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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Milk River Bath and Spa Hotel Renovation in September 2015 - How Milk River marks prosperity for South West Clarendon

“This rehabilitation is the beginning of an exercise that will, in the medium term, contribute to the strategic brand positioning of this historic national attraction, with its unique mineral waters. It is expected to increase the revenue earning potential of Milk River Bath and Spa by enhancing its aesthetic appeal, expanding its range of services and increasing its marketability”

Tourism Minister Dr Wykeham McNeill during the signing of a contract on Wednesday September 2nd 2015 to restore the West Wing of the Milk River Hotel and Spa

Happy times are coming again to the Milk River Hotel and Spa in Milk River, Clarendon!!

This as the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment on Wednesday September 2nd 2015 had signed a JA$50 million contract to restore the West Wing of the Milk River Hotel and Spa as reported in the article “Milk River Hotel And Spa To Get Upgrade”, published Thursday September 3, 2015, The Jamaica Gleaner

The contract was awarded to C&D Construction and Engineering Company Limited and will start on Monday September 7th 2015 as reported in the article “Milk River Bath & Spa to undergo major renovation”, published Thursday, September 03, 2015 by Kimmo Matthews, The Jamaica Observer

The work on the West Wing of the Milk River Hotel and Spa, is expected to be finished by December 2015. C&D Construction and Engineering Company Limited work will mainly focus on the following:

1.      Demolition and alterations
2.      Upgrading of the electrical and plumbing systems, ceiling and floor
3.      Painting and decorating
4.      Replacement of leaking and damaged roof sheeting and frame

C&D Construction and Engineering Company Limited  is very privileged to have won the JA$50 million contract to work on the property that boasts some twenty (20) rooms, nine (9) mineral baths and a mineral pool. However, due to the severely dilapidated state of the infrastructure, only thirteen (13) of the hotel rooms can be occupied.

C&D Construction and Engineering Company Limited - Working to make Jamaica more than Sea and Sand

So many are quite pleased that the 221-year-old property is finally getting some renovation, especially given its status globally! The spa is reputed to have healing powers, with many having claiming to have been relieved form the pain of the following diseases:

1.      Gout
2.      Liver disorders
3.      Lumbago
4.      Nerve conditions
5.      Neuralgia
6.      Rheumatism
7.      Sciatica

This renewed interest signals the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment's move away from Jamaica as merely a destination of Sea and sand towards one focused on health and wellness tourism, to quote General Manager of the facility, Diane Sommerville: “Too much potential is in this place for us not to make use of it and ecotourism is a good way to start. Make it a place for the perfect getaway, not like so many others, which are about sun, sea and sand, but a place where persons can be at one with nature. We can make it into a nice little south-coast getaway”.  

General Manager of the facility, Diane Sommerville hopes that along with renovating the West Wing, they’ll also include renovation to the Mineral Baths as well as the Building itself. This as the Lobby and Spa area are in need of a modern-day makeover to bring the entire property up to an international standard.

But what's so special about the Milk River Hotel and Spa? And does this mean that more work will be done for the Community of Milk River overall?

Milk River Bath and Spa Hotel Renovation coming - How Milk River will mark the return of prosperity to South West Clarendon

I certainly hope so.

I call Rest Square, Milk River my home away from home, as I return here every Summer to get away from the hustle and bustle of City life in Kingston.

The Milk River Bath and Spa Hotel is located (Wikipedia, 2014, November 21) some 3.22 km (2 miles) South of the village of Milk River or 19.31km  (12 miles) South of the A2 road at Toll Gate. The Milk River, so called because it turns milk white whenever the river is in spate, is 100m away on the opposite side of the roads facing the Milk River Bath and Spa Hotel.

The baths are open 24 hours a day to hotel guests (Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment, 2014) and 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and the public mineral water swimming pool open on the weekends. There are two (2) springs with the Milk River Bath and Spa Hotel with the water of the second being fit for drinking.

