Monday, October 20, 2014

Prof. Joseph Saulter's Digital Game Design and Development Conference - US$112 Billion Video Gaming Industry may be Jamaicans Next BPO

“Game designing and development is never going away. One per cent of the gross revenue will change the whole economics of Jamaica. If you are creative and are looking to do something, why not do something that brings your creativity where you can play in?”

Founder and CEO of Entertainment Arts Research Incorporated, Professor Joseph Saulter during the first Digital Game Design and Development Conference, held at the CARIMAC (Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication) at the UWI (University of the West Indies)

Apparently it takes a foreigner with a PhD and actual experience in the Video Game industry to finally convince the GOJ (Government of Jamaica) that there is potential money to be made in Video Game Design.

This is the conclusion that I draw from founder and CEO of Entertainment Arts Research Incorporated, Professor Joseph Saulter, during a presentation on Video Game design and Video game development, both of which can contribute significant funds to the Jamaican Economy as stated in the article “Prof: Game Design Could Boost Economy'”, Published Monday October 20, 2014 by Kemisha Anderson, Gleaner Writer, The Jamaica Gleaner.

He was speaking at the CARIMAC (Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication) at the UWI (University of the West Indies), Mona Campus during the Digital Game Design and Development Conference, which is actually the first in the Caribbean.

Kinda reminds me of the Inaugural opening of the KingstOOn Animation Conference and Film Festival that was launched on Friday June 20th 2013, also held on the grounds of the UWI as reported in my blog article entitled “Inaugural KingstOOn Animation Competition a boost to local Animation Industry - State Minister Julian Robinson give Graphic Artists the chance to Feel this Moment Pitbull and Christina Aguilera Style”.

Education and E-sports – Video Games Potent Cocktail that Education Minister likes

His intention is to start something similar in Jamaica, possibly with a focus on Education Games, as they present a potential market that's less fickle and with a lower upfront capital investment than designing Console Games as noted in my blog article entitled “Animation after KingstOOn - How to make a Video Game for PC, Smartphone and Tablet”.

Minister of Education Ronald Thwaites, who was also in attendance at the Digital Game Design and Development Conference, sees the educational potential of Video Games, quote:  “The technology and educational games are extremely important, as they serve as mediums through which learning and all its aspects can take place, and also a means by which those who are unable to be attracted to formal educational pursuits can learn”.

In fact, Console Gaming is dying, being slowly replaced by Cloud Gaming as detailed in my Geezam blog article entitled “Console Gaming’s Downfall – Future is up in the Clouds”. The future is in developing Video Games for Education and which encourage team play as opposed to individual excellence.

A trend that’s developing with the rise of E-Sports as noted in my blog article entitled “The E-Sport Phenomenon and Amazon's Twitch Aquisition - How Amazon’s Twitch creates Video Gaming Celebrities and jumpstarts Jamaican Game Development”, where the emphasis is more on Teams than individual Gamers.

Casual Gaming on smartphones has potential, already being exploited by a local independent Developer and one-man Developer 24 year old Stephen Williams owner of Pandosoft and Developer of the Google Android Game TapKat Fiesta as I'd reported in my blog article entitled “Stephen Williams' Android Game TapKat Fiesta - Social Media Marketing even as VoIP for Corporate and Enterprise untapped Telecoms Opportunity”.

A very simple argument I’m sure, but evidence that there is Game Development in Jamaica that just needs more encouragement…..and some VC (Venture Capital) Seed money would be helpful as well!

Digital Game Design and Development Conference - US$112 Billion Gaming Industry is open to Jamaicans

Professor Joseph Saulter, a twelve (12) year African-American veteran in the in the Video Game Industry in the US of A, pointed out that as far back as 2011, analyst Gartner Inc had projected earnings of US$112 billion by 2015 as stated in the article entitled “Global games business to hit $112B by 2015”, published July 6, 2011 1:21 AM by Dean Takahashi, Venturebeat and “Video game spending set to hit $74 billion this year”, published July 6, 2011 5:21 AM PDT by Don Reisinger, CNET News.

