My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: September 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

REDjet has ambitions to be Jamaica's National Carrier - Keida's Jamaican Boy

Every revolution was first a thought in one man’s mind.
Emerson, Essays: History
In my last blog entry, REDjet not only got the Trinidad and Tobago routes but the Jamaican routes as well as neatly chronicled in my blog article entitled “REDjet Coming in October - CAL's Nicholas III Hunt for Red October”. That was July 2011AD and we are now in September 2011AD, two (2) months in the future and the Jamaica routes are slated to come online in October 2011AD, a month from now

So it was quite a surprise I got this morning when I noticed that REDjet had made it plain that it’s DEFINITELY planning to become the Digicel of air travel. This REDjet Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ian Burns stated their intention to become Jamaica’s National Carrier as per the article “REDjet plans to launch new Jamaican airline”, published Wednesday, September 28, 2011 BY PAUL ALLEN Business reporter, The Jamaica Observer.

To quote REDjet Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ian Burns : “All our cabin crew, pilots, all our engineers, flight dispatch officers, all our ground handling services, all those services will be provided from Jamaica, by Jamaicans. Our plan will be to build our fleet here, specifically in Jamaica, from five to 10 aircraft. That will be built on a solid business foundation and we will grow as the demand is there for our service.”

This falls in line with my prediction about REDjet gobbling up CAL (Caribbean Airlines) in the next five (5) years of operating in Jamaica as per my blog article entitled “REDjet vs Caribbean Airlines - Who is The Bigger, Better Airline of them All”, echoed again in my follow up article “REDjet all-clear for Jamaica and Trinidad Routes – Bigger Better Top Gun and CARICOM’s Iron Eagle”.

No timeline has been given for when this National Carrier will come to fruition, but as The Jamaica Observer asserts from the interview, it will involve Jamaicans, be Jamaican owned. Most likely with REDjet Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ian Burns as the Chairman for this new entity with an all Jamaica board and would most likely be seeking funding via a private share offer to interested investors, with a public share offer once they are profitable and solvent.

In fact, in my very first article, I had pointed out that the original game plan of REDjet father and son duo of Ian and Robbie Burns when they originally came to Jamaica in 2006AD was to acquire the assets of Air Jamaica and become a national carrier.

So it would thus seem that my prediction is coming to pass in a roundabout way. It may also in the process generate employment for not only college students looking for work but out-of-work redundant Air Jamaica employees, which a national airline would need.

Interestingly, it may also lead to a revival of the old Air Jamaica most of the snobbish well-to-do people such as Upper St. Andrew and Portmore types such as Ms Carlette DeLeon aka the Pet Tales Chick of Television Jamaica or even Simone “Tigerbone” Clarke-Cooper of FAME FM and some national pride.

But starting afresh with more efficient planes, service and completely privately owned that can take advantage of the Caribbean, EU, USA and Canada routes that CAL’s Chairman George Nicholas III is trying to revive as stated in the article “Nicholas Dismisses REDjet As Serious Rival”, published Friday July 22, 2011, by Steven Jackson, Business Reporter, The Jamaica Gleaner

Not to mention have pilots use the Apple iPad or other suitable Tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy PT1000 on sale from Telecom Provider Digicel in Jamaica to reduce fuel consumption and paper carried onboard the aircraft by pilots as US Airlines currently does as stated in my blog article entitled “US Airlines Pilots endorse the Apple iPad - Tessanne Chin's Hideaway in the PaperLess Revolution”.

This as long term viability of any venture by REDjet is Air Cargo and Freight service coupled with passenger service to these International routes as REDjet Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ian Burns seeks to become Keida’s Jamaica Boy. And Jamaicans, both local and abroad will support this Irish duo and anything that lowers the cost of air travel and breathes life into CARICOM.

Just please, change the logo though……

Digicel adds on Green Power to future Corporate Building - Petula Clarke's Downtown Global Warming Crisis

Thus the whirligig of time begins in his revenges

Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, V, 1

Earlier in the year on Wednesday May 11th 2011AD, Telecom Provider Digicel launched their Tier III Data Center as announced in my Geezam Blog article entitled “Digicel’s Cloud Backup Services – A deep Analysis” putting Telecom Provider LIME and Triple Play Provider Digicel on their guard. They then decided to make PBX (Private Branch Exchanges) exchange extinct with their somewhat late foray into Cloud Telephony as chronicled in my Geezam Blog article entitled “Digicel Cloud Telephony to Make Switched Voice Extinct”, again making Telecom Provider LIME sweat bullets.

After getting the thorough roasting on my personal blog, it seems that the Red and White Telecom Provider have apparently outdone the competition yet again! Ironically, this time by going green with their new Corporate Building, stated to be the Greenest in Jamaica and Latin America, as the Caribbean is a part of Latin America, in terms of Carbon footprint as stated in the article “The 'Greenest" Building in the Caribbean”, published Tuesday September 27 2011, The Jamaica Gleaner.