The road to Milk River is littered with pot holes and is badly in need of repair and although the GOJ (Government of Jamaica) via the NWA (National Works Agency) repairs the roads, they eventually become damaged again after heavy rains. These pictures below are those of Milk River take when they were damaged.

After visitors drive down through York Town, past Parnassus and then Crooks Gate and finally make the turn pass Gimme-me-Bit, you'll basically arrive in a three way Y-junction called Rest Square. From there, you just keep driving straight until you see the Milk River on your left and the Milk River Bath and Spa Hotel on your right.

Milk River is a place that is the stuff of legends.

According to local folklore, the bath was discovered by a slave who'd escaped from a plantation owner named Jonathan Ludford who'd beaten him severely. The slave ran away and in hiding out in the wilderness, he'd take a bath in the mineral spring. Noting that his wounds had miraculously healed, he oddly returned to the slave master, Jonathan Ludford.

So shocked was he at this miracle that he allegedly promised the slave freedom from punishment if he showed him the secret location of the mineral spring.

Not sure how it all worked out for the slave, but Jonathan Ludford used the mineral spring until his death. At that point, the Government of Jamaica was gifted the lands and the mineral spring located on the property and by 1974, the Milk River Bath and Spa Hotel was opened to the public.

Its healing powers are in doubt, but the bath itself has a radioactivity of 16 millicurries per litre.

This puts it the top tier of mineral baths, as at that level of radioactivity (Jamaica Travel and Culture, 2010), it's more 50 times the radioactivity of the waters of Vichy in France and 54 times the radioactivity of the Mineral bath in Baden in Switzerland.

So its repair is vital to the long term future of Milk River and the surrounding community as a whole. Hopefully, they'll also resuscitate the Spring Plains as renovation of this farming kibbutz will hand that political party a handy victory in the South West Clarendon as explained in my blog article entitled “South Coast developement in Clarendon necessary for JLP victory”. 

Here's the link:

1.      Jamaica Travel and Culture. (2010). Milk River Bath and Spa. Retrieved from
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15 Schools and 3 GOJ Agencies Go Solar - How PCJ Solar Project saves GOJ Electricity Bills

“Solar PV systems should be up and running at twelve schools very early in the new academic year so those institutions should soon see savings on their electricity bills. Even though the PV systems should help to lower energy bills the staff and students at each of these schools should still be rigorous about conservation and efficient energy usage in order to reap continual savings from this investment”

PCJ’s Group General Manager, Winston Watson, commenting on the installation of the solar Panels at some twelve (12) schools across Jamaica

Come September 2015, when schools re-open, at least twelve of them will be running on Solar Power.

The PCJ (Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica) has finally completed the installation of photovoltaics at twelve (12) high schools across Jamaica by the end of September 2015 as reported in the article “Solar Panels Installed In 12 Schools To Cut Gov't's Electricity Bill”, published Thursday September 3, 2015, The Jamaica Gleaner.

So who are the lucky schools to get solar panels? If you think really hard, you’ve actually heard this bit of news before!

Fifteen High Schools to Get Solar Panels – Universities should follow Solar PV Project to save on Electricity Bill

The lucky schools to get Solar Panels are the same ones that were supposed to have had solar panels installed as part of a JA$62 million Solar Photovoltaic Project announced back in June 2014 as reported in my blog article entitled “PCJ to install JA$62 million Solar Panels Systems - 15 Schools and 3 GOJ Institution Guinea-Pigs has Wigton III Project Venezuelan Connection”.

Despite the title of the reference article, there is a total of fifteen (15) not twelve high schools that are involved in the JA$62 million Solar Photovoltaic Project. That original list of fifteen (15) schools is as follows:

1.      Ardenne High
2.      Clarendon College
3.      Dinthill Technical High School
4.      Glenmuir High School
5.      Hampton School for Girls
6.      Kingston High School
7.      Munro College
8.      Norman Manley High School
9.      Old Harbour High School
10.  Rose Hill Primary School
11.  St Catherine High School
12.  St Elizabeth Technical High School
13.  St Hugh’s High School
14.  Vere Technical High School
15.  Wolmer’s Girls’ School