These projections are clearly bang on target, as he's pretty much reiterated what I'd already been saying on my personal blog; Video Game Design (making of characters and backgrounds) and Development (the actual programming of the Video Game), is a potential source of foreign exchange for Jamaica.

In fact, those Gartner projections aren't too far off, as analyst Netzoo and their Newzoo’s Live Interactive Data Resource puts it at US$82 million for 2014 already as per my blog article entitled “Netzoo's 2014 Global Games Market Report - Developed World idle time Opportunity for Jamaicans in Video Gaming Design”. Currently it's clocking some US$82 billion has been spend up until June 2014 of this year, making 2014 the year that revenue from Casual and Console Gaming could pass the US$100 billion mark.

Investment in Video Game Development in Jamaica – Animation poor ambitious stepchild

Investment from Multi-lateral agencies is potentially available, as Animation isn’t very far off from Video Game Development, requiring basically the same type of gear as noted in my blog article entitled “Animation after KingstOOn - How to make a Video Game for PC, Smartphone and Tablet”.

With the World Bank investing some US$20 million over the next five (5) years in Animation to develop it into the next BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) as predicted in my blog article entitled “Animation after KingstOON - World Bank Invests US$20 million in Jamaican Animation BPO Brother from another Mother with Great Expectations”.

Video Games deserve equal attention. Especially as there is extra money coming from the very SAME World Bank in a total package of US$105 worth of loans that also covers SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) as reported in my blog article entitled “Jamaica's World Bank's US$105 million Loan – All My Children Animation, SME VC's and Public Sector get Second Chance at Economic Redemption” that can be used as VC (Venture Capital)  Seed money to develop Video Gaming Industry in Jamaica.

Minister of Education Ronald Thwaites sees the educational potential of Animation. Perhaps a Joint Video Game Competition will be in the works as well, this time involving the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining and the Ministry of Education in much the same way they’re both supported Animation since June 2013?

This is definitely worth following, as potentially founder and CEO of Entertainment Arts Research Incorporated, Professor Joseph Saulter may be the one to jump-start Video Game development in Jamaica, hopefully with some VC (Venture Capital) funding, training and support from the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining and the Ministry of Education.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

JUTC urging KMTR Commuters to return 9,000 Extra SmarterCards - Adults committing Fraud using stolen High Schooler and Elderly Concession SmarterCards

“In the last week alone 9,000 new Smarter Cards were issued and the company believes that many have been issued in duplicate to persons changing their identities”

Managing Director Colin Campbell commenting on the excess SmarterCards in the KMTR Region on Wednesday October 8th 2014

The JUTC (Jamaica Urban Transit Company) has a very serious problem that, ironically, is being created by the very Cashless System that was designed to wipe it out: SmarterCard Fraud.

Apparently the JUTC, in their haste to get the SmarterCard System by Sunday September 14th 2014, the date to which the JUTC had extended their deadline for commuters in the KMTR (Kingston Metropolitan Transport region) to get their SmarterCards as stated in my blog article entitled “JUTC SmarterCard improves - Why JUTC faces PAAC for Operations and Lawsuits Billions as KMTR Commuters Cashless Reprieve”, they may have lapsed a bit in their judgment.

This as there are now there are TOO MANY SmarterCards in the hands of commuters in the KMTR region, as declared by JUTC Managing Director Colin Campbell, who has also called for those persons with extra SmarterCards to return them as noted in the article “JUTC calls for return of extra Smart Cards”, published Tuesday, October 07, 2014 7:42 PM, The Jamaica Observer and “JUTC urges holders of multiple Smarter Cards to return extras”, published Wednesday October 8, 2014 12:09 pm, The Jamaica Gleaner.

What this means is that persons may actually have multiple identities while travelling on the JUTC bus. Possibly a Commuter may be traveling using a SmarterCard that has them as an adult and then another that affords them a concession, thereby travelling for lower prices e.g. adult travelling using a SmarterCard that has him as a school child or a Senior Citizens.