And yes, like JPS Co (Jamaica Public Service Company ) CEO Damian Obiglio idea for the banning of Incandescent bulbs in my blog article entitled JPS CEO Damian Obiglio wants Incandescent Bulb ban - Jamaican in the Twilight Zone”, this appears to be a possible crib from my blog article entitled “Ministry of Labour and Social Security JA$9 Million Energy Savings - Mad Money for Happy Workers” in which I pointed out the Ministry of Labour and Social Security  JA$9 million savings on utilities by changing their work habits.

This interesting tidbit of news, which The Jamaica Gleaner does not date, was dropped by Digicel CEO Mark Linehan at the UDC (Urban Development Corporation) forum, with the strange long-winded title “Redevelopment of Downtown Kingston: Investment Opportunities and Challenges”. No date and no information as to who else was there, save that it must have been all Digicel, as it is their re-entry into the Downtown area that is reinvigorating that very historic part of Kingston.

Not to mention something which I also had suggested to Telecom Provider LIME in my blog article entitled “LIME look to the future with new Services - Video and Audio Friends with Benefits in the Dead Zone”. A condensation of suggestions since my days as a Network Maintenance Technician at then Telecom Provider C&W between 2001AD to 2004AD.

Digicel CEO Mark Linehan reveals the specs, which are very interesting to the Power Engineer, quote: “This development will span a total area of 211,500 square feet and will make use of solar power, solar cooling and wind power. The Building will feature four wind turbines on the roof of the 11-storey tower, and 15,000 square feet of solar panels and solar glass on the roofs of all three Buildings.”

Albeit believable, if you like the pictures. But something is amiss……

Such a huge investment in Solar Panels and Wind Turbines, at so late a stage in the construction of the Building, suggests that this is an add-on, as opposed to an intended design. Something which the Public could ascertain, were the Media to have access to their AS-BUILT plans for the Building from 2010AD.

But don’t be quick to believe my biased words. The project, which had been slated for a June – July 2011AD completion date, is now three (3) months behind schedule. So due to these additions i.e. wind turbines and solar panels, Telecom Provider Digicel’s new Corporate Headquarters won’t be occupied until Christmas 2011AD, a few months before London 2012 Olympics on July 27th 2012AD!

Good to note that historically, that the Wigton Wind Farm, constructed in 2004AD, is saving Jamaica approximately JA$229 million in fuel purchases as per the article “In Five Months, Wigton Saves Jamaica $229 Million”, published Sunday September 25, 2011, The Jamaica Gleaner which is deserving of an article debating the benefits of Wind Turbines to Jamaica’s Electricity Grid. 

So what may have caused this sudden afterthought? Apparently the sudden acquisition of Telecom Provider CLARO, which will add considerably to their Electricity Bill and hence the “addition” to the AS-BUILT plans.

Which then implies something bigger may be in the works, as like other business in Jamaica, Telecom Provider Digicel may also be silently affected by Refrigeration and Cooling problems for its Ericsson Node B’s and RBS (Radio Base Stations) coupled with electricity theft as coincidently mentioned in my blog article entitled “Dr. Taylor's states Global Warming increasing Jamaica's Energy Bill - Vybz Kartel's Summertime Soylent Green”.

A redesign of the Cooling Fan, so common to Refrigeration equiptment is in order as per my blog article entitled “Global Warming and the Quest for Efficient Cooling – From Bladeless Fans to Blade Runner”.

So the obvious becomes clear.

This is not Telecom Provider Digicel trying to use Green Energy as a marketing tool as suggested in my blog article entitled “Alternative Energy and Telecom Providers - An Environmental Marketing Strategy”. Telecom Provider Digicel is aware they can do nothing about the conditions of the swap of CLARO Jamaica for Digicel El Salvador and Digicel Honduras as legally explained in my blog article entitled “Digicel finally acquires CLARO Jamaica with conditions – Carlos Slim’s Trojan Horse”.

Rather,  they are bracing themselves for Utility Bill increases as per the assertion of Dr. Michael Taylor by upping the ante on the Ministry of Labour and Social Security energy saving measures and going Green, which I predict, they will expand to their other cell sites to reduce their steadily ballooning Electricity costs. 

Spoken here first and nowhere else, folks; Cell sites with RAN (Radio Access Network), RBS (Radio Base Stations) and Node B’s powered by Solar panels and Wind Turbines as per my blog article entitled “Alternative Energy and Helix - a test case for Wind Power for Telecom Providers” and “Alternative Energy and 4G - Green Lantern Core”. Slated to be tested first on Telecom Provider Digicel’s new Corporate Headquarters located in Petula Clarke’s Downtown!

