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Microsoft OneDrive finally Breaks Free – 10GB Uploading and Sharing with drag-and-drop that's great for Streaming larger files

On Monday June 23rd 2014, Microsoft had decided to increase the Storage space on their Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage from their measly 7GB to 15GB by July 2014, dropping prices in the process as described in my blog article entitled “Microsoft rewards OneDrive users with 15GB Free Storage - How Office 365 users can get 1TB Free Storage as they Chase Google Drive”.

Then on Thursday September 11th 2014, Microsoft OneDrive became more like Google Drive or Dropbox, my perennial favorite sharing option that I use all the time as announced officially on their OneDrive Blog in the article “OneDrive now supports 10 GB files”, published September 10, 2014 By Jason Moore, OneDrive.

Folks, queue the song Break Free featuring Arianna Grande featuring DJ Zedd in the song “Break Free”!

This as you can now upload files as large as 10GB in size as well as upload entire folders of files that size as stated in the article “ONEDRIVE NOW LETS YOU UPLOAD FILES AS LARGE AS 10GB, ADDS LINK SHARING, MORE”, published September 11, 2014 By Konrad Krawczyk, DigitalTrends.

Even more Google Drive-cloning news; you can now share links to these files, which really is a feature that started with Dropbox as described in my blog article entitled “How to use Dropbox, Google Drive and Sound File Sharing Websites to Share and Promote your Content online - Sharing is Caring”.

Good to note too that Dropbox can also upload folders and allow you to create links to your folder as stated in my blog article entitled “How to share Public Dropbox Folders, allowing Downloads from your Dropbox Account - Sharing is Caring up in the Clouds”.

Microsoft OneDrive – 10GB Uploading and Sharing and Streaming larger files

I’ve really started using Microsoft Outlook only recently and I’ve already activated my Microsoft OneDrive account as I’d explained in my Geezam blog article entitled “Skype-ing from your Browser now possible as WhatsApp conspires to kill International Calling”.

This is a great way to share batches of pictures without having to share them, individually. Microsoft claims in their customers after getting the price drop and the bump up in sales, wanted this particular feature.

Synching speeds will be the new battleground to distinguished these from the completion and business Customer will be very pleased when this feature rolls out to them as well. Support for the following Operating Systems is thus in the pipeline:

1.      Windows 7
2.      Windows 8
3.      Windows 8.1
4.      Apple Mac

Probably because of the popularity of sharing larger media files such as 3D UHDTV Files and Lossless Compression music files such as FLAC Files for use on the US$700 Sony Walkman NWXZ-ZX1, which may be coming by Christmas 2014 as predicted in my blog article entitled “US$700 Sony Walkman NWXZ-ZX1 – Trend towards HD Audio in Asia and Japan will make it sell in the US of A”.

Microsoft seems to be following in the footsteps of competitors Google Drive and Dropbox, as they now have the option of drag and drop as they do. This option is really only available with Google Chrome Browsers and other Browsers that support this feature, hopefully Microsoft own Internet Explorer. Would seem silly if their own Browser cannot support this feature.

More great idea and services from Microsoft!

CPJ's Liquid Eggs Limited Jamaican Egg Shortage - How Imported Eggs from Hampton Creek Foods may alleviate Egg Shortage in December 2014

“We really need to have a more balanced supply and demand. At the end of the day, if you have too many people producing no one is going to do well, and if you have not enough production, hotels (will be) scrambling trying to get the product. And the supermarkets. And householders. And the school feeding people. It's chaos.”

 CPJ Executive Chairman Mark Hart commenting on the yearlong shortage of Eggs in Jamaica that's affecting the operations of Liquid Eggs Limited

Looks like I was right on the money when I said that the Egg shortage would last until March 2014 as per the prediction in my blog article entitled “Egg Shortage in Jamaica set to continue to March 2014 - Poor Agricultural Planning to blame as Cheap Meat shortages forcing many to become Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians”.

However, it’s looking to be lasting a lot longer as it now affecting the production of Liquefied Eggs as well as Regular Eggs for the Local Market.