JUTC Commuters with Multiple Identities – High Schooler and Elderly Concessions attractive

Already, the Jamaica Star has carried the story of a 35 year-old Portmore, St Catherine man, Marcus Atkins, who was caught and fined JA$100,000 for travelling on a JUTC Bus using a SmarterCard for a child as noted in the article entitled “Smart Card thief fined $100,000”, published October 16, 2014 by Rasbert Turner, Star Writer, The Jamaica Star

Please not that even though he was convicted and fiend by a Resident Magistrate Lyle Armstrong, it can easily be the case that he had registered for a SmarterCard using the Stolen Identification of a High Schoolar, opening up the possibility that persons may now be resorting to identity theft to get the high-prized Concessionary Cards that the High Schooler and Elderly are toting.

To this end, the JUTC has now made it a requirement that persons applying for a new or replacement JUTC SmarterCard will need to show GOJ (Government of Jamaica) Identification i.e. Election Registration Card, Driver’s License or Jamaican Passport as stated in the article “JUTC says ID cards now needed to get Smarter Cards”, published Wednesday, October 08, 2014 11:02 AM, The Jamaica Observer.

So what about the 9,000 extras in circulation?

With no way to really tell legitimate from illegitimate, the JUTC may have soled the Cashless problem, only to create a new one, that of people not paying according to who they are to travel on the JUTC Bus.

Beyond the JUTC SmarterCard – AVL to satisfy Smartphone Crowd wondering where it their Bus

Managing Director Colin Campbell certainly won't lose his head over this minor hiccup, despite persons calling for his head, whether for this problem of 9,000 missing SmarteCards or the theft of JA$3 million worth of spare parts as noted in the article “Radcliffe Lewis supporting JUTC boss amid calls for his resignation”, published Friday October 10, 2014 7:03 pm, The Jamaica Gleaner.

Especial as the much touted AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locator) is yet to roll out as I’d predicted in my blog article entitled “JUTC's AVL and Chaos on Back to School Day –  How JUTC's Automatic Vehicle Locator may placate Smartphone toting Commuters who ask Are we There Yet”.

The JUTC still has problems with the efficiency of how the buses use fuel, a problem easily sold by the JUTC buses using LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) as noted in my blog article entitled “JUTC faced PAAC on Wednesday September 17th 2014 – JUTC Buses can’t run on ULSD as LPG Better for the JUTC Buses Fuel Injectors”.

It might even be a part of the Dr. Vincent Lawrence led six-member ESET (Electricity Sector Enterprise Team) to replace the 381MW Project as noted in my blog article entitled “Dr. Vincent Lawrence ESET sets 2017 for 381 MW Project - Why JPS Co says LNG even though Ethane and Propane cheaper as Hydrogen Economy possible”, as an LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) infrastructure could also be extended to power the JUTC Buses, lowering their overall cost of operation dramatically!

The 7,000,000 Dropbox Account Hack that wasn't - How to change your Dropbox password to protect 112 Petabytes of Cloud Drive that's 60% empty

“Recent news articles claiming that Dropbox was hacked aren’t true. Your stuff is safe. The usernames and passwords referenced in these articles were stolen from unrelated services, not Dropbox. Attackers then used these stolen credentials to try to log in to sites across the internet, including Dropbox. We have measures in place to detect suspicious login activity and we automatically reset passwords when it happens”

Dropbox Representative Anton Mityagin commenting on the Dropbox “hack” in a post on Dropbox blog on Monday October 13th 2014

This Sunday October 19th 2014, I am reading my newsfeeds while sipping on some Miracle Sweetened Instant Chocolate with Hazel Nut Flavour, which surprisingly for a 170g (6oz) tin only costs JA$126 at the Hi-Lo Supermarket in Cross Roads!

There are hacks, like the Kmart Credit and Debit Card hack that exposed potentially millions of Credit and Debit Card numbers as reported in “Kmart says payment systems hacked”, published October 10, 2014: 7:21 PM ET by Melvin Backman, CNN Money.

