My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: March 2019

Sunday, March 24, 2019

How Jamaicans can get great Summer products from Samsung

Samsung is known primarily for their smartphone. So what does Samsung have that good for the Easter that is not a smartphone? This article will attempt to partial answer that question.

Easter Gifts form Samsung - QLED TV

First on the list we placed the television selected by Times magazine as one of the “best inventions of 2018”, the 4K QLED as explained in Samsung new QLED TV 2018 Television Lineup features Bixby and Ambient Mode.
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This recognition highlights features such as its “Ambient Mode” option that mimics the TV with the wall and “Invisible Connection” that eliminates annoying cables and concentrates them in an ingenious box.

Samsung's new line of 4K QLED models features 'Ambient Mode' that shows works of art, weather reports or personal photos when not in use. The QLED TV 2018 includes the models: Q9F (75 "), Q8C (55", 65 "), Q7F (55", 75 "), and Q6F (55", 65 ").

Easter Gifts form Samsung - Galaxy Watch

For those who love being fit and stay connected at the same time, there are Samsung wearables. If you want to train and monitor all your movements in a modern way, your best ally will be a smartwatch. Galaxy Watch, the latest smartwatch from Samsung, evolved into a watch that can act as a personal trainer, monitoring around 39 different activities, measuring stress and monitoring sleep, among other functions.
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The enhanced battery life of Galaxy Watch of up to more than 80 hours eliminates the need for daily charging and helps consumers keep up with their busy schedule. Samsung’s signature circular bezel and rotating design, it’s more than an aesthetic.
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It’s an intuitive way to control your watch. You can choose between two different sizes, a large number of straps and over 60,000 watch faces from the Galaxy Apps Store. The Galaxy Watch has a high-res AMOLED display with an integrated touch function. It has military grade durability, and Corning® Gorilla® DX-plus glass for added strength and scratch resistance.

Easter Gifts form Samsung - Soundbar NW700

Nowadays, televisions give you excellent audio quality. However, there are elements that contribute to improving the experience as a spectator, such as the Samsung soundbar, which allow you to enjoy a wonderful sound system when watching the games of the day, movies or series.

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For example, the Samsung NW700 model is the ideal choice as a perfect complement to your TV, this due to its features and easy installation. This sound system has seven speakers that move simultaneously, providing clear sound and powerful bass.

Thanks to the modern wide-range tweeter that the NW700 soundbar has, you can experience the same audio quality no matter where in your room you are.

Easter Gifts form Samsung - Black Edition

A new kitchen for Easter just in time for Summer Bar-b-Q is a gift that will surprise a wife, a mother or a newly married couple. Through its Black Edition collection - composed by refrigerators, microwave ovens and washing machines - Samsung opted for an innovative design trend using black, printing in its creations the elegance and sobriety that stylize the home spaces.

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The Samsung Black Edition series gives a sophisticated touch through steel lines that magnify a metallic texture. In addition, it has fingerprint coatings to avoid excessive marks and ensure a surface that can be easily cleaned.

Easter Gifts form Samsung - Hot Blast

The microwave oven is the right hand in any modern kitchen.

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With Samsung Hot Blast microwave oven, the gift will be more than perfect because not only will it become a useful tool in the kitchen, but also the consumption of energy will stop being a concern at the time of cooking.

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You can follow a balanced diet by preparing different dishes in the microwave, and also save up to 40% energy consumption without having to unplug it, thanks to its ECO mode function.

Easter Gifts form Samsung - Wind-Free

Have a very cool Easter and Summer with the best cooling technology without increase your electricity bill. From now on you can save up to 65% of electricity consumption while maintaining the ideal temperature at home without the need to turn the equipment on and off constantly.

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Wind-Free ™ technology is one of the most outstanding innovations as explained in Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioners is Cooling without the Breeze.

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After reaching the desired temperature with Fast Cooling mode, it maintains the ideal temperature without any direct airflow, dispersing cold air through micro-holes for a natural cooling effect, thanks to Wind-Free technology ™.