In fact, Montego Bay-based Liquid Eggs Limited, a company that was started in 2007, may have to resort to Importing Eggs due to an unavailability of supply as stated in the article “Liquid Eggs operation cracks under shortage”, Published Friday September 12, 2014, by Mcpherse Thompson, Assistant Editor - Business, The Jamaica Gleaner.

How bad is the Egg Shortage?

The Demand is so high and Local Production levels are so low that the few remaining Egg Farmers remaining after the Glut of 2012, who are members of the JEFA (Jamaica Egg Farmers' Association) can't keep up with the demand for Eggs. That demand is also coming not only from households but also from the following sources:

1.      Hospitality Industry
2.      Quick-service Restaurants
3.      Local Bakeries

One of their main consistent clients includes the Ministry of Agriculture in partnership with the Ministry of Education.

They both currently used pureed Fruit that's leftover from Farming to make Fruit Juices and Liquefied Eggs as a substitute for Butter in the making Nutri-buns for the School Feeding program as detailed in my blog article entitled “Ministry of Agriculture to approve Fruit and Liquified Eggs for School Feeding Program even as Pork faces Glut - How Solar Farming will make Jamaica's Food Security Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2”.

So with such a big Client, you can see why Importation is a measure that has to be considered to keep their valued clients happy. But what exactly are Liquefied Eggs?

Liquefied Eggs Importation– Liquefied Eggs Important due to their Portable Easy-to-Use Form Factor

Liquefied Eggs are regular Eggs removed from the shell and separated into Yolk and White and vacuum-sealed in plastic. This is done via a process similar to the making of CB Group's Safe Food Movement Vacuum Sealed Tray-less Meats as described in my blog article entitled “CB Group's Safe Food Movement Vacuum Sealed Tray-less Meats - Trend toward Vacuum Sealing in Jamaica to stretch Food Budget and reduce Refrigeration”.

This makes them not only portable and easier to transport but less prone to spoilage due to the fact they’re vacuum-sealed in plastic. Plus their form factor is mighty convenient to people who use eggs on a large scale, such as restaurants and Bakeries. This as the Yolk is separated from the Whites, making them excellent and easier to order and easier to use when cooking certain recipes.

The CPJ is now considering Importing Eggs as a short term measure to alleviate the Demand, to quote CPJ Executive Chairman Mark Hart: “We actually Imported two containers of Eggs, but by then it was too late”. 

This he says, is just a temporary measure to satisfy their client base and keep the business going until Egg supplies normalize, as the Liquid Eggs Processing Plant as built to help the Farmers who are members of the JEFA, to quote CPJ Executive Chairman Mark Hart: “The whole purpose of the factory is to support Local Egg farmers. But the Plant needs to keep its customers, it needs to keep in business”.

So what are their financial like? The Next section will lay it straight like a plain white Egg.

CPJ and the Liquid Eggs Limited - Egg Shortage since December 2013 continues unabated

It's also beginning to impact on the bottom line of the principal owners of Liquid Eggs Limited, CPJ (Caribbean Producers Jamaica Limited) as the farmers who are members of the JEFA struggle to supply their Liquid Egg Processing Plant in Montego Bay, St. James with Eggs. The ownership of Liquid Eggs Limited breaks down as thus:

1.      50% owned by CPJ
2.      50% owned by Liquid Eggs Limited

The Board Membership of Liquid Eggs Limited gives a better idea of who's in charge and who has an interest in this company:

1.      Mr. Mark Campbell
2.      Mr. Vincent Fenton,
3.      Mr. Cislin Halloway,
4.      Mr. Afred Jennings
5.      Mr. Norman Williams
6.      Mr. Roy Baker, President of the Jamaica Egg Farmers' Association

They're also doing Ready to Eat Pork in a bid to get Jamaicans, who are short on Red Meat, to try pre-cooked White Meat in the form of Pork as explained in my blog article entitled “CPJ introduces Ready to Cook Pork – Why Jamaicans don’t like Pork solved by making Pork ready under 30 Minutes”.