According to Kmart officials, no personal information i.e. pin codes, email addresses or social security numbers were taken, making this hack a mere test-run and essentially useless list of 16 digit numbers as noted in the article “Kmart shops hit by payment card hack attack”, published 13 October 2014 Last updated at 09:41 GMT, BBC News.

So if that hack involved Credit and Debit Cards, essentially money, then why did the Dropbox pseudo-hack of some 7 million passwords that happened the same day as reported originally in the article “[Update] Hundreds of Dropbox passwords leaked online but Dropbox denies it was hacked”, published 13 October 2014 by Owen Wilson, the Next Web and “Dropbox says it wasn't hacked after 7 million alleged user credentials appear online”, published Oct 14, 2014 8:46 AM by Lucian Constantin, PCWorld, get so much Press coverage?

After all, it is a lot of Cloud Space and potential Petabytes of personal information that can potentially be exposed to the public. Dropbox has also posted a public statement on their Blog on  Monday October 13th, 2014 entitled “Dropbox wasn’t hacked”, published October 13, 2014, by Anton Mityagin, Dropbox

In that post, Dropbox categorically denying a hack took place, just a theft of password and urging Dropbox Account holders to change their passwords and upgrade to two step verification.

Still, this hack it pales in comparison to the Russian hack of some 1.2 billion passwords and logins for various website Accounts ranging from Facebook to even Dropbox stolen in August 2014 as noted in my blog article entitled “Russian Gang steals 1.2 billion Logins and Passwords - Defense Against the Dark Arts on How to protect yourself  against Hacking and Phishing”.

So again I ask, why all the media attention!?

Hackers posted 400 Emails on Postbin – Hungry-belly hackers greedy for Bitcoins

The hackers, a cheeky lot they are, posted  in Pastebin on October 13 at 4:10 p.m. CDT, a list purportedly of some four hundred (400) email/password pairs with all the email logins starting with the letter “B”.

The original list of emails to perform the phishing was probably obtained by initially “scraping” websites where Dropbox peeps hang out e.g. Facebook or even directly from smartphones using such software as Atomic Email Hunter among many others as described in my blog article entitled “GOJ securing Government Websites against Hackers - Linux-based GovNET to remove Windows vulnerabilities and change Human Behaviour”.

They then demanded ransom payment in Bitcoins to reveal more, quote: “More Bitcoin = more Accounts published on Pastebin. As more BTC is donated, More pastebin pastes will appear”.

Clearly these hackers are hungry, boastful lot of wanna-be hacker ragamuffins, as pointed out by Malware Intelligence Analyst at Malwarebytes Chris Boyd in an emailed response to PCWorld reported Lucian Constantin, quote: “This was either a novel attempt at scaring people into setting up two factor authentication on accounts which allowed it, or a quick and dirty grab for Bitcoins. Given Dropbox’s claim there’s been no compromise and all of the ‘sample’ accounts were already expired, it’s looking more like the latter. Anyone can post extravagant claims to Pastebin and while there’s no harm in changing a password once word of a potential breach gets out, we shouldn’t panic and wait until more concrete information comes to light”.

Very silly move; that makes them traceable, as Digital currency has to be stored in a Bitcoin Wallet and for use in the real world, has to be converted to spendable dollars, as we don't yet lie in a word where Bitcoin is common currency. This basically narrows down their location and their identity.

7 million Strong Dropbox Hack- 112 Petabytes of Cloud Drive space that mostly 60% empty

Aside from the opinion above, truth be told, Dropbox only offers 5GB Free Storage, compared to Google Drive, which since Wednesday May 15th 2013 upped their Storage to 15GB as I'd reported in my Geezam blog article entitled “Google Drive, the Dropbox clone, now ups the ante to 15GB of Free Storage during Google I/O”.

So assuming most people just have the basic Storage or possibly up to 16GB from referrals, 7 million compromised Accounts (actually 6,937,081 Accounts, according to the hackers!) works out to about 112 Petabytes of Cloud Storage.