Twelve (12) of them have had their solar panels installed as part of Phase I of the project as listed in the Press release titled “Installation in progress under PCJ Solar PV Systems for Schools Initiative”, published 2015-09-02, The Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, Go-Jamaica:  

1.      Ardenne High
2.      Clarendon College
3.      Glenmuir High
4.      Hampton School for Girls
5.      Munro College
6.      Norman Manley High
7.      Old Harbour High
8.      St. Elizabeth Technical High
9.      Vere Technical High
10.  Dinthill Technical High
11.  St. Catherine High
12.  Wolmers Girls’ Schools

Phase II of the project will involve the installation of Solar Panels ate the remaining three (3) high schools and three (3) additional Government Agencies:

1.      Kingston High
2.      Rose Hill Primary
3.      St. Hugh’s High School

There are also three (3) executive agencies that are also being taken off the grid and placed on Solar Power! They fall under the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining and are basically Test Guinea-pigs before the JA$62 million Solar Photovoltaic Project is expanded to GOJ Buildings:

1.      SRC (Scientific Research Council)
2.      ODPEM (Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management)
3.      PCJ (Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica)

Looks like I was right after all about the PCJ (Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica) plans, as these eighteen (18) installations will save the GOJ on their electricity bill:

1.      344,000 kilowatt hours of energy per annum
2.      JA$16 million annually on electricity bills

No doubt this'll be expanded to other High schools and GOJ Executive agencies and Ministries.

Hopefully, too they'll change out the Air conditioning, as a JA$62 million Solar Photovoltaic Project is pointless if the equiptment isn't optimize to efficiently use the electricity generated.

Also I'm hoping that the various Universities such as the UWI (University of the West Indies) and MICO University College seeks assistance from the PCJ to gradually take their campus off the Grid!

Here’s the link:

Audit of Public Health Care System revealed - How the Minister of Health plans to correct these problems

“We have not woken up this morning and decided that we are going to put these interventions in place. It is quite deliberate that we are so far advanced despite being so early in the fiscal year”

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Harvey commenting during the Press Conference held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston on Wednesday, September 2nd 2015.

The long-awaited audit of the Health sector that was ordered by the Minister of Health Dr. Fenton Ferguson since May 2015 as reported in the article “Major Hospitals And Health Centres Audit Results Next Week”, Published Thursday August 27, 2015, The Jamaica Gleaner.

Folks, this may not be to your liking, so at this point you can stop reading and go back to whatever you were doing before.

This as, not surprisingly, it reveals major problems with the infrastructure as well as resource supply problems as reported in the article “Health Facilities Audit Reveals Several Problems”, published Wednesday September 2, 2015, The Jamaica Gleaner.

Alas, my dear reader, I couldn't wrangle an actual copy of the audit that was revealed by the Minister of Health Dr. Fenton Ferguson at a Press Conference held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston on Wednesday, September 2nd 2015.

Still, if a copy happens fall in my lap from one of my confidential sources, I'll be sure to upload it to my blog for a complete reading by all.

Instead, like everyone I only have a summary document which revealed the nine (9) major findings of the Audit:

1.      Inadequate systems and infrastructure for Infection Prevention and Control, in particular for the MOINA areas (Maternity, Operating Theatre, Neonatal Units, Intensive Care and Accident & Emergency)
2.      Inadequate hand hygiene practice, promotion and infrastructure throughout
3.      Inadequate and consistent supply of pharmaceuticals and sundries
4.      Inadequate supplies of linen, including drapes, gowns etc
5.      Inadequate numbers and functional medical equipment (various types)
6.      Inadequacy in stock management (pharmaceuticals, sundries etc)
7.      Inadequate and inconsistent documentation of critical needs list
8.      Inadequate supplies of PPEs such as plastic aprons used to prevent contact with waste or body fluids
9.      Major defects in infrastructure

Good to note the original Jamaica Gleaner report lists eight (8) major findings, but I counted nine (9), actually.

