My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: June 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

How Free Wi-Fi Promotion is coming from Digicel and Flow Jamaica

On Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 at 3:37 PM, I'd received this email from Telecom Provider Digicel offering me three (3) days free Broadband in exchange for topping up my Modem with JA$100. Naturally, as I do have a Digicel Greenpacket Ex-250 modem which I brought back in February 2013 and with which I did the Geezam article entitled “How to setup and troubleshoot your Digicel 4G Broadband Modem”, I suspect it was just a Promotion to boost user-ship of their “4G” Broadband Network.

Digicel’s 4G Broadband Network is really a WiMaX Network, to which I hadn’t logged on in quite awhile, as I mainly hack into and use Free Wi-Fi in the Swallowfield Area using the technique as described in my blog article entitled “How to access any password-protected WEP or WPA and WPA2 Wi-Fi Network using TamoSoft CommView for WiFi”. I've reproduced an image of the email below with a link to the *.pdf document for those who want to check its authenticity.

I then proceeded to respond to the email but to no avail. After call 100 on my Digicel Cell phone and getting no help, I realized that possibly my email had been blocked by Digicel's Servers. So I proceeded to make a new email address and resend them the email. I'm still yet to get the offer of 3 Days Broadband as promised in the email on my Digicel Greenpacket Ex-250 Modem. But it got me thinking about promotions for Digicel 4G Broadband Network as, really, there has actually been none.

There have been promotions involving persons BUYING a 4G Mobile or Broadband Data Plan and getting something in return, such as the one they had for the YVA (Youth View Awards) held in January 2014 as described in my blog article entitled “Digicel's Supa DigiDealz gives you a DL600 or DL700 free on a Smart Postpaid Plan - YVA 2013 to feature Zendaya as Digicel are the Big Bad Wolves in the Smartphone Wars

But aside from my own experience as described above, I've never seen Telecom Provider Digicel or Telecom Provider LIME offer any promotions where you can get free Data based on the idea that you've not logged on for a long time i.e. you've not got the money to pay for Data Service. 

How to have a Data Promotion – FLOW may introduce Wi-Fi Hopping soon

One way Telecom Provider Digicel or Telecom Provider LIME can offer a Data Promotion is via the very same Promotion as listed above, but instead of sending me email, just send it as an SMS (Short Messaging Service) or Text Message. This as I’d logically not have access to my email if I have no Internet for quite awhile!

It should also be offered to persons who haven’t topped up in the last 2 months, which I suspect shouldn’t be such as large number, due to the addictive nature of the Internet. Finally the criteria should be that once you login, you get online for the specific period; no credit top-up required.

For Broadband Customer’s an even better Promotion would be to give such users access to Wi-Fi Internet coming from any Mi-Fi Modem (in the case of Telecom Provider Digicel) or ADSL Modem (in the case of Telecom Provider LIME) that happens to be close by. This would be done by registering the IMSI of the SIM Card in their 4G Broadband Network in the case of Telecom Provider Digicel or ADSL Network in the case of Telecom Provider LIME and thus allowing them free access to the Wi-Fi Internet, bypassing the password set by that other customer as part of the Promotion.

By doing that, they’d be able to give offers of Free Internet either via their 3G or 4G Networks or Mi-Fi Devices connected to their Network to those who haven’t logged on for quite awhile. By doing this, they’d be able to get their Internet fix like everyone, but just for three (3) days at a time and for s set number of hours.

This idea is somewhat similar to the idea of Free Wi-Fi on the JUTC (Jamaica Urban Transit Company) Buses to keep unruly students still as described in my blog article entitled “Unruly High School Students Making out and having sex in the JUTC Half-Way-Tree Transport Center - How wi-Fi in Buses can lead to Solar Power, LPG and the smarterCard Cashless system”.

