My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: April 2019

Saturday, April 13, 2019

How Supreme Ventures Mobile Betting App may revive Lotto or Super Lotto Gaming

“We expect that our customers will receive the app favourably. For now, we are focused on ensuring a high success rate for the games offered on the app and to roll out additional games currently offered by SVL in the future.”

President and CEO of Supreme Ventures Limited, Ann-Dawn Young Sang commenting on the launch of betting on the SVL Mobile Betting App.

Finally Jamaican can place bets via the SVL (Supreme Ventures Limited) Mobile Betting App.

This after having secured gaming regulator approval in March 2019, with the app launching back in February as pointed out in the article “SVL Looks To Cash Cows To Popularise Mobile Betting App”, Published Friday April 12, 2019 by Avia Collinder, The Jamaica Gleaner.

So how does this app work?

Supreme Ventures Mobile Betting App - Convenient betting to avoid long lines

Subscribers to the app will have access all day to placing bets except at 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. daily. Clearly, unless you are obsessed, you cannot place bets while asleep.
But this app is for those who love betting but dislike being seen at a betting shop all the time or going in a line to place their bets.

The app has SVL's 2 most popular games:

1.      Cash Pot
2.      Money Time

Placing bets will be via top-up, not the Mobile Money option I had anticipated as predicted in my Geezam blog article entitled “Supreme Ventures JustBet Mobile sees winnings Quisk-ed to NCB Account”. 

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You can add a minimum of JA$100, with up to JA$650,000 top-up on the accounts at SVL agent windows and other locations named by the company. You can wager with limits as follows:

1.   Monthly top-up - JA$100,000 to JA$650,000
2.   Daily wagering - JA$50,000 to JA$325,000

Users can also keep track of their bets, as they are stored on their unique profile. They can receive your winnings via Quisk as noted in the article “SVL Testing Mobile Betting App, As BGLC Tackles Online Gaming Regulations”, published Friday May 4, 2018, The Jamaica Gleaner or via retail centres and lottery agents. 

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For now, its Cash Pot and Money Time, both of which generated ticket sales of $36 billion and prize-money payout topping $25 billion in 2018.

Supreme Ventures Mobile Betting App - Lotto or Super Lotto reminder

Good to note that SVL, despite expecting the death of Lotto games as predicted in the article “Supreme Ventures Prepping For Lottery’s Inevitable Decline”, published Wednesday May 30, 2018 by Neville Graham, The Jamaica Gleaner still managed some impressive numbers in 2018:

1.      JA $43.48 billion in Ticket sales
2.      JA$19.48 billion (inclusive of horse racing)
3.      JA $2.1 billion in profit

“We are expecting an increase in revenue by making the game more convenient, so our players never miss a draw once they have the app and are fully registered and verified. So, obviously, more bets will be placed as a result,” said President and CEO of Supreme Ventures Limited, Ann-Dawn Young Sang.

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Interestingly, the app alerts you of every game as well as your winnings. This is something sure to excite many who have heard stories of Jamaicans winning large sums of money in the Lotto or Super Lotto, only to be unable to claim it as they either forgot or lost their ticket.

Supreme Ventures is also clearly planning for the future, with plans to track analytics via their Mobile gaming app as pointed out in the article “Supreme Ventures Wants Data From Its Customers”, published Friday June 22, 2018, The Jamaica Gleaner  possibly to use the data to create other games that may involve geo-location or even event betting.

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So this app may not only get the reluctant introvert to become a games, but also rejuvenate Lotto or Super Lotto by becoming a reminder on your phone.