Ok, so now the Health audit is out, putting to paper what the Doctors have been saying all for quite some time now as noted by President of the Medical Association of Jamaica ( MAJ),  Dr. Shane Alexis in the article “MAJ Demands Specifics, Solutions Following Damning Health Sector Audit”, Published Wednesday September 2, 2015, The Jamaica Gleaner, what’s next?. 

Audit of Public Health Care System revealed - How the Minister of Health plans to correct these problems

So what does the Minister of Health plan to do to correct these problems, including the shortage of pharmaceuticals, also a long-standing problem as pointed out in my blog article entitled “JMDA laments bad conditions in Public Hospitals - How MOH Audit will reveal Doctors and Pharmacists stealing Supplies for Private Practice”?

According to the Jamaica Observer, he's already made the move to do so as noted in the article “Sick health system”, published Thursday, September 03, 2015 by Alphea Sauders, The Jamaica Observer.

The Minister of Health Dr. Fenton Ferguson pointed out that they'd been aware of these problems for quite some time. However, a complete audit now gave them a clearer picture of what the problem were exactly and where they were located, quote: “The piecemeal approach of the past has not served us well. We have acknowledged that the health system is in need of some reform to meet the changing health care needs of the population”.

To his credit they'd started addressing some of the concerns:

1.      JA$1.5 billion infrastructure upgrade over the past three years
2.      18% increase in the health budged to over JA$50 billion
3.      JA$3.8 billion contract signed to ease the shortage of pharmaceutical and medical sundries
4.      JA$6 billion on pharmaceuticals and sundries for the Financial year overall
5.      JA$2 billion on reagents for the Financial year overall
6.      250 pharmacists and pharmacy technicians employed in an effort to improve service delivery  
7.      JA$14-million spare parts for critical biomedical equipment e.g. X-ray, CT scan and MRI machines
8.      18 new ambulances are being bought into the island

Those ambulances are thanks to contracts signed with Toyota Jamaica, PROMAC (Programme for the reduction of maternal and child mortality) and the National Health Fund.

Also the procurement of the pharmaceutical and medical sundries, signed mere weeks before Wednesday September 2nd 2015, was a part of a larger order for the 2015-2016 Financial year, quote: “This is an initial procurement as we expect to spend close to $6 billion on pharmaceuticals and sundries, and $2 billion on reagents in this financial year alone. In addition, since April 2015 we have provided the regional health authorities with an additional $130 million per month from $50 million previously”.

Additionally, he's started to track changes, something that's novel for the Ministry of Health known for making promises but not actually doing anything, to quote MOH, D. Fenton Ferguson: “We have started to implement a pharmacy management information system which will help us to track items, their availability, expiration and order levels”.

They've also wrangled a medical microbiologist as a part of an ongoing assessment to visit the various health facilities to make sure they are up to the necessary standard required for a Hospital. Whether that'll mean also be firing doctors for malpractices complaints, being as that's a standard, remain to be seen.

I cannot say I've heard this all before, as this is the first islandwide audit I can recall in recent memory as well as from research. So this may actually mark a new beginning. 
We'll just have to wait and see if changes have been made.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cable Providers comply with BCJ Cable Channel Removal - How to install a VPN to Stream American Cable Channels on your Roku

It's been a rough summer for many parents without Cable. This as they've had nothing to keep them entertained while they're in the house.

This is thanks to the BCJ (Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica) Cable Channel removal of nineteen (19) channels from some forty nine (49) Cable Providers as reported in April 2015 in my blog article entitled “49 Cable Providers told by @BCJamaica to remove 19 Cable Channels - VPN Streaming of Netflix and illegal DVD's as @FLOWja is expensive”.

So far, the Cable operators have been compliant, removing the nineteen (19) Cable Channels in order to beat the Monday August 31st 2015 deadline as reported in the article “BCJ Says Cable Operators Complying With Order To Remove Channels”, Published Monday August 31, 2015, The Jamaica Gleaner.

The reasons why they got this extension are clearly laid out in my blog article entitled “Jamaican Cable Providers get 3 month Extension – How to win General Election 2017 and Why OPM can overrule @BCJamaica for Procedural Error”; bullying isn't the way Jamaica works and the BCJ knows it, hence the extension.