As after all, they’re already valued, loyal members of the Network, so sharing the Wi-Fi Internet from a nearby Mi-Fi or ADSL Modem shouldn’t impact that much on that paying customer’s experience. Especially as the offer is for a limited time only, with time limits being added if usage becomes excessive!  I call it Broadband Hopping, as effectively it’s free Wi-Fi but based on the simple criteria that:

1.      You are a Loyal, long time member of a particular Network
2.      You’re an active user of 3G/4G Broadband Internet
3.      You are fully registered using a GOJ ID
4.      You haven’t topped up for at least 2 months
5.      You’re living in the vicinity of someone else on the same Network that has Internet on their Digicel or LIME ADSL Broadband Modem that has Wi-Fi

Dear reader, what do you think? If you like this suggestion, please repost it as often as you wish so that it gains traction. 

PCJ to install JA$62 million Solar Panels Systems - 15 Schools and 3 GOJ Institution

“Collectively, the 18 Solar PV Systems which will be installed should provide 232 kilowatts peak power which equates to about 344,000 Kilowatt hours per year. This will result in savings of more than $16 million per year on the public sector energy bill. In addition, the systems are grid tied, allowing the benefitting institutions to earn revenue by generating electricity to sell back to the grid,”

Minister of State in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Julian Robinson speaking at the Awards Ceremony for the PCJ Schools Energy Programme held on Friday June 27th 2014 at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston

The PCJ (Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica) has mysteriously decided to finance Contracts worth JA$62 million to install Solar Panels as stated in “PCJ to implement $62-m solar PV project in 15 schools”, published Sunday, June 29, 2014 1:38 PM, The Jamaica Gleaner.

Minister of State in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Julian Robinson made this announcement on Friday June 27th 2014 during the Awards Ceremony for the PCJ Schools Energy Programme. The Solar Panels will be installed at the following fifteen (15) Schools and three (3) Government Institutions:

The lucky High Schools are as follows:

1.      Ardenne High
2.      Clarendon College
3.      Dinthill Technical High School
4.      Glenmuir High School
5.      Hampton School for Girls
6.      Kingston High School
7.      Munro College
8.      Norman Manley High School
9.      Old Harbour High School
10.  Rose Hill Primary School
11.  St Catherine High School
12.  St Elizabeth Technical High School
13.  St Hugh’s High School
14.  Vere Technical High School
15.  Wolmer’s Girls’ School

Naturally, the Government had to have some of its own Test Guinea-pigs:

1.      SRC (Scientific Research Council)
2.      ODPEM (Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management)
3.      PCJ (Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica)

Most likely though, it might also be related to US$4.6 billion dollar Loan taken from the  PetroCaribe Fund that the GOJ (Government of Jamaica) manages under a Concessionary Oil agreement with the Government of Venezuela being used to build Wigton III Project as explained in “Wigton expansion priced at $4.6b”, published Friday, April 25, 2014, The Jamaica Observer.

That would most likely be it, as this has a socialist agenda typical of the PNP (People’s National Party), being as its being contracted and not being done by a single particular entity. No doubt, friends of the Government will be securing these contracts.

So who will get these contracts? Stay tuned to my blog and I’ll do a follow up once this news becomes available!

How Russian-Ukranian Researchers Eugene Goostman chatbot beat Natural Language Turing Test

“Having a computer that can trick a human into thinking that someone, or even something, is a person we trust is a wake-up call to cybercrime”

Kevin Warwick of the University of Reading commenting on the Russian chatbot Eugene Goostman passing the Turing Test for the First time

History has been made for the first time folks. This as a computer has finally passed famed Mathematician’s Alan Turing’s Test for Artificial Intelligence as stated in the article “A Computer Has Reportedly Passed Turing Test For The First Time”, published June 9, 2014 by Stephen Luntz, I Fucking Love Science.

At this point I won’t go into a history lesson as to who Alan Turing was, as that’s easy to Google and he’s quite famous, really. Turing’s Test, however, is his most important contribution to the field of Cybernetics, that is, Computer Systems designed to replace human beings in the Working World. Even more impressive is that this Test was developed at a time when most computers, such as the MARK II and ENIAC were nothing more than gigantic adding and calculation machines.