Well, CPJ itself is doing quite ok, based on Audited Financial Results for the year ended June 2014:

1.      11.7% increase in Profit to US$3.46 million from the US$3.1 million for the same period last year
2.      13.2% increase in Sales to US$78.6 million from US$69.4 million for the same period last year

However, their losses on their investment in Liquid Eggs Limited based on Audited Financial Results for the year ended June 2014 are so staggering, they're stated also in US$:

1.      US$58,797 Operating Loss
2.      US$312,241 Total Capital expenditure in the setup of the company

So what killed the Goose that laid these Golden Eggs for CPJ? Turns out the problem is on BOTH the Demand and Supply side of the equation and Balance is really yet to return to the Egg Market.

Egg Production shortage and Urban Egg Demand - Imported Eggs may be coming from Hampton Creek Foods

In that previous article I’d done, I'd pointed out the shortage was due to persons now switching to Eggs as a substitute for Meat, creating an artificial shortage since Christmas 2013 as stated in my blog article entitled “Egg Shortage in Jamaica set to continue to March 2014 - Poor Agricultural Planning to blame as Cheap Meat shortages forcing many to become Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians”.

These persons are the very same housewives referred to by Caribbean Broilers' Corporate Affairs Manager Dr Keith Amiel in my article, albeit his focus was more on baking of Cakes. I debunked that myth, because you don't unnecessarily need Eggs to make a cake, especially as so many J.F. Mill Cake Mixes are on the shelves that don't require Eggs and so many substitutes even exist for Eggs.

Plus earlier in 2013, there had been a Chicken Back Meat shortage. Here in Jamaica, that's the cheapest Meat. this shortage forced many in the rural Areas to resort to other sources of Meat including Mongoose and the Crocodile as noted in my blog article entitled “Jamaicans now Eating Sly Mongoose as Chicken Back Shortage Gets closer to Christmas - Family and Community Gardens needed to Grow what we Eat and reduce Food Import Bill”.

It's the more civilized people living in the Urban centers i.e. Kingston, Montego Bay, that opted to use Eggs as a Meat replacement, being as it's like Corned Beef once done right and cheaper to use than even Chicken Back.

That's what been driving the demand and prolonging the shortage, which is now affecting the operations of the Liquid Eggs Limited, to quote CPJ Executive Chairman Mark Hart: “We had a difficult time getting the shell Eggs which we needed to pasteurise for the Plant and we had periods where we had to cease production, and it actually jeopardised several of our contracts. So it had a major impact on the Plant”.

That explains the Demand side.

But what caused the supply side to diminish? According to President of the Jamaica Egg Farmers' Association, Mr. Roy Baker the Glut of 2012 caused prices to dip forcing farmers out of business.

When the demand resurged, they farmers were caught off guard and found themselves unable to gain the capital to get back into production, resulting in a shortage by December 2013 as I’d recorded in my blog article entitled “Egg Shortage in Jamaica set to continue to March 2014 - Poor Agricultural Planning to blame as Cheap Meat shortages forcing many to become Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians”.

CPJ and the Jamaican Egg Shortage - Hampton Creek Foods Beyond Eggs Possible

Ok fine.

But if they plan to Import Liquefied Eggs, it can't be regular Eggs in shells, as they'd spoil or break in transit, resulting in losses to CPJ. Most likely, they'll source them from a Bulk Supplier of Liquefied Eggs in the US of A or eon Latin America.

One possibility may even include Importing Eggs from San Francisco Company Hampton Creek Foods, whose product Beyond Eggs is made from vegetable proteins combined to have the same taste and texture as Eggs as stated in my blog article entitled “Hampton Creek Foods and their Plant Protein Egg Replacement – Global Egg Industry to get the Kibosh by 2017”.

The main reason I suspect they may be a possible source of Bulk Liquefied Eggs is because Hampton Creek Foods Replacement Egg Protein made from Plant Proteins not only tastes like Eggs but is also cheaper to manufacture than Eggs, being made directly from the very Plants and soya Beans that the Chickens process to make Eggs.

CPJ will have to Import these Eggs to make up for the shortfall in Local production. In so doing, the Regular Householders, come Christmas 2014, will be getting the bulk of the Eggs that the current Eggs Suppliers are producing that aren’t ending up at the Liquid Eggs Limited Processing Plant.