Coincidentally the Ministry of Labour and Social Security is located at 1F North Street, a stone throw away from Telecom Provider Digicel’s new Corporate Headquarters…….and good walking distance for architects looking to replicate what the Government of Jamaica has done, which they probably did and added to the Digicel Corporate Building design post AS-BUILT plans.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Amazon launching Google Android powered Tablet – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos cribs the Nook

Give a man a pipe he can smoke,
Give a man a book he can read;
And his home is bright with a calm delight,
Though the room be poor indeed

James Thomson, Sunday Up The River

It’s bad enough that the Apple iPad is being soundly beaten on the Global Market place by the crush of Google Android Tablets as stated in my blog article entitled “Android Tablets Marketshare gain over the Apple iPad - Clear and Present Danger”.

Now on Wednesday September 28th 2011AD, Amazon is set to unveils its latest creation, which is either a new Kindle with colour or a Amazon Tablet, depending which online magazine you read as stated in the article “Amazon set to unveil new Kindle or Android tablet on September 28”, published September 23 2011, 10:41AM PDT, by David Carnoy, CNET News - E-Book Readers.

This after months of rumours after  Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos let slip a hint of a possible coming Tablet in May of 2011AD in an interview with Consumer Reports in which he said “stay tuned” as stated in the article “Bezos hints at Amazon tablet in interview”, published May 12 201, 1:40PM PDT by David Carnoy, CNET News – Crave. 

Then in August 2011, glimmer of hope of the much anticipated Amazon Tablet in a Digitimes report straight out of Taiwan relating to component orders from Amazon as stated in the article “Amazon's tablet to launch in August?”, published June 21 2011, 9:44 PM, PDT by Steve Musil. CNET News - Digital Media.

At this point with this now all but confirmed launch CNET News Editor, David Carnoy can declare “Shenanigans” as he did when Barnes and Noble rolled out a colour version of their Barnes and Noble Nook as per my blog article entitled “Women adore the Barnes and Noble Nook Colour - Free e-Reader Home Improvement”. In that same article, I also hinted at what would have been possible at Barnes and Noble launch on Tuesday May 24th 2011AD – a free Nook for frequent subscribers which did not materialize.

Nonetheless, I did highlight the fact that Gender disparities as it relates to frequency of reading was what was driving the phenomenal adoption of the Barnes and Noble Nook Colour, which is powered by Google Android, effectively making it a Tablet.

I even highlighted the misinterpreted statistics of analyst InStat, which pointed to e-Readers being decimating by Tablets in 2012AD as being off base as stated in my Geezam Blog article entitled “InStat prediction that Tablets to Overtake e-Readers is off base” and cited the fact that with the world population in the Developed and Developing world being predominantly women, Tablets have a long way to go to catch up on the lead of e-Readers.

Unless of course, the e-Reader maker were to make a device that could be both things, such as Barnes and Noble had done with their Nook Colour….and what some speculate Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is set to do with the Amazon Kindle come Wednesday September 28th 2011AD. One thing is for sure; Amazon has a statistical advantage with most of its user base for their Amazon Kindle being women.

Thus an Amazon Tablet or Amazon Kindle Color would really be a crib of Barnes and Noble Nook Color strategy as per the article “Amazon Kindle Tablet could shake up Tablet Wars: Here's how”, published September 25th 2011 by Tony Bradley, PCWorld. Combined with Amazon’s online retail and marketing machinery, this tablet could sport not only a price advantage but a retail support advantage.

Much akin to the perceived impregnable fortress erected by the Apple around its tightly knit the Apple iOS ecosystem that ties their Apple App Store as well as Apple iTunes into one multimedia device experience. Amazon can match that and be a serious competitor, especially if their Tablet is sporting Nvidia’s Kal-El Quad-Core Processors as per my Geezam Blog article entitled “Nvidia and the Quad-Core Kal-El CPU – Android leaves A5 Dual-Core Processor in the Dust”.

The breaking of dawn on Wednesday September 28th 2011AD awaits…..when all doubts will be laid aside and the power of Google Android on an Amazon Product unveiled in all its glory.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Global Warming and the Quest for Efficient Cooling – From Bladeless Fans to Blade Runner

Dies irae, Dies illa!
Solvet saeclum in favilla,
Teste David cum Sybilla

(Day of Wrath, the day of Burning,
Seer and Sibyl speak concerning,
All the World to Ashes turning)

Tomasso Di Celano, Dies Irae

The utterances of Dr. Michael Taylor, Climatologist and Head of the Department of Physics, Pure and Applied Sciences, University of the West Indies at the Energy Conference 2011 on Monday September 19th 2011AD suggests that we humans are being slow boiled in a stew of our own making.