The Nineteen Cable channels that have now been removed are as follows:

1.      Encore Black
2.      Encore Family
3.      Encore Love
4.      Encore Suspense
5.      Encore WAM
6.      Encore Classic
7.      Encore Drama
8.      Encore Mystery
9.      Encore Movie Plex
10.  The Movie Channel Xtra 4
11.  Showtime East
12.  Showtime West
13.  Showtime TOO
14.  Showtime 2
15.  Showtime Showcase
16.  Starz Comedy
17.  Starz West
18.  Starz Kids & Family
19.  Starz Multiplex

So no more Game of Thrones on HBO unless your Cable Provider had paid for the service, which means prices have to go up as in the case of FLOW as noted in my blog article entitled “FLOW increases Cable Package prices - 19 channel removal on MNP, LNP Day as Summer of 2015 for Streaming and Downloading”. 

Also I've heard nothing about the Caribbean-led initiative by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller to get CARICOM involved in the trade dispute with Intellectual Property rights owners of the pirated programs and channels as I’d reported in my Geezam blog article entitled “HBO back on Cable as Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica regulates”.

So now that they're removed, what's next?

Cable Providers deadline remove Cable Channels - How to Stream American Cable Channels on your Roku

Well for those few lucky Jamaicans with Broadband Internet at their homes, they can use either a Proxy Server or a VPN (Virtual Private Network) as explained in my blog article entitled “Surfing the Internet Anonymously using VPN - How to use Streaming Set Top Boxes over VPN”.

VPN, basically logging into an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in another country, is preferred and installing the setting in your computer or Wi-Fi Router is very straightforward as explained in my blog article entitled “How to find Free TV online and how to Stream from Hulu or Netflix in Jamaica - Jamaican Pirate of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides Streaming Restricted US Content”.

I’ll give you a quick update on VPNs listed, tested and vetted in the article “Five Best VPN Service Providers”, published 3/23/14 by Alan Henry, LifeHacker and “Here are the best VPN services you can get”, published September 19, 2014 By Digital Trends Staff, Digitaltrends that are suitable for Streaming:

1.      BlackVPN (US$10.71 monthly, US111.63 yearly)
2.      Buffered (US$9.99 monthly, US$120.00 yearly)
3.      Cyberghost (US$6.99 monthly, US$69.96 annually)
4.      ExpressVPN (US$8.32 monthly, US$99.95 yearly)
5.      IPVanish VPN (US$6.49 monthly, US$77.99 annually)
6.      Norton Hotspot Privacy (US$20 monthly, US$60 annually)
7.      Private Internet Access (US$7 monthly, US$40 annually)
8.      TorGuard   (US$9.99 monthly, US$59.99 annually)
9.      VyprVPN (US$9.99 monthly, US$80.04 annually)

So with all those VPN’s I’ve got you covered!

How to install a VPN – Roku Streaming made easy for Jamaicans

The instructions for installing a VPN are as detailed in the article “How to set up a VPN to speed up Netflix and bypass regional restrictions”, published August 3, 2014 By Rick Stella, Digitaltrends and are condensed below, being as it's basically the same for all VPN.

1.      Find your IP address using
2.      Click on your computer’s Start menu
3.      Navigate to its Control Panel
4.      Select Network and Internet and then Network and Sharing Center
5.      Click Setup a new connection or network
6.      Choose Connect to a workplace.
7.      Select Use my Internet connection (VPN) to begin creating the VPN server.
8.      Locate your VPN IP address from the VPN Service
9.      Input your VPN IP address in the required field
10.  Input your username and password in to the correct boxes
11.  Click Connect

The VPN connection setup will start and attempts to connect to the VPN Server. You can check to see if you’re IP Address online has changed by using an IP Lookup service:

1.      Whats My IP address
2.      IP Location
3.      IP Tracker

Once installed they can use it to do everything from working online to streaming channels from Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu on their Roku Streaming Set Top Box or Stick.