The Imported Liquid Eggs coming from Hampton Creek Foods will be rebranded and sold to the Hospitality Industry i.e. Hotels, Quick-service Restaurants and Local Bakeries so in one way or another, Jamaican will consume products that may contain this Hampton Creek Foods Replacement Egg Protein made from Plant Proteins.

It’ll be quite awhile before Jamaicans even get used to the idea of eating Liquefied Eggs out of as Plastic Container. But then again, the tourists and Jamaicans who eat Baked Goods and at the Restaurants use these Liquefied Eggs and most people eat products containing them without realizing that they’ve done so.

So it’s just a matter of aesthetics i.e. getting used to the idea of Eggs Whites and Eggs Yolk purchased separately encased and vacuum-sealed in plastic that basically last longer even without refrigeration.

So will this be the fate of Jamaica as may be happening to the American Eggs Industry? Will Eggs production be gradually replaced by Imported Hampton Creek Foods Replacement Egg Protein made from Plant Proteins?

Keep reading my blog for a possible follow up as this story get more interesting as Christmas 2014 approaches. With the coming Egg shortage set to get more acute due to the still ongoing Jamaican Egg Shortage, we might have to go Beyond Eggs!

Cooking gone wrong at MICO – Harvard Study links Instant Ramen Noodles to Metabolic Syndrome despite being So Delicious

“The consumption of instant noodles was associated with increased prevalence of metabolic syndrome in women, independent of major dietary patterns”

Professor of Nutrition and Epidemiology at Harvard, Dr. Frank Hu and Lead Researcher of a study in the Journal of Nutrition that posits link between Instant Ramen Noodles and Metabolic Syndrome

Still getting used to the idea of going to a college that’s all Female to the point that there is only ONE Male Bathroom! Women are in charge, which to me is akin to going to Immaculate Conception or even St, Andrew High for Girls, making me feel a little strange, being as I’m not wearing a skirt or anything feminine!

Right now the big talk on the campus of the MICO University College is the Chikungunya Virus! So queue the Song “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift!

Specifically how NOT to get sick from this mysterious illness that apparently is set to explode come December 2014 as predicted in my blog article entitled “Jamaican Chikungunya Virus cover-up - JA$10,000 for Chikungunya Virus Test as Tropical Storm Edouard boost Aedes aegypti Mosquito”.

According to anecdotal evidence, that’s the school that Simone Clarke Cooper, a not-too-bright personality on Television Jamaica, once attended. Here’s a picture of the Smile Jamaica Media Personality holding up a picture of an Elephant that she apparently owns.

I hope they don’t put me to wear Black like they do at those All-Girls High Schools, as I really do need to be locked up by the Female Fashion Police. In the evenings when I drift in for my classes at 5pm till 8pm in the nights, I usually commit the most grievous of offences against MICO University College by wearing Labourite Green Hat and glasses in a school that appears to be Orange PNP (People’s National Party).

So my desire for smooth sailing through the MICO University College to get what’s effectively a B.ED in Teaching may have a bumpy road. Will be making sure I don’t get stopped by the Fashion Police for my faux paus green hat!

Cooking gone wrong at MICO – Noodles are great despite Metabolic Syndrome risk

Aside from offending the Female Fashion Police on the MICO University College, there is a smaller storm in a teacup is brewing among the femme fetales on the campus.

It has to do with a recent study  by the Harvard University that found that women who ate instant Noodles twice a week were at a 68% risk of basically getting fat, having increase cholesterol and Hypertension stated in “Instant Noodles carry health risks for women: study”, published Monday, September 08, 2014, The Jamaica Observer. The study was published in the Journal of Nutrition and makes for fairly interesting reading.

That combination is called Metabolic Syndrome as they can eventually lead to adults getting Diabetes, Heart attack or stroke, three very serious lifestyle diseases. No mention of Cancer here, despite the use of preservatives and MSG (Monosodium glucomate) in these Noodles, which has no effect on me and make them taste delicious.

This study was based on statistics gleaned from the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which consisted of about 10,711 adults. curious that Noodles affect women more than it does men, which may really be due more to the fact that women are basically weight watchers and literally lie on their bathroom scales, suggests Professor of Nutrition and Epidemiology at Harvard, Dr. Frank Hu and Lead Researcher of this study.