Global warming, theorized to be on the increase due to human activity, will increase energy consumption, whether or not we switch to Alternative Energy sources in Jamaica as stated in my blog article entitled “Dr. Taylor's states Global Warming increasing Jamaica's Energy Bill - Vybz Kartel's Summertime Soylent Green”.

65% of energy consumption wasted on Refrigeration and Cooling is a lot of energy, not to mention a serious dent on ones Electricity bill, to which there are no easy short term solutions. So at this point, I have decided, on inspiration, to throw my engineering design hat into the debate and design a solution that would help to reduce the cost of Refrigeration and Cooling via a redesign of the Fan.

A curious invention, the Fan! Basically a motor with a shaft attached to a set of curved blades, its design is to push air in order to cool object via convection, as the rapidly moving air carries away heat from the surface of the object rapidly, thereby creating cooling. Air Conditioning units and Refrigerators are all based around fans and may be responsible in part along with the compressor for their 65% electricity consumption.

The technology of the Dyson HOT Bladeless Fan as stated in the article “Dyson heats up with Hot bladeless Fan”, published SEPTEMBER 14, 2011 6:00 PM PDT, By David Carnoy, CNET News – Crave provides some inspiration and shines a light towards what is possible. But the fact that it still has to be plugged into a power source to continue working makes the technology a novelty redesign of the Ionic Breeze Fan with the same power consumption problems.

What if the Fan could produce its own power or derive its power from a source external to the PUC (Power Utility Company)? With this in mind, a suggestion floats into my mind for such a Fan that may start out expensive, but with time may be adopted as a standard.

My suggestion is simply to:

1.      Reduce friction within the Fan design by removing the motor and replacing it with a different technology to turn the Fan in a friction-less manner
2.      Decouple the Fan completely from its analog electrical plug via the use of Integrated Solar Panels as stated in as stated in my blog article entitled “Alternative Energy and Solar Power - Die Another Day
3.      Include technology to recapture the Wasted Energy generated by turning the Fan blades and turning it back into electricity to power the Fan as suggested in my blog article entitled “Powering Gadgets by Recycling Waste Energy - Alice's Windmills in my Mind Through the Looking Glass
4.      Include a Lithium-Ion Battery in the design, so that the Fan would have a reservoir to store any recaptured Wasted Energy and thus make its reuse by the Fan more efficient
5.      Fan should be programmable and controllable via an app on ones smartphone and be powered by an Open Source OS e.g. Google Android

I will deal with each design suggestion one step at a time.

First, the redesign of the Fan to be frictionless. The below diagram best illustrates a proof-of-concept actualization of such a Fan whose blade is levitating in a magnetic field that rotates it, effectively making it frictionless!

Such a theoretical Fan design in the above self-explanatory design would only have to be plugged in ONLY once to charge the Lithium-Ion Battery pack, which would best be optimized to last for a 24 hour period. Once fully charged, the Frictionless Alternative Energy Fan or FAEF would thus be self maintaining, powered by electrical power that trickle charges the Lithium-Ion Battery from either of the following power sources:

1.      Integrated Solar Panels
2.      Sound to Electricity conversion kit from Ubeam
3.      nPower PEG Kinetic charger that would be the axle of the Fan blades, balanced on self-lubricating ball bearings.

Albeit appearing to be an attempt at a perpetual motion machine, friction would eventually get the better of this contraption controllable via a smartphone installed app. At that point the Fan would have to be plugged in again – six to eight (6 to 8) months later, assuming the household in sufficiently well lit, has lot of noisy occupants and are regular users of the Fan.

The use of the technology gear from a partnership between University of Pennsylvania graduates Meredith Perry and Nora Dweck and their Ultrasonic Power Transfer Technology start-up uBeam and the sound conversion technology of graduate student Sang-Woo Kim from the Institute of Nanotechnology at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea as described in my blog article entitled “uBeam's Perry & Dweck Ultrasonic Power Transfer - Rafe Needleman's Hidden Village of Sound” is included in this design.

This along with Integrated Solar Panels similar to Apple’s concept as stated in the article  Apple eyes gadgets with built in Solar panels”, published January 22, 2010 7:46 AM PST by Martin LaMonica, CNET News - Green Tech and the article “Apple patent bid combines solar with touch screen”, published June 7, 2010 6:31 AM PDT by Martin LaMonica, CNET News - Green Techwould help to cut the analog Power cord, the last vestige of the Analog World.

But more interestingly, is the fact that this concept used in this appliance could be extended to other appliances, making them self-powered and possibly Google Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream powered by 2015AD as stated in my Geezam Blog article entitled “Apple’s Revolution: Android @ Home and IceCream Sandwich in 2015AD”.

By then, Apple will have caught wind of this development and would have begun licensing Apple iOS for use in such self-powered Appliances and All-Electric Vehicles, Blade Runner (1982) Style…….