Roku is still leading the pack in terms of the most popular Streaming device according to a recent Parks Associates as per my analysis in my blog article entitled “Parks Associates says Apple now 4th in Streaming - Why Amazon, Google and Roku update Hardware beating Apple TV”.

So I'll forgive you if you're still using a Roku Streaming device instead of one of the other Streaming Set Top Box or Sticks from Amazon, Google or Apple.

Cable Providers Chanel Removal Bright side – Genesis of Streaming in Jamaica

Good to note some News Websites allows you to stream their News for Free both on their websites as well as on YouTube as noted in my blog article entitled “YouTube and the Lyrics Videos Trend - How Lyrics Videos ride the Streaming Trend as Musicians Cash in on Sing-Along Craze”.

A lot of American Cable Providers allow you to stream their News free from their website or form their YouTube Channels, albeit this is not live news:

1.      ABC Live
2.      CBS All Access
3.      CBSN
4.      NBC Live
5.      1Spotmedia
6.      CVM TV Live

For local channel Television Jamaica you can watch1Spotmedia, which only requires free membership to join if you a Jamaica or a US$9.99 monthly fee as noted in my blog article entitled “@televisionjam throws up a Paywall - 1,000,000 Views at US$9.99 per month makes website profitable protecting Content”.

The loss of Cable channels must be seen as an opportunity to embrace Streaming and make more efficient use of your Internet bandwidth in your home. Instead of just being used for Social Media, your broadband Internet can also be used to Stream all the Video and Audio Content you'll ever need to watch.

The removal of Cable TV Channels really marks the start of Streaming in Jamaica!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Parks Associates says Apple now 4th in Streaming - Why Amazon, Google and Roku updated Hardware beating Apple TV

“The market consolidation around these four brands forces new entrants to develop more creative features and functionality to tap into the strong consumer demand for streaming content. Devices with additional functionality such as the Intel Compute Stick may be a sign of things to come, where streaming is not the primary function but an extra feature to provide additional value.”

Parks Associates Director of Research Barbara Kraus commenting on the results of a study on Streaming in the US of A 

Nobody knows for sure what Apple has in store for us come Wednesday September 9th 2015 despite my predictions in my Geezam blog article entitled “Apple Event on September 9th 2015 – AI Siri, iPhone 6S, Apple TV and Pro iPad”. 

One thing for sure, though, the Apple TV is in need of a serious hardware upgrade, having not gotten one for the past three (3) years as opined in the article “The next Apple TV: What to expect”, published August 31, 2015, CNET News.

This as they're now 4th in terms of popularity according to market research firm Parks Associates as reported in the article “Study: Apple TV falls to 4th place behind Roku, Google and Amazon”, published August 23, 2015 By Mike Flacy, Digitaltrends.

What’s more, market research firm Parks Associates is predicting total sales of Streaming devices to reach 86 million by 2019.

This is based on their survey titled The Streaming Media Device Landscape Report published in the article “Amazon, Apple, Google, and Roku dominate streaming media device market with 86% of sales” covering the usage of Streaming devices in 2014.

So what exactly does their The Streaming Media Device Landscape Report say?

Parks Associates says Apple now 4th in Streaming - Why Amazon, Google and Roku update Hardware beating Apple TV

According to their survey, the four (4) most popular Streaming devices in American households are in the order as follows:

1.      Roku
2.      Google
3.      Amazon
4.      Apple

Not surprising, as Roku has been touting sales of 10 million since September 2014 on their Roku blog as detailed in my blog article entitled “10 million Roku Streaming Devices sold - Roku still King of Streaming as Google, Amazon and Apple unable to beat Baked in Surprise”.

It was since then that Apple TV was in trouble, holding on to third place. This is clearly no longer the case as according to the graph from Parks Associates, Apple has slipped to fourth place.

What’s more, these four (4) account for 86% of all Streaming devices, be it on Streaming Set Top Box or Streaming Sticks sold in the US of A.