Explains how they're know that they ate Instant Ramen Noodles twice a week, as I can barely remember the number of times I've made a Instant Drinks Mix using a Frozen Bag Juice as the ice to add sweetness and keep it chillin'. So for those people like me who eat Instant Ramen Noodles, Dr. Frank Hu recommend the following, quote:  “Once or twice a month is not a problem. But a few times a week really is”.

Instant Ramen Noodles and Metabolic Syndrome – So Delicious and Hard to Stop Eating

That it gonna be hard. Especially when you can add the Noodles to virtually any food, adding spices and making it taste better.

Although I do like to make Garlic Cheese Bread Sticks and Corned Beef Egg and Cheese Burger every once in awhile as described in my blog article entitled “Cooking for One while at MICO – Garlic Cheese Bread Sticks and Corned Beef Egg and Cheese Burger using the Right Ingredients at the right Price”, right not it’s just Instant Ramen Noodles or whatever Mr. and Mrs. Blake happens to prepare in the kitchen.

Not sure if he's referring to the whole pack or just halves or quarters, as I usually just break it into two or four and then boil it al dente and add a Maggi Season Up Cube as I hate the flaourings that come in the sachet.

Also, not sure if this nutritional Study indicates a danger in the Ramen Noodles or the spices in that little sachet, as WITHOUT the sachet, it's basically Noodles. Just as easily, I could buy some spaghetti, break them up fine and make the same Ramen with Egg Drop Soup.

Still it has the Dorm fraternity at MICO University College talking. As for me, I'm typing this while enjoying some delicious Instant Ramen Noodles and getting ready to leave for the campus of the MICO University College!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jamaica's World Bank's US$105 million Loan – All My Children Animation, SME VC's and Public Sector get Second Chance at Economic Redemption

“The projects are intended to further the overarching goals of the Government of Jamaica-World Bank Country Strategy for the period 2014 – 2017; to support the government’s investments in key strategic areas, including physical sustainability in youth employment; public sector modernization and to facilitate a more enabling environment for private sector growth”

Minister of Finance and Planning, Peter Phillips during the signing of an agreement with the World Bank for a loan of US$105 million to support three (3) Developmental Projects on Thursday September 4th 2014

Slowly, bit by bit, the GOJ (Government of Jamaica) is slowly getting on the good graces of the international lending Agencies. Now the World Bank is also following in on this trend.
This as Minister of Finance and Planning, Peter Phillips, on behalf of the GOJ (Government of Jamaica) signed an agreement with the World Bank for a loan totalling some US$105 million as stated in the article entitled “Government signs US$105 million World Bank loan deal”, published Thursday September 4, 2014 10:18 am, The Jamaica Gleaner.

You can read the official news straight from the Horses' mouth, The Jamaica Information Service, in their article “Jamaica and World Bank Sign US$105 Million Loans”, published September 4, 2014 by Derrick Scott, Information Attache (Jamaican Embassy, USA), The Jamaica Information Service.

This they’ve achieved by demonstrating their ability to execute and pass successive IMF (International Monetary Fund) tests, which was crowned off by a three (3) day working visit by IMF (International Monetary Fund) head Christine LaGarde in June 2014 as stated in “Christine Lagarde Impressed By Awareness Of Jamaica's Need For Economic Reform” published Sunday June 29, 2014 10:48 am, The Jamaica Gleaner.

Minister of Finance and Planning, Peter Phillips was also accompanies by his Dream Team entourage in the guise of the following notables:

1.      Governor of the Bank of Jamaica, Mr. Brian Wynter
2.      Director General of the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), Mr. Colin Bullock
3.      Financial Secretary, Mr. Devon Rowe
4.      Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Stephen Vasciannie

This loan, which Minister of Finance and Planning, Peter Phillips, signed on behalf of Jamaica at the World Banks Headquarters in Washington D.C., is to support three (3) Development programs, one of which is Animation which I'd written about in my blog article entitled “Animation after KingstOON - World Bank Invests US$20 million in Jamaican Animation BPO Brother from another Mother with Great Expectations”. It's spread across the following three (3) Projects:

1.      US$50 million for the Foundation for Competitiveness and Growth
2.      US$20 million in the Youth Employment in Digital Animation Industry
3.      US$35 million Strategic Public Sector Transformation Project

World Bank Country Director for the country, Sophia Sirtaine, who signed on behalf of the World Bank, was quite upbeat on this agreement as well. The high level talks with the IMF were just one of several items on their itinerary, as they also had discussion with the US Treasury, State Department and the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank).