Defining human thinking is a difficult thing. So he sidestepped that issues and made it simple; fool a human in a double Blind Test that they were taking to another human by mixing up the human interrogators with the computer that was trying to pretend to be human but not revealing their identities to the interrogator. During all this time, the scientists observing the conversations would keep track of who is talking to whom.

After the interrogation, they’d be quizzed. If the interrogator was convinced he was talking to a human, yet at the time the persons was a machine, then in all purposes the machine had passed the Test and could be said to be Artificially Intelligent. To use the specific criteria of Alan Turing’s Test, he predicted that by the year 2000 the average interrogator would be sufficiently skilled to guess correctly only 70% of the time the correct identity of the persons they were interrogating during a quick five minute conversation. That meant 30% of the time, they'd get it wrong and assume that the person they were talking to was human, when in fact it was a machine.

These strict criteria would mean that the interrogator would have to be someone of the highest level of intellect and be a skilled interrogator, able to get information out of anyone, preferably a highly trained Police Interrogator. They'd be conversing over a computer terminal with the person via an IM (Instant Messaging) Platform or other media to simulate human conversation for five minutes. Also, the person they were talking to would have to be hidden in such as a manner that they'd not know if the person they're talking to was human or machine.

Easy for any skilled interrogator, but very difficult for the Average Joe online, who has to contend with 61% of conversations online being potentially with Bot Programs that can already mimic human conversation according to analyst Incapsula in my Geezam blog article entitled “61% of all Traffic on the Internet is generated by bots”.

Russians spoof Turing Test - Eugene Goostman, the 13-y-o Chatbot from Odessa, Ukraine

After 64 years of Turing Tests since the 1950’s in 2014 history was made as detailed in “Computer passes the Turing Test”, published June 9th 2014 by Rexly Penaflorida, PC Magazine. Enter the character Eugene Goostman, a chatbot designed by Russian Researcher Vladimir Vesolov and Ukranian Eugene Demchenko, their program Eugene Goostman was based on idea of a 13 year old boy who spoke very little English.

Clever design for a chatbot; effectively not only is he bad at communication, but his bi-lingualism, which would be evident during conversation, suggests to the interrogator that he'd be fairly westernized. Displaying a lack of knowledge would suggest to the interrogator that he was dealing with a fairly young person, evidence once the interrogator asked him his age and his behavior confirmed the same.

The Turing Test was conducted on Saturday June 7th 2014 at the Royal Society in London, England in front of 30 Judges. That date should have some resonance with fans of Alan Turning's work; that's his birthday and is also seven months after he had allegedly been caught having sex with another man. For this act, he had been charged with gross indecency, the penalty for which at the time was Chemical Castration.

But his test survives him and now, it's been cracked by Russian Vladimir Vesolov and Ukranian Eugene Demchenko's Eugene Goostman, who managed to deceive the 30 interrogators more than 32% of the time, quite a feat I must say. Many reading this would of course be skeptical, as obviously they'd say the researchers Russian Vladimir Vesolov and Ukranian Eugene Demchenko cheated by making such a character.

After all, if his English is bad, he'd be very difficult to talk to, making his character more believable. Worse, as the interrogator got more into the conversation, he'd realize he's talking to a kid, based on his level of knowledge, meaning that the conversation wasn't evenly matched.

Never mind the fact that the Turing Test wasn't beaten by a supercomputer, as this is human conversation over a computer terminal, not a chess match or Natural Language Communication over the phone as described in my blog article entitled IBM's Watson soon to be a Watson Engagement Advisor in Call Centers - The Internship of Ask Watson 40% faster search puts Customer Service Agents in Jeopardy at The World’s End” which IBM's Watson, despite its sophistication, would not ace. Human conversation over a computer terminal via text on a screen is something even a basic computer set up as a Server can simulate very well.

Turing Test Turned up for Natural Language - How to spot a chatbot online

You can imagine what this basically means.

