Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Apple iPhone 4S Taking a bite out of Christmas 2011AD Android Sales - Google Android Fragmentation is Avril Lavange Complicated

With the increasing popularity of the Apple iPhone 4S thanks to Siri Voice Assistant and a much improved iOS, it is no surprise that they are taking away Blackberry and Android customers according to CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) statistics in the article “iPhone 4S wooing lots of Android, BlackBerry users”, published January 24, 2012 5:44 AM PST by Lance Whitney, CNET News.

CIRP’s Survey was based on an initial list of six thousand three hundred and sixteen (6,316) responses which was condensed and distilled down to three hundred and sixty five (365) respondents who specifically purchase an Apple iPhone 4S in October, November, or December of 2011AD.

The stats are telling for the Christmas 2011AD period:

  • 50% of the BlackBerry upgraded to the Apple iPhone 4S
  • 39% from an Google Android OS smartphone
  • 10% percent from a Palm device.
  • 21% are coming form feature phones or are new smartphone buyers

The statistics among the Apple iPhone owners reveals more about the mindset of the typical Apple-lover:

  • 89% percent of the iPhone owners surveyed own an Apple iPhone 4S
  • 43% percent of all iPhone 4S buyers are upgrades from older Apple iPhone models.
  • 42% percent of iPhone 4S buyers broke an existing contract to get the Apple iPhone 4S
  • 21% percent of Apple iPhone 4S buyers opted for the 64GB edition.

So this backs up the statistics of Nielsen as laid out in the following article:

In these articles, Nielsen posits that the Apple iPhone 4S running on iOS took away sales from Google Android OS as indicated in the below graph and stats:

  • Apple iOS marketshare in the Fourth Quarter of 2011AD moved from 25.1% October 2011AD to 44.5% percent by December 2011AD, a significant increase of 19.4%
  • Google Android’s market share, in the Fourth Quarter of 2011AD fell from 61.6% October 2011AD to 46.9% percent by December 2011AD, a significant drop of 14.7%

Right now things just got Avril Lavinge Complicated for Google Android, whose loss to Apple can only be blamed on Fragmentation issues within Google Android OS that have long dogged the platform as noted in my blog article entitled “Apple iPhone and Hardware Quality - The Count of Monte Cristo Hard Knock Life”.

This fragmentation issue and the problems it creates has even reached the where an otherwise excellent OS often ported on sub-par hardware [read “less durable”]  earning the ire of CNET News Editor Molly Wood in her rant entitled “Dear android: This is you last chance”, published October 14, 2011 4:43 PM PDT by Molly Wood, CNET News.

Truly the Apple iPhone 4S has been a success greater than could have been anticipated, despite not being the much anticipated Apple iPhone 5 as suggested in my blog article entitled “Apple iPhone 4S is a hit and the Apple iPod may get an upgrade - Steve Jobs Opus Major”. Meanwhile the Apple iPhone 4GS beckons as predicted in my blog article entitled “Apple iPhone 4S to debut in China and Caribbean on Friday January 13 2012 - LIME gives Jamaica the Best of Both Worlds”.
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