World Bank's US$105 million Loan – Animation finally gets the love it deserves

Since IMF head Christine LaGarde visit in June 2014, we’ve seeing the International Lending agencies open up their purse string to Jamaica.

First off the bat was the successful raising of US$800 million in July 2014 via the flotation of several GOJ Euro Bonds underwritten by Citibank and France's BNP as explained in “Record Haul! Jamaica Raises US$800m From External Bond Market”, Published Wednesday July 2, 2014, by Avia Collinder, Business Reporter, The Jamaica Gleaner and “Jamaica issues US$800-m eurobond, published Wednesday”, July 02, 2014, The Jamaica Observer.

This successful GOJ Euro Bonds is a triumphant return to the capital markets. More importantly, it has implications for the growth of the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) or Call Center Industry, as it’s already funding some US$33 million in loans to create 8000 Call Center Jobs as stated in my blog article entitled “How to find work in Jamaica at Call Centers - 8000 Jobs coming after US$33 million Loan from DGB floated for 8 Call Centers”.

The BPO Cash cow is getting some love from the GOJ Euro Bond to the tune of some US$33 million. So it’s only fair that the fledgling Animation Industry also get some of the financial love and support as well as Jordanian VC (Venture Capital) company Oasis500 as noted in my blog article entitled “Animation after Kingstoon - Oasis500 and Start Up Jamaica takes Entrepreneurs From Boot Camps to Angel Investor Networks”.

Good to note here that YEDCI (Youth Employment in Digital and Creative Industries) mentioned above, which began as a document published by the World Bank entitled “Youth Employment in the Digital and Animation Industries” is what has morphed into the more official sounding YEDAI (Youth Employment in Digital Animation Industry).

The World Bank is gung-ho about Animation and plans to invest some US$20 million over a five year period in the fledgling Animation Industry as mentioned in the article “Jamaica can earn big money from animation”, published Wednesday, July 30, 2014 BY STEVEN JACKSON Business Reporter, The Jamaica Observer

This is going to be a big boost to the Animation World, albeit this is really geared at making Animation more like a BPO and isn't really money earmarked for Independent Animators as pointed out in my blog article entitled “Animation after KingstOON - World Bank Invests US$20 million in Jamaican Animation BPO Brother from another Mother with Great Expectations”.

The GOJ’s other stepchildren - SME VC's and Public Sector second chance at Economic Redemption

Still unclear as to what the other projects moneys are earmarked for, save to say that the Foundation for Competitiveness and Growth sounds like VC (Venture Capital) money for Private Sector Investments Projects and loans for SME (Small and Medium Enterprises), most likely administered via the JBDC (Jamaica Business Development Corporation) for VC funding and SRC (Scientific Research Council) for manufacturing facilities and assistance with packaging.

The Strategic Public Sector Transformation Project sounds like it might wind up in the Public Sector to help them run more efficiently. I hope that this also means Tax Reform, turning more Public Sector Agencies into Executive Agencies that have to make their own money and reduce the use of Public funds on paying utilities.

This means Solar Panels for Electricity and Light as is the plan for High School and some Public sector entities funded by the US$62 million dollars taken from the PetroCaribe Fund via the PCJ (Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica) as described in my blog article entitled “PCJ to install JA$62 million Solar Panels Systems - 15 Schools and 3 GOJ Institution Guinea-Pigs has Wigton III Project Venezuelan Connection”.

There’s also the possibility of using Water Harvesting to reduce Water Wastage as noted in my blog article entitled “Water Security Policy and Water Sector Liberalization Needed to avoid Drought”.