The Parks Associates article is sparse on words, as you have to purchase The Streaming Media Device Landscape Report but the following stats stand out readily:

1.      20% of U.S. broadband households own at least one Streaming Set Top Box
2.      8% own at least one Streaming stick
3.      2% own both a Set Top Box and a Streaming stick

Having purchased a Streaming Set Top Box or a Streaming stick isn't a big deal; it could be lying around your house in a drawer unused. So what are the usage numbers like?

Apple is Third in terms of actual usage - Apple Event may reveal upgraded Apple TV

Usage numbers are the real stats gold mine and for that The Streaming Media Device Landscape Report has us covered:

1.      37% of households actively use their Roku Streaming device
2.      19% of households actively use their Google Chromecast
3.      17% of households actively use their Apple TV
4.      14% of households actively use their Amazon Fire TV

So Apple definately has to come with the goods such as a Processor and Memory upgrade, a TV subscription service, 4K Support and integration into Apple Homekit Ecosystem as opined in my MICO Wars Blog article entitled “How Apple Magic Mouse and the Wireless Keyboard are being upgraded”.  

Can't wait until 10am PST on Wednesday September 9th 2015 when Apple will lay their cards on the table and all will be revealed at the San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium!

Here's the link:

NSWMA's E-Waste Collection Pilot Project - Why End-of-life Policy for E-Waste Collection needed in Jamaica

Jamaicans are slowly getting hip to the idea of recycling E-Waste (Electronics Waste).

This as the NSWMA (National Solid Waste Management) has declare that the six (6) month Electronic Waste (E-Waste) pilot project was a success as reported in the article “NSWMA Reports Positive Results From E-Waste Pilot”, Published Monday August 31, 2015, The Jamaica Gleaner

The E-Waste Collection Pilot Project, which began in May 2015 as explained in my blog article entitled “NSWMA e-Waste Collection Initiative – Telecom Providers, Jamaica's E-Waste Problem and Starting Electronics Manufacturing Industry”, is slated to come to an end on Sunday, September 27th, 2015.

Based on the results thus far, the NSWMA Collection Team will compile the results from the E-Waste Collection Initiative as noted by Community relations manager at the NSWMA, Shauna Guthrie. This data will be used by the Ministry of Local Government to make a decision as how best to expand this project islandwide to collect E-Waste all across Jamaica!!

Dear reader, a quick recap of what the E-Waste Collection Pilot Project was all about is necessary at this point!

NSWMA's E-Waste Collection Pilot Project - Ending in September may mark a new chapter in E-Waste Collection in Jamaica

The pilot initiative was aimed at getting Jamaicans into the habit of recycling E-Waste such as:

1.      CPUs
2.      Mobile phones
3.      Printers
4.      Monitors
5.      Laptops
6.      Keyboards
7.      Computer mouse
8.      Chargers
9.      Cables

E-Waste collected exposed to a very strong oscillating magnetic fields so as to depolarize any storage media and thus permanently erase any data stored on Flash drives, Hard Drives, SD Cards and Floppy discs.

The E-Waste Collection Pilot Project wasn't aimed at of the communities in Kingston and St. Catherine, but mainly at the following communities:

1.      Duhaney Park
2.      Patrick City
3.      Harbour View in St. Andrew
4.      Hellshire in Portmore, St. Catherine
5.      Angels 1, 2 in Portmore, St. Catherine
6.      Angels Grove in Portmore, St. Catherine

Persons outside of these areas can participate by dropping off their E-Waste at the following locations:

1.      NSWMA head office, 61A Half-Way Tree Road in Kingston;
2.      Dermason Plaza, in Independence City, Portmore
3.      King Street in Spanish Town (next to the fire station)

The data collected will help the NSWMA to decide the best way to scale up the collection, storage, and monetization of the Electronics they receive from the participant in the Project.

It'll also be used by the Ministry of Local Government, which controls the NSWMA, to guide the creation of a Law regulating the proper disposal of E-Waste generated by Telecom Providers, manufacturers and MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise) in Jamaica!

More on this when the NSWMA’s E-Waste Collection Pilot Project goes islandwide!