Knowing myself and my usage of Dropbox while I'm at MICO University College to upload homework and downloaded files, the majority of those persons whose passwords were compromised probably have 60% of their Storage space unused, giving the hackers access to effectively 67.2 Petabytes of Cloud Storage space.

That's a lotta empty Cloud Storage Space man!

Still the stored data, some 44.8 Petabytes of videos and photos is more likely to be work related and not topless nude or embarrassing pictures of you but chugging with your bros as was the fear with the 200,000 Account strong Snapchat hack as I’d explained in my blog article entitled “200,000 Naked Teenagers in Snapchat’s Snappening – How Teenagers Private Parts got swiped by Child Pornography Admins in the Thomas Crowne Affair

Defense against the Dark Arts - How to change your Dropbox password

Dropbox has categorically denied it was hacked as per the statement above, albeit they forced a password reset on the affected Accounts that were posted as noted in the article
Hackers hold 7 million Dropbox passwords ransom”, published October 13, 2014 9:06 PM PD by Claire Reilly, CNET News.

I’d recommend dear reader, that you do the same.

The instructions are quite simple and your password chose should be a long string of alphanumeric characters in both upper and lower case as per my advice in my blog article entitled “Russian Gang steals 1.2 billion Logins and Passwords - Defense Against the Dark Arts on How to protect yourself  against Hacking and Phishing”.

This'll give the hackers a bit more work with their hash as noted in the article “How Passwords are Cracked: Never Use one Password on All Accounts” published August 15, 2014 by Kemory Grubb, Geezam. But still, I realize many people use Dropbox but have hardly fiddled with it, muchless use any different than their thumb drives.

I’ve seen people with Dropbox Account that have files scattered all over, with no organized folders. Some have NEVER actually logged into their Dropbox Account, preferring to merely drag and drop files to their Shared folder on their desktop or smartphone, not thinking much about it, save for the fact that its synched securely in the Cloud.

Worse, some persons keep all their data on the Cloud, with no physical backup in the real world as noted in my Geezam blog article entitled “How to do Physical Backup using DVD and CD and a Listing of the best software Burning DVD and CD’s”.

But every once in awhile you’ll need to login via the web interface for Dropbox.  Especially as it’s helpful for such tasks as sharing whole folders with friends or just creating a software download point for files as noted in my blog article entitled “How to share Public Dropbox Folders, allowing Downloads from your Dropbox Account - Sharing is Caring up in the Clouds

So while you scurry to get yourself an External Hard-Drive as well as a Thumb Drive, here's how to change you Dropbox password in pictures. First, make yourself a cup of the JA$126 Miracle Sweetened Instant Chocolate with Hazel Nut Flavour, available at the Hi-Lo Supermarket in Cross Roads!

Once you’ve had a cup, you’re ready to do this DIY (Do It Yourself). First login to your Dropbox Account.

You should see this page next as shown below.

Then Click on your name e.g. Lindsworth Deer with the Arrow point downwards. A drop down menu should appear. From that menu click on Settings as shown below.

The Settings page will appear as follows, with a lot of noteworthy things you can customize about your Dropbox Account.

Under Security Tab you’ll see Change Password and Forget Password? Choose Change Password to do exactly that. You may notice that there is an option to enable 2-step verification. You can select that and thus enable an extra layer of protection that requires you to answer a rotating series of Secret Questions about yourself that only you should know.

Once you select Change Password, the dialog box will come up. Enter the Old Password and then the New Password and then click Change Password command button to make the changes final.

When you’re finished, you can then log out and log back in to verify that the Password change took effect.

