rubles,”

CEO of Complex Innovative Technologies of the Amur Scientific Center, Oleg Ageev, in a press statement on extracting Gold from Coal

Gold can be made from cold....sort of.

The Russian Academy of Sciences’ Far East in partnership with the Complex Innovative Technologies of the Amur Scientific Center has discovered that by filtering Coal, they can extract Gold dust as reported in the article “Modern alchemy: Russian scientists discover how to extract Gold from Coal”, Published 22 Nov, 2016, RT.

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This is based on almost fifteen (15) years into research into Coal that has traces of Gold. The scientists will test the Gold extraction equipment using the Coal waste from the Amur region’s boiler houses in 2017. With a grant in the pipeline, they plan to commercialize the process.

This is very similar to Jamaica extraction of Rare Earth metals from Red Mud from the Bauxite mining process which is patented and now on hold as explained in my blog article entitled “Paulwell’s update on Jamaica’s Rare Earth Metal Project – Patenting Red Mud Extraction as Aussies coming suggests Market rebound”. 

So how exactly does one extract Gold from Coal.

How to extract Goal from Coal Waste - Air Cyclone, Water Cyclone for nanoparticles of Gold

For one it isn't alchemy; Coal isn’t converted into Gold, albeit under high pressure it can be turned into diamonds.

To create the Gold, a ton of Coal is burned to create a thick smoke that contains the Gold in a vapour. That vapour is then put into a cyclone or centrifuge causing the heavier cold smoke particles to settle out.

Thos heavier particles are then flushed using pure distilled water and a liquid cyclone is used to separate out the heavier particles of Gold in a repetitive multi-stage purification process. This use of cyclones and purified water means that the electricity use is minimal and uses the specific gravity of the Gold instead of any chemical extraction techniques, making the technique potentially applicable to other forms of dissolved Gold.

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The project is on hold until the spring, as sub-zero temperatures will make the water used in the liquid cyclone filtering process freeze. However, when spring comes around in 2017, process is expected to yield 0.5 grams, worth US$23 (1,500 rubles) per ton of Coal burned.

Given the amount of abandoned Coal waste in the Amur region’s boiler houses, they can potentially make tones of Gold, once the process is solar, wind or hydroelectric powered, making it very cost-efficient, to quote the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Far East: “We plan to use municipal boiler houses to implement our filtering system because they burn about eight to 10 thousand tons in a season, and that’s potentially 10 kilos of Gold.”.

That's a lot of golf from waste that can be used in making electronics and even Gold medals as the Japanese have been doing as noted in the article “Tokyo 2020 to Use Recycled Gold in Medals”, published 19 November 2016, Nippon.

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So the potential if nano-particulate mining of Gold using centrifuges is literally worth the wait (weight?) in Gold! 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Why the Broadcasting Commission says Digital Switch Over coming to Jamaica in 2018

The future of Free-to-Air television and Radio is delayed yet again.

It won't be until 2018 before DSO is implemented as noted in the article “Digital switchover not likely before 2018”, published Tuesday, March 03, 2015, The Jamaica Observer

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So said the Executive Director of the Broadcasting Commission, Cordel Green at the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry Power Brokers Workshop and Luncheon held at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort in Rose Hall held back in March 2015.

Since then media has been awfully quiet on DSO, which is supposed to revolutionize the Broadcasting Industry as I'd predicted in my Geezam blog article entitled “The Future of Free-to-Air Broadcasters in Jamaica as Digital Switch Over Approaches in 2015”.

The free-to-air broadcasters, both in Radio and Television have been quiet on the subject. Not even the idea of Digital Audio Broadcast has been mentioned even as Norway plan to totally switch off FM Radio as noted in my blog article entitled “Norway to Switch Off FM Radio – How Efficient Digital Audio Broadcast mandated by @BCJamaica is coming to Jamaican Broadcasters”.

Apparently, they fear the costs and possible loss of customer to Cable TV services such as FLOW, Digicel Play and the upstart Ready TV which promises affordable Wireless HDTV as explained in my Geezam blog article entitled “Digital Interactive Services READY TV Revolution is Cable TV for all Jamaicans”.

So why is DSO still necessary, despite the quiet from the Broadcasters?

Aside from more efficient use of spectrum, the empty Radio and Television bands can be used for High speed Data services as noted in my blog article entitled “OfCom approves White Spaces usage in Britain - Why Digital Switch Over in Jamaica is Necessary for Unlicensed White Space Frequencies”. 

This would allow more Telecom Providers to come to Jamaica, thus creating competition using these White Space Spectrum that Microsoft is so diligently mapping and testing in Jamaica as noted in my blog article entitled “How White Space Testing by Microsoft at Park Hall Primary and Infant School heralds 80 MBps Competition in Jamaica”.