The Question on the minds of many at this point is how can you tell if you’re talking to a human anymore online? Even without being fully Artificially intelligent, if a computer program can deceive a highly intelligent and skilled human interrogator, then what of the rest of us in society that casually go about our business online?

We'd basically be sitting ducks for scambots and AI's that would appear to be as human as we are. To the very gullible, they may even be able to get them to solicit personal information about themselves, even send them a link to a website that will ask them to solicit their Credit Card information after pretending to be a pretty female offering them some great financial advice.

Already, Bot programs have been known to have Social Networking profiles on Facebook, even soliciting friendship from people. Heck, they can even beat the reCAPTCHA system that's supposed to discriminate between humans and machines, a discovery made by Google Street View Research Team only recently as stated in my blog article entitled Google Street View Research indicates CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA are machine readable – Bots can take over the Earth with Refridgerator Sentinels in Days of Future Past”.

I think the next Turing Test should be done in Natural Language, such as English or Spanish. That way, it’s not only raising the Bar for the Turing Test, but test how well how Natural Language based AI’s have come along.

We already have Real-Time Translation of Voice Conversations no on offer by Microsoft’s Skype Translator as described in my blog article entitled Microsoft Launches Skype Translator – Star Trek Universal Translator to foster Real-Time Global Village against WhatsApp”. So it shouldn’t be hard to develop a version of the Turing Test that involves actually speaking to someone in a Natural Language over Skype and seeing if it can beat the Turing Test under those conditions.

In the meantime, fancy your chances against Eugene Goostman? Then click on his name in my blog article or just go to the link as shown below:

Digicel blocks VoIP Services Viber, Nimbuzz in Haiti - Lost International Calling Revenue as WhatsApp rises

“This is currently the case only for Haiti but we are actively considering our options in other countries.  It's important to point out that VoIP services by their nature are network intensive and given priority in terms of delivery across the network - which in turn means that other customers' browsing will be impacted”

Head of Communications for the Digicel Group, Antonia Graham during an interview with the Jamaica Gleaner

It was only a matter of time as I’ve long suspected. Telecom Provider Digicel has blocked VoIP Services Viber and Nimbuzz in Haiti as reported in “Digicel mulls banning Viber, other 'unlicensed' VoIP services in Jamaica”, Published Sunday June 29, 2014 by Richard Browne, Business Reporter, The Jamaica Gleaner.

Now they’ve blocked all VoIP Apps in Jamaica on all smartphones as reported in “Digicel blocks unlicensed VOIP services”, published Sun June 29, 2014, RJR News and carried exclusively on Kelroy's blog article on Geezam entitled “Digicel blocks “unlicensed” Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services”.

According to Head of Communications for the Digicel Group, Antonia Graham in an interview with The Jamaica Gleaner, they’re activities are not paid for and they’re negatively impacting on their 4G Mobile Traffic, quote: “Unlicensed VoIP operators like Viber and Nimbuzz use Telecoms Networks to deliver their services, but they do not pay any money for the privilege”.

Digicel also claims, rather falsely, that it impacts on their Data Bandwidth based on the statement at the top of the page. This isn’t true, as VoIP Calls, just like a Voice Call, use no more than 64Kbps of Bandwidth at any given time; it’s mainly Video Calling that may Tax the Network, being as more Bandwidth is needed to carry BOTH Voice and Video simultaneously.

Plus, it’s good to note that they’d started upgrades to their Network in anticipation of the 4G LTE Network launch ion the next 18 months counting from April 2014 as described in my blog article entitled “Digicel to invest US$85 million in 4G LTE Network - 25% of Total revenue from ICT as 4G LTE Investments designed to weather the coming Summer WhatsApp Storm”.

So they should be able to handle the Traffic, as they have the Bandwidth to handle the additional traffic. So this reason isn’t true. It rather has to do with bypass. They have taken action to protect their revenue stream from lucrative International calling to USA, Canada and the UK.