This is an idea that, ironically, is being spearheaded by Telecom Provider Digicel via the donation of Black Tanks to Schools across the country that are experiencing Water woes as described in my blog article entitled “Digicel CEO Barry O'Brien donates 3 650-Gallon Tanks to Downtown Schools - How the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is Not Cool as it Wastes Ice Water during a Drought” instead of the wasteful Ice Bucket Challenge!

Telecommunications Services is a bill that’s in need of rapid reduction, for which the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining had proposed GovNET, a independent Telecoms Facility to handle all Government Intranet Traffic as described in my blog article entitled “GOJ Parliamentarians upgraded to Microsoft Surface Tablets and GovNET Wide Area Network - Minister Paulwell efforts to reduce paper may accelerate Jamaican Tablet Adoption”.

So will the GOJ put all this money, both the US$800 million from the GOJ Euro Bonds and now the US$105 million from the World Bank to good use and NOT try to funnel it into Local Government and General Election Campaign Funding? Jamaica will be watching the PNP very carefully, as we've basically been given a second chance at Economic Redemption.

Here’s the link:

CWC invests US$250 million in LIME Jamaica - Mobile 4G LTE, Broadband, LIME TV and FTTH Expansion will make LIME the Google of Jamaica

“We are already on that growth path. LIME has opened up the gateway to growth in mobile data and high-speed broadband by offering the Jamaican market best-value plans and affordable pricing. In mobile, we've lowered the price of entry-level Smartphones like the Huawei Y330, occasionally as low as $3,999 plus GCT, and received overwhelmingly positive demand for the device which is arguably the most desired handset for persons who want Internet-on-the-go but are on a tight budget”

Chief Executive Officer of CWC, Phil Bentley, during a Press Conference at LIME Jamaica's Carlton Crescent headquarters off Half-Way-Tree Road in Friday September 12th 2014

CWC (Cable and Wireless Communications Plc) seems to have decided to put their faith in the LIME Jamaica. Either that or their financial reports ending Financial Year March 2014 must have impressed the top brass at CWC as pointed out in my blog article entitled “CWC Report ending March 2014 indicates LIME Jamaica's improving Bottom Line - Project Marlin heralds Solar Powered Telecom Provider to Reduce Operating Costs”.

This as they’re decided to invest some US$250 million in the upgrade of the LIME Jamaica Network over the next three (3) years as stated in the article CWC pumping US$250m into LIME Jamaica, published Sunday September 7, 2014, by Richard Browne, Business Reporter, The Jamaica Gleaner.

The announcement was made by Chief Executive Officer of CWC, Phil Bentley, during a Press Conference at LIME Jamaica's Carlton Crescent headquarters off Half-Way-Tree Road in Friday September 12th 2014 as stated in “Phil Bentley positive about LIME's future”, Published Friday September 12, 2014, The Jamaica Gleaner.

It comes 2 weeks after CWC purchased Grupo Sonitel in Panama for some US$36 million in a bid to expand their Corporate, Enterprise, Government and SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) customers in Latin America as concluded in my blog article entitled “US$36 million purchase of CWP S.A by Grupo Sonitel – CWC’s subsidiary Acquisition in Panama marks Latin American Expansion for CWC”.

Being as this was his first time to Jamaica, he may have gotten lost on the way to the Big House, as he actually came 40 minutes late. Either that or he may have stopped for a Red Stripe and a Jerk Chicken as per the video from the Jamaica Observer as shown above.

CWC invests US$250 million - Mobile 4G LTE, Broadband, LIME TV and FTTH Expansion islandwide

CWC is apparently aiming to improve Mobile, particularly smartphone penetration and Broadband coverage across the island. According to Chief Executive Officer of CWC, Phil Bentley, the figures read as thus:

1.      30% for smartphone penetration
2.      30% for Broadband penetration

To this end, CWC is investing in the expansion of the following:

1.      Mobile 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution)
2.      Broadband i.e. ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line)
3.      LIME TV
4.      FTTH (Fiber to the House)

Apparently the former Gas and Oil man who did stints at United kingdom largest Energy company British Gas as Managing Director of British Gas and still holds a seat on the Centrica Plc from November 2000 to June 2013, has great faith in Jamaica as obvious his comments during the Press Conference from the “Phil Bentley positive about LIME's future”, Published Friday September 12, 2014, The Jamaica Gleaner.