Explains why the Broadcaster and Telecom Provider are so quiet; more competition in Jamaica isn’t something they’d be excited about. Even if it DTV (Digital Terrestrial Television) mean more spectrum due to more efficient use of spectrum.

Ready TV may also see the birth of Jamaican Reality TV programming, with more local content to attract viewership as predicted in my blog article entitled “How DISL ReadyTV set to deliver Wireless Cable TV with paid Local Jamaican Reality TV Content”. 

It remains to be seen if DSO for Radio and Television will happen in 2018. Hopefully by 2017 the Media will start open dialogue with the public as they ramp up for a 2018 launch, which is only a year away.

Here the link:

Sunday, November 27, 2016

How to find the WiFi password for your Digicel or FLOW Home Network

So you forgot your Wi-Fi Password and you want to connect a new device, most likely a Tablet, to your Wi-Fi Network! Stuff happens!

If you run a business and you changed the Wi-Fi Password on your Digicel Play or FLOW Jamaica Router or Digicel 4G Modem because people were hogging it but buying anything as pointed out in my blog article entitled “How to configure the Wi-Fi on your Digicel 4G Broadband Modem”, chances are you may have forgotten it by now.

So how do you get back the Wi-fi password once you've changed it?

How to discover your Wi-Fi Password – Windows 8.1 is very friendly indeed

The following steps should prove very useful.

Right click on your Wi-Fi Connection symbol at the bottom right of your computer and select Open Network and Sharing Center.

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Select Change Adaptor Settings.

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Right click on the Wi-Fi Adaptor Symbol and select Status.

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On Wi-Fi Status click on Wireless Properties.

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Select the Security Tab and then check the Show Characters checkbox to see your Wi-Fi password.

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This trick work on any computer running Windows 8.1 connected to a Wi-Fi Network that allows you to access the Wi-Fi Adaptor. Sharing in caring so share this simple but handy trick with your friends!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

How Alkahest discovered key to Human Immortality in Young People's Blood Plasma

 “It’s more or less what we would expect. The blood of young people must have something in it that’s important for keeping them young”

Dr. Victoria Bolotina Boston University in Massachusetts, commenting on the presentation by Dr. Sakura Minami of biopharmaceutical company Alkahest at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in San Diego on Monday November 14th 2016

It seems we've found the fountain of eternal youth: the blood of teenagers.

California-based biopharmaceutical company Alkahest injected older mice with the blood plasma take from teenagers as reported in the article “Blood from human teens rejuvenates body and brains of old mice”, published 15 November 2016 by Jessica Hamzelou, New Scientist.

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Their test on 12 month old mice, the equivalent of 50-year old humans, was compared to a control group that received no injections. They discovered that the plasma, taken from 18-year-old teenagers and injected into 12-month-old mice over a three (3) week period twice daily, produced improvements in the following areas for the test subjects:

1.      Memory
2.      Cognition
3.      Physical activity

The mice performed remarkably in maze tests as if they were much younger mice. The team led by Dr. Sakura Minami then examined the brains of the treated and untreated mice. They discovered that the new neurons began growing in the hippocampus, an area of the brain associated with learning and memory.

Previous studies such as those done by Stanford University School of Medicine as explained in my blog article entitled “Stanford School of Medicine discovers Younger Mice's Blood makes Older Mice Brain Young”, has indicated that Blood plasma seems to rejuvenate the following organs:

1.      Brain
2.      Liver
3.      Heart
4.      Muscle

Good to note that the study was presented at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in San Diego ion Monday November 14th 2016; no peer review has been done and it hasn’t even been published in a scholarly journal as yet as noted in the article “Scientists have rejuvenated old mice with the blood of human teenagers”, published November 16th 2016 by Peter Dockrill, Science Alert.

Already, Alkahest, has already started a trial of young blood in people with Alzheimer’s disease. Still I’m not surprised as Dr Sakura Minami points out that it's generally known that people do indeed benefit from blood transfusions; their experiment has merely narrowed it down to blood plasma, quote: “There’s anecdotal evidence that people experience benefits after blood transfusions”.

Interestingly, this discovery has other implications.

Adding blood plasma may actually be thinning out the blood, in much the same way adding engine oil to a car can make it run as if it were a new car. This means research into Artificial blood can be used to reverse the affects of ageing as pointed out in my blog article entitled “Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service clones Type O Negative Blood for Cheaper Transfusions in 2016”. 

This implies that humans may be nothing more than biomechanical robots that can benefit from regular oil changes i.e. blood. It may also lead to a better understanding of human blood and even the developement of better blood filters i.e. artificial kidneys than our natural kidneys.

Immortality, my dear reader, is in the blood of the very young people walking around us. Combined with father research into the role of blood plasma and the rejuvenation effect on older humans, immortality may truly be in our grasp!!!!

Friday, November 25, 2016

How excess Jamaican production, imports of Eggs, Pork and Chicken in 2016 threaten 2017

There may not be a Pork, Egg or Chicken Shortage this year.