Digicel losing International Calling Revenue – Set to get worse once WhatsApp comes onto the Scene

However, the real reason is that they’re losing revenue from International Calling as described in my Geezam blog article entitled “How to set up an International Calling Plan for Digicel or LIME Prepaid and Postpaid”. Thus Telecom Provider Digicel invoked the section of the newly minted Telecommunications Act of 2012 and took action to protect this lucrative revenue base.

Especially as it provides the money that allows them to pay the mandatory Tax Levy to USF (Universal Service Fund) that’s used to fund Community Access Points) for Internet Access as stated in “Phone companies, beware!”, published Monday, April 28, 2014, The Jamaica Observer.

Once you have any of these apps, WhatsApp or even the Free Calls with Magicjack App as described in my blog article entitled “How to make Free USA and Canada Calls with Free Calls with Magicjack - MagicJack Stock buoyed by the coming of WhatsApp to VoIP Calling to Mobile and Landlines”, you can effectively bypass Telecom Provider Digicel Voice Network by avoiding having to purchase an International Calling Plan and make US and Canada Calls like crazy.

The only persons who’d use International Calling Plans from Telecom Provider Digicel would be persons calling countries outside these two, such as England. Jamaicans are notorious for not wanting to pay for International Calling, even if it’s just a few cents per minute or costs US$19.99 per year for a Calling Subscription using their PayPal Account, CIBC VISA Debit Card or Scotia VISA Debit Card as described in my Geezam blog article entitled “How to use Scotia VISA Debit Card Online”.

Worse, both Telecom Provider have an even more serious problem; Inbound International Calling Bypass being perpetrated by Americans who possess Mobile phones that have Digicel or LIME SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) as described in my blog article entitled “How US$1 Billion is lost from the USF and Telecoms Tax via Inbound International Calling Bypass - LIME, Digicel and Network Engineer French Connection”.

So with improvements to their Backhaul Network coming, it would suggest that they’d be in a position handle the Traffic, now if not in the next 18 months. Ditto for Haiti and other Territories that Digicel operates in the Caribbean. After all, Telecom Provider LIME charges only JA$1.99 to call any UK, Canada and UK landline. And with WhatsApp coming by the end of June 2014 as described in my blog article entitled “WhatsApp VoIP Calling in Second Quarter of 2014 - WhatsApp kills International Calling at the Advent of Facetime-eqsue Premium Video VoIP Calling on smartphones”, they won’t have a choice either way.

Most likely this measure is temporary, as they’ll have to eventually give them [VoIP Operators] free reign. Otherwise, customers will start to defect to the other Networks in their respective territories where they’ve banned these VoIP Calling Apps, especially as 4G LTE should allow persons more bandwidth in the first place to mitigate against these “Unlicensed VoIP operators”!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

US$300 Freewavz Earphones by Dr. Hensen - Bluetooth Hands-Free Headset that's a Fitness Trackers as you Nod Your Head to Music

“In the operating room, I can’t have errors when my patients are asleep. “I need to know what they’re doing all the time. So I took this particular technology, and applied it to what we’re doing. A through-the-tissue Approach is more accurate. This is the same way we do it in the OR. We’re measuring blood flow and oxygen that’s bound—or, in this case, not bound—to hemoglobin.”

Dr. Eric Hensen, ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) and Freewavz Inventor in a conversation with TechHive Writer, Jon Phillips on Tuesday June 24th 2014

Wearables seem to want to take over all of your senses! Their earlier incarnations were mostly in the form of Fitness Trackers such as the Fitbit Force, the Jawbone Up24 and the Nike Fuelband SE as described in my Geezam blog article entitled “Caribbean rides the Fitness Craze as Nike Fuelband SE making Apple iPhone users healthier”.

Worn mainly on the wrist, they were fairly standard in both their wireless interface via Bluetooth 4.0 with smartphones and Tablets (mainly Apple) to communicate the various Health Metrics they collected on your every activity from running to even Yoga! 