This as their US$250 million investment is from a larger sum of US$1 billion that CWC has earmarked for the Caribbean, with the three (3) year investment being 25% of the total amount, forcing Chief Executive Officer of CWC, Phil Bentley during the Press conference to comment, quote: “It's a level of investment that we've never made in the region”.

The fact that they're sinking a quarter of their investment sum into Jamaica indicates that they really still see future profitability in Jamaica, especially as they’ve already earmarked some US$80 million in the build out of a 4G LTE Network using AWS (Advanced Wireless Services) Spectrum as described in my blog article entitled  “LIME chooses AWS for 4G LTE – AWS  Link Budget difference reduces Shadowing as It’s all about Optimization and Human Nature”.

LIME Broadband Explosion  - US$250 million will make LIME the Google of Jamaica

Telecom Provider LIME, once they're launched their 4G LTE Service later next year, may then repurpose their 3G Network for M2M (Machine to Machine) Services and even  Mobile Money services as hinted in my blog article entitled “Telecom Provider LIME and M2M Services - Free SMS and EDGE for the Caribbean to Foster Regional Integration”.

Certainly would give Telecom Provider Digicel some competitor, as they may have plan to launch Mobile Money Services later in 2014 or even early 2015 as I’ve suggested in possible my blog article entitled “Digicel to roll out Mobile Money Service in 2014 - Haiti Tcho Tcho Mobile Love is Bringing the Boom with ScotiaBank heralds Cashless Society by 2015

Glad to see they'll also be investing in expanding FTTH from just an experiment using the residents of the upscale communities of Rhyne Park Community in St. James and Morris Meadows community located in St. Catherine as guinea pigs as stated in my blog article entitled “LIME goes FTTH like Verizon's FiOS - Free ADSL after FTTH Mass Adoption”. 

If FTTH becomes widespread, like the repurposing of 3G Mobile Internet, Telecom Provider LIME may also repurpose ADSL to provide Wi-Fi Hotspots in Eateries and Fast food Restaurants as described in my blog article entitled “Fast Food Wi-Fi for LIME's ADSL Broadband when FTTH goes Mainstream - Mother's and KFC to Supersize Me with Wi-Fi”.

FTTH, with this investment, will go islandwide service that will, along with Mobile Broadband, contribute some 25% to the company's long term profitability over the next three (3) years as stated in my blog article entitled “LIME experiences 25% increase in Profits due to MTR - 4G LTE and FTTH like Bahamas with IPTV Streaming LIME TV will give LIME 3 Days to Kill

Additionally too, they'll be expanding their ADSL Business Service as well in a more aggressive push against Triple Play Provider FLOW as described in my blog article entitled “LIME rolls out new Business themed ADSL and Local and International Landline Calling Bundles - DigiHome offense could Herald the coming of LIME FTTH and relaunch of LIME TV”.

US$250 million Investment in LIME Jamaica - LIME TV going mainstream in a push against FLOW

With all this bandwidth being bandied about i.e. 4G LTE, ADSL and FTTH, it creates the ideal conduit for Streaming Broadband Services such as LIME TV. Especially now that Telecom Provider Digicel has now official acquired the assets of Telstar Cable on Thursday September 11th 2014 as described in my blog article entitled “Digicel officially acquires Telstar Cable – Why Digicel is launching IPTV Streaming over 4G LTE using 20 Years of Cable TV History”.

LIME TV will of course be the most visible change coming from LIME Jamaica is this investment. Eventually as FTTH goes mainstream, we'll see real competition against Triple Play Provider FLOW, Telecom Provider LIME real competition in terms of Broadband, not Telecom Provider Digicel.

This as Telecom Provider Device still has to built out their Fiber Optic Network in order to even start providing business Grade 4G LTE Service as described in my blog article entitled “Digicel’s Fiber Optic Network has July 2014 Completion Date – Launchpad for 4G LTE, Frame Relay, FTTH and Cloud Based PBX Services”.

Now with this investment, we have a more even race between LIME and Digicel. What will FLOW do now? I'll explain that in a next set of articles on Triple Play Provider FLOW.