So says the President of the Jamaica Pig Farmers' Association, Hanif Brown who says there will be more than enough excess supply to meet demand as noted in the article “Egg, Meat Suppliers Ready For Christmas Rush”, published Sunday November 13, 2016 by Tameka Gordon, The Jamaica Gleaner.

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He claims this boost in production began in 2015, when pig farmers had begun ramping up production as chronicled in my blog article entitled “Jamaican Pig Farmers, Meat Processors and Why Possible Pork Price Profits this Christmas 2015”. 

In fact, the possibility of a glut in pork looms, as they’re had to warn farmers not to overproduce pork, to quote Hanif Brown: “We are very much in high supply even to the point where we have to be cautioning farmers to make sure they don't over supply. Based on the feedback from processors, they are getting more pigs than they need. All I can ask is that consumers eat more pork”.

But what about chicken?

Chicken shortage in 2016 – Oversupply in 2016 coming

Good to note that there was a shortage of Chicken in the Christmas of 2015 as noted in my blog article entitled How Caribbean Broilers Group figures reveal Jamaica experiencing Chicken Shortage in Christmas 2015”.

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This was ended when the Ministry of Agriculture lifted the ban on the importation of chicken form the USA and Canada as noted in my blog article entitled “How Min. of Agriculture Chicken Importation, Jamaica Broilers and Caribbean Broilers production to ease 2016 Chicken Shortage”. 

Agriculturalist and representative of the pool of poultry farmers contracted to Jamaica Broilers Group Downie Walker supported this claim, pointing out that there is enough poultry from local producers to meet demand, quote: “There will be no need to import any pork. Chicken and eggs will also be in adequate supply”.

In essence, the chicken shortage of 2015 may very well come to an end in 2016 as predicted in my blog article entitled “Why the Jamaican Chicken Shortage of 2015 might be ending in 2016”. 

This when compare to the year 2012, as 2016 is expected to be a huge year for eggs as well:

1.      170 million eggs delivered in 2012
2.      167 million eggs delivered in 2016

But will there be a glut in production and thus a drop in prices?

Eggs, Pork and Chicken - Glut in 2016 threaten Industries in 2017

I think there will be this trip.

For one, albeit more eggs are being produced to meet demand for the Christmas period, Jamaicans are generally eating fewer eggs.

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Even the 'Get Cracking' and 'Eat Eggs' campaigns, a partnership between the JEFA, Hi-Pro and the United States Soybean Export Council to give prize money to Jamaican to eat more eggs has failed to garner more interest as noted in my MICO Wars blog article entitled “How to determine if Eggs are Fresh and How to make them last longer”. 

And abet pork is no popular with patties thanks to Copperwood Pork partnership with Mother's enterprises to introduce the Pork Patties as noted in my MICO Wars blog article entitled “Why Mother’s Pork Patty a hit in 2016 as Pork is now Popular”, generally Jamaican aren't a pork-loving nation.

To make matters worse, some meat sellers are already selling imported pork, exposing Jamaican to potentially deadly Antibiotic Resistant Superbacteria as predicted in my blog article entitled “How US Pork Imports will cause JA$73.4 billion jobs lost and Antibiotic Resistant Superbacteria due to Jamaican Pork Shortage”. 

So this Christmas not only are we facing a glut in Eggs but also Chicken and Pork due to increase illegal importation, threatening these local industries long term survival in 2017.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Why the NHTSA is mandating noisemaker for whisper-quiet Electric Vehicles by 2019

By 2019, All-Electric cars in the US of A will have to make noise when travelling at low speeds.

So says the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) in their recently released “Quiet Car” rule as noted in the article “It’s the law: Electric cars must make noise after September 2019”, published November 14, 2016 by Sean Hollister, CNET.

The aim is that by September 1, 2019 these whisper-quiet cars travelling at speeds below 29.9 km (18.6 mph) will make noise so as to avoid 2,400 pedestrian injuries per year due to these silent assassins of the road. This is a long time coming in the US of A, with Congress having passed the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act in 2010 albeit Nissan's Leaf and Kia's Soul EV have had noisemakers from the get-go.

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The NHTSA has also mandated that Car Manufacturers to install Rear-View Cameras by Tuesday May 1st 2018 as reported in my blog article entitled “NHTSA passes ruling for Car Manufacturers to install Rear-View Cameras by Tuesday May 1st 2018”. 

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Making any EV sound like a racing car, especially one as unattractive as the Kia's Soul EV, now seems all but possible, spurring early adoption by many who miss the sound of a real gas-guzzler. So in summary Rear-View Cameras by Tuesday May 1st 2018 and Noisemaking All-Electric Vehicles by September 1st, 2019!

Definitely dates to mark on your calendar, with global impact to be felt if other countries like Jamaica adopt the NHTSA's stance on All-Electric Vehicles in the future!