That’s it; you’ve just changed your Dropbox Account password. Best of all, you’ve rendered all those 7 million passwords being held by those hungry belly Hackers useless. Congratulations, as you can now enjoy a sip of that Miracle Sweetened Instant Chocolate with Hazel Nut Flavour.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Nigel's Sweet Jamaican Almond Oil - Why Jamaican Almonds can't be used in US of A as JIPO must defend Jamaican Geographical Place Names

“Many countries are not so receptive to the protection of country names for whatever reason. So you will find trademarks being registered all over the world with 'Jamaica' in it, but our hands are really tied in terms of what we fundamentally can do, because the countries have their own practices and their own legislation which deal with trademarks”

Assistant Manager of the Trademarks, Herman Dawson commenting on the Case of the Jessica and Nigel Haughton company Nigel's Jamaican Almond World that is being barred from using the words “Jamaican Almond” in the United States of America

The JIPO (Jamaica Intellectual Property Office) exists to protect the IP (Intellectual Property) of creative musicians and artist from being used without their expressed permission. For them, it’s as simple as joining one of the three (3) active CMA (Collection Management Agencies) registered in Jamaica for the protection of various groups:

1.      JAMCOPY (Jamaica Copyright Licensing Agency)
2.      JACAP (Jamaica Association of Composer, Artistes and Producers)
3.      JAMMS (Jamaica Music Society)

But what do you do when someone in another country trademarks a phrase or name of a product that contains the Word “Jamaica” in it?

That’s the curious case of owners of the Almond Oil business Jessica and Nigel Haughton who live in Red Ground in Negril in Westmoreland who recently received a letter from an American businessman claiming that he'd patented the words “Jamaican Almond” and thus they could not use the words in their company's name as noted in the article “Exploiting 'Brand Jamaica'” Published Sunday September 14, 2014, by Claudia Gardner,  The Jamaica Gleaner .

The Haughtons company, named Nigel's Sweet Jamaican Almond Oil as shown on their Nigel's Sweet Jamaican Almond Oil Facebook Page  began making Virgin Almond Oil.

This after Nigel Haughton made the serendipitous discovery of the Oil coming out of Almonds when they are pressed in a manner similar to Olives being crushed for their Oil as chronicled in the article “Sweet Success Of Almond”, Published Saturday April 12, 2014, The Jamaica Gleaner.

They are in effect, Jamaica's first official Almond Farmers and producers of Virgin Almond Oil, an interesting fact considering that Almonds have been around for years. With a staff of seven (7) from the community of Red Ground in Negril, Westmoreland, they make Virgin Almond Oil.

The Oil is extracted and bottled and labeled for local sale mainly in Gift Shops in Negril, mainly:

1.      Jackies on the Reef
2.      Rockhouse
3.      Zimbali Retreats

The pure Virgin Almond Oils is apparently good for many health problems according to Chief Naturopathic Consultant at the Healthy Living Herbal Clinic and President of the Caribbean Natural Remedies Association Dr. Maureen Minto as listed in the article “Almond: cure-all seed”, published Sunday, June 22, 2014 by Maureen Minto, The Jamaica Observer.

1.      Diabetes
2.      Heart disease
3.      Impotency
4.      Maintenance of healthy hair
5.      Skin (psoriasis)
6.      Teeth

However, when it comes to making money from the lucrative export market, despite all these benefits, they may have a problem, thanks to a dishonest business partner with an axe to grind.

Though they use the name “Nigel's Sweet Jamaican Almond Oil” the Haughton’s have actually registered their company with the Companies Office of Jamaica as “Nigel's Jamaican Almond World”, which is STILL a problem as it has the words “Jamaican Almond” within the name!

Nigel's Sweet Jamaican Almond Oil - Unable to Export because American Businessman holds Trademark for Jamaica

That's right, dear reader.

The Haughtons had been sent a letter by an American businessman they'd met a year ago in 2013. Back then, he had indicated that he wanted to become a partner in the business in February 2014.

Apparently, he's suggested in the early stages that he wanted to patent the name “Jamaican Almond" but Jessica was opposed to this action for the following reasons, quote: “During the good part of our relationship, he mentioned trade marking the name “Jamaican Almond” and I asked him please do not trademark that name, that right should be reserved for a Jamaican. With me being an American, I don't even want to be the registrar. It should be my husband because he is Jamaican and they are Jamaican Almonds”.