Now, they've slowly crawling up your elbows and straight to your brain. at least, that what seems to be happening with the latest Kickstarter project, Freewavz Earphones, which double as both Music to your Ears and Fitness Tracker as stated in “FreeWavz wireless Earphones use medical-style sensors to record heart rate data”, published Jun 24, 2014 3:15 AM by Jon Phillips, Techhive.

Started Monday June 23rd 2014, this kickstarter as of Wednesday June 25th 2014 has 141 backers who've so far pledged US$$25,021. Their ambition goal is a lofty US$300,000 and has to be achieved in the next 42 days as this kickstarter ends on Thursday, August 7th 2014 7:05 AM EST. The US$300 Freewavz Earphones is expected to start delivering pairs of their nifty earbuds by October 2014.

So far, with only two (2) days gone, they've already reached a little under 10% of that target, suggesting that at this pace, they'll hit their goal in the next twenty (20) days. Thus it's not a blockbuster like other kickstarters I've written about, such as my most recent article on the US$149 PocketScan Document Scanner as stated in my blog article entitled “The PocketScan surpasses US$50,000 on Kickstarter – Scanning the World of Images on Sweep at a Time”, but it’s headed in the right direction, one US$1 at a time!

So what makes the Freewavz Earphones stand out so much that I’d write about it? After all, it isn’t unique as there’s the LG Heart Rate Headphones that sports similar features as described in “LG Heart Rate Earphones review: a fitness wearable with good sound and accurate data”, published Jun 2, 2014 4:30 AM by Jon Phillips, Techhive.

For one, the Inventor himself, Dr. Eric Hensen, is an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat), someone who you'd think would be loaded with cash and thus have the wherewithal to make this project on his own or even get a loan from his bank to fund this project. That leads to the next reason, being as much of the technology that the Freewavz Earphones is also found in the very same medical equiptment that this doctor works with on a daily basis.

Counting Blood Cells as you Nod Your Head with this Bluetooth Hands-Free Headset

The Freewavz Earphones which weighs less than 1.5 oz each has enough battery charge for 6 to 8 hours of continuous usage. At that weight, it'll be as unnoticeable as a pair of Sunglasses and they won't fall off, no matter how strenuous your workout gets. The Freewavz Earphones incorporates a 3-axis accelerometer in each pair of Freewavz Earphones combined with your phone's GPS to sense how fast you’re going.

Combined with the Pulse Oximeter Sensor, also in each Freewavz Earphones, to count heartbeats by counting the change in luminosity of a small LED Laser light shone through the earlobe, the Freewavz Earphones tracks the following metrics:

1.      Calories (subject to movement)
2.      Current time
3.      Distance
4.      Duration of Exercise
5.      Heart rate
6.      O2 saturation

According to Dr. Eric Hensen, the Pulse Oximeter Sensor is the same standard device used in hospitals to keep track of the heart-rate of patients when they're sleeping and is tried and tested technology. In fact, it's as accurate as an EEG (Electro-Encephalo Graph) monitor placed on your chest.

These Fitness Metrics are being constantly relayed to your smartphone which most likely will be strapped to your arm or within 30 m while you exercise. Even better, as your exercise, the Freewavz Earphones will echo your Fitness Metrics through your Earphones, making reaching for your smartphone to check your Freewavz App unnecessary.

The Freewavz Earphones work like any high-fidelity Earphones, sporting some neat add-on only an ENT would cook up in his spare time. For one, it has a feature called Environmental Listen-Through that allows you to keep an Ear on the road while you focus on your exercise routine. Basically what this is really two (2) sets of microphones that are oriented to listen to ambient noise from your surroundings.

The first set are positioned just below the Ear closer to the mouth and are main for the user to issue hands-free Voice Commands to their Bluetooth connected smartphones. The second set of microphones is just above the Ear buds and is positioned to hear the surrounding environment and come into play if you’re jogging or exercising outdoors. Using your smartphone, you can adjust the ratio of Music to Environmental Listen Through for each Freewavz Earphones separately as follows:

1.      75% music, 25% listen-through
2.      50% music, 50% listen-through
3.      25% music, 75% listen-through
4.      0% music, 100% listen-through

In fact they're so independent, that if you and a friend are working out, you can listen to your music on one Earphone while the friend, once they're within 30m, can listen on the other Earphone. In fact, each fitness fanatic can use each Freewavz Earphones separately on their own smartphones, once they've downloaded the App and programmed it with their unique profiles. Why would you share an Earphone with ANY friend, I have no idea, but this is a great way for husbands and wives to work together or separately while still maintaining the team vibe!

Aside from sporting Independent Left/Right Volume Control & Equalizers (like any pair of Headphones!), it also has built in Ear Safeguards that prevent your ears being exposed to sound above a certain level, thus preventing damage to the Inner Ear. Additionally, you can have the Freewavz Earphones voice your Fitness Metrics through your Earphones, removing the need to reach for your smartphone to tap that App and pull up the data.

Even more interesting, it doubles as a Bluetooth Hands-Free Headset, allowing you to make and receive phone calls even while your music is on full blast and you're jogging or doing other strenuous exercise that you normal make you miss those important calls. This combined with their snug hard-to-shake-off fit makes the Freewavz Earphones have near perfect sound delivery for a pair of US$300 Earphones that just a little cheaper than $449 high-end Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones.

So, got US$300 burning a hole in your pocket? If you order one now from the Freewavz Earphones Kickstarter , you can end up giving the Freewavz Earphones by Dr. Hensen as a unique gift to the Fitness Fanatic in your Life.

Check the Link below to join

WalMart Sale on Apple iPhone 5S and 5C - Apple iPhone 6 expected in September 2014 and is worth its weight in Gold and Sapphires

The Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5C are now on sale at WalMart as of Friday June 27th 2014 as stated in “Walmart to cut iPhone 5C and 5S prices on Friday”, published June 26, 2014 4:39 PM PDT, by Dara Kerr, CNET News and “Walmart slashes prices of Apple iPhone 5S and 5C”, published June 28, 2014 By Doreen Christensen, Sun Sentinel.

The sale is really only of significance to Americans, but it falls into the pattern we’ve all come to know about Apple as I’d predicted successful with the help of All Things Digital in Geezam blog entitled “Apple’s Golden Dragon iPhone 5S and C for Caring iPhone 5C may be coming on Tuesday September 10th 2013” . The planned Price discount is slated to start at 9am EST on Friday June 27th 2014 at WalMart is truly a beauty to behold, if you’re an Apple fan on a 2-Year contract from Sprint or AT&T of course:

1.      US$99 iPhone 5S 16GB down from US$149
2.      US$29 iPhone 5C 16GB down from US$49

The price drop at WalMart coincides with an earlier price drop in May 2014 by Best Buy for the Apple iPhone as detailed inBest Buy offers $200 iPhone trade-in credit”, published by Lance Whitney, CNET News where users could trade in their older model Apple iPhones for a new Apple iPhone 5S or Apple iPhone 5C at cut-rate prices.

To wit:

1.      US$100 for the Apple iPhone 5S
2.      US$50 for the Apple iPhone 5C

Based on the launch of the launch of the Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5C as described in my blog article entitled “Apple has launched the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C on Tuesday September 10th 2013 - Apple iPhone Strategy is to Go Global to beat Samsung”, the Apple iPhone 6 is expected to launch on Tuesday September 9th 2014.

Now I won’t go into the rumours about a bigger screen as that’s not coming. Bur one rumour is for sure though; it’s gonna be a Sapphire screen as I’d predicted in my blog article entitled “Apple and GT Advanced Crystal Technologies building Sapphire Plant in Arizona – Arizona people working to coat Apple iPhone in Unbreakable Sapphire with possible Jamaican Bauxite Industry Revival coming”.

This is the main innovation that, by itself, without any other specs being mentioned, makes the Apple iPhone worth its weight in Gold and in Sapphires. Consider this article a start on my coming series on what to expect from Apple. Stay tuned to my blog as I delve deeper into what to expect from Apple in the next few weeks!