The American Businessman ignored her request, as that letter was sent by his local Jamaican Attorney, advised them that they couldn't use the words “Jamaican Almonds” for their product if they decided to export to the United States of America, to quote that letter: “the Trademark Application for Jamaican Almond has been awarded an official United States Patent & Trademark (USPTO) registration ... which precludes anyone from using those words on any corporate names, brand names, domain names, trademark applications, and/or trademark registrations for or including the 'Jamaican Almond' trademark in the United States without prior written approval”

Now the Haughtons are stuck in a pickle.

They are the bonafide discovers of Virgin Almond Oil and the first Almond Farmers in Jamaica, yet because of a disgruntled American businessman trade marking the name “Jamaican Almond”, they cannot export their product to make foreign exchange.

JIPO and the use of Jamaican Geographical Place names – No BTA with the Americans

Worse, there is little that JIPO can do, according to Assistant Manager of the Trademarks, Herman Dawson, quote: “If the person does have a registration in the United States for that term (Jamaican Almonds) or that trademark, then essentially what the registration does is it would allow the protection of that name in the United States, and by virtue of that protection, they can preclude anyone else from using that name in respect of the goods or services in respect of the trademark that has been registered”.

It seems to be a common problem, which would explain why Jamaica only recently had signed a BTA (Bilateral Trade Agreement) in a bid to protect certain brand names and local place names i.e. Geographical Indicators of products from misuse in November 2013 as reported in my blog article entitled “Jamaica and Switzerland sign historic Bilateral Trade Agreement to protect Brand Names and Geographical Indicators - Escape Plan for the eventual Decriminalization and Legalization of Ganja”.

It came into effect at the 51st General Assembly of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) in Geneva in November 2013.

If that's the case, then it maybe that Jamaica simply hasn't signed such a BTA to protect Brand Names and Geographical Indicators with the US of A, particularly the use of the very name Jamaica in products that are not made in Jamaica

In fact, it may have no connection to Jamaica whatsoever, to again quote Assistant Manager of the Trademarks, Herman Dawson: “Countries throughout the world will register trademarks that have the name Jamaica in it, whether there is any proof of affiliation with the country Jamaica. So it can happen, and if it has happened then it would certainly mean they have the registration in the United States, and by virtue of that the protection in the United States”.

So this'll come down to a legal showdown as advised attorney and owner of the T's by the Sea Restaurant in Industry Cove in Hanover as stated in the article “'Let Obama Stop Them!”, Published Sunday September 28, 2014 by Claudia Gardner, Assignment Coordinator, The Jamaica Gleaner.  Interestingly, the Haughtons may have the upper hand, even in the United States of America, thanks to a little Golden Krust.

The Haughtons Golden Crust Connection – Legal Precedent means JIPO BTA with USA coming

A similar case involving Golden Krust, a Jamaican eatery based in the US of A who’ve decided to sue rival company Silver Krust is currently being heard in the Manhattan Federal Court as stated in the article “Popular US/Jamaican food chain Golden Krust sues rival over name”, published Sunday, August 31, 2014 9:52 AM, The Jamaica Observer.

This story was such a big deal, it even got Press coverage within the US itself as noted in the article “Owners of popular Golden Krust chain says rival Silver Krust stole its name: suit”, published Friday, August 29, 2014, 12:36 PM BY DAREH GREGORIAN, The NY Daily News.

It’s basically setting the stage for a showdown over the use of Jamaican Brand Names by an American company and how the American Justice System treats Jamaican companies doing business in the US of A company.

If they win, and most likely they will, it's possible that the Haughtons may have a case, being as theirs is a similar one; a Jamaican company whose Trademark is being infringed upon by an American company that may be trying to sell American Almonds as Jamaican or worse, just being a troll and trying to block Nigel's Jamaican Almond World from being able to export their product to US of A!

I'll be following the outcome of this case, as it will set a legal precedent as to how America respects Jamaica's Geographical Indicators of products. Hopefully, that legal precedent will force America's IP Office to sign a BTA with Jamaica to protect our Geographical Indicators of products officially!

In the meantime, show some love for the