My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Why Investments by China needed for the Developement of Brand Jamaica

Friday, July 16, 2010

Why Investments by China needed for the Developement of Brand Jamaica

Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey
Where wealth accumulates, and men decay

Goldsmith, The Deserted Village

In my blog article entitled “Chinese in Broadcasting - Investment in Jamaica to reach the USA”, John Public pointed out the various pushes that the People’s Republic of China have been making into Jamaica from an investment point of view

The People’s Republic of China’s aim to not only gain access to raw materials needed for production back home in China but also for production and export to the United States of America, their long term goal. Jamaica is the perfect launching pad for export, which would explain their US$6 billion investment in the relocation of Tinson Pen and VernamField Aerodromes.

The development of the railway specifically for the transshipment of goods and services between the aerodromes and Kingston Wharves as stated in the article “CHINESE WANT KINGSTON WHARVES” published Monday, March 08, 2010 by Paul Henry Observer staff reporter, The Jamaica Observer  negotiated by Senator Karl Samuda, Minister of Commerce.
The invitation of Chinese broadcasters present in the delegation from China Radio International and China Central Television to set up shop in Jamaica and broadcast Chinese language programming. This most likely will be paid for by Chinese Merchants selling wares directly to Jamaicans, as we already consume all of their products.

All part of cementing our nearly thirty eight (38) year diplomatic relationship with the People’s Republic of China as stated in the article “Chinese media proposal troubles local interest group”, published: Tuesday  April 6, 2010, The Jamaica Gleaner.

Much to the chagrin of the Management of the Big Three (3) Broadcasters, RJR Communications Group, CVM Communications Group and LOVE TV/Radio, who are rattling their sabers as it relates to being kept in the dark and the state of libel laws. These are distractive and side issues that make them blissfully unaware of the Grand Master Plan: all of this investment is the beginning of the Rebuilding and Development of Brand Jamaica.

Realistically, the Management of these Companies are typical of the Private Sector companies, who as Jesus H. Christ, the Vybz Kartel or Mavado of the Bible, asserts are “lovers of money and lovers of themselves”.

They expect their Markets and customer base to be protected at all time via their political connections and friendships with the Government. They do not realize that with the current Recession, efficiency in operation from an engineering point of view and not artificial profits by increasing their advertising via new Media content is the way towards increased profitability and survival in the Global Space, where there is more Dogs than Bone.

Well, news flash for them: People’s Republic of China is now in advanced negotiations to purchase sugar and its estates as stated in the article “Gov't seals sugar deal with Chinese firm”, published Saturday, July 31, 2010 BY PATRICK FOSTER, Observer Writer, The Jamaica Observer, a follow-on, pardon the cricket pun if you will, from a previous newspaper article “Sugar Rush”, published Wednesday July 4th 2010, The Jamaica Gleaner and confirmed by the article “Sweet China Deal”, published Wednesday July 4th 2010, , by Alicia Dunkley, Senior Staff Reporter, The Jamaica Observer

Also Coffee as stated in the article “Gov’t signs US$148-m coffee deal with Chinese entities”, published Wednesday July 4th 2010, by Patrick Foster, Observer Writer, The Jamaica Observer and confirmed by the article “A Coffee Break for Ja”, published Wednesday July 4th 2010, The Jamaica Gleaner and Rice as stated in the article “Doing it the Rice Way”, published Wednesday July 4th 2010, The Jamaica Gleaner and confirmed by the article “Jamaica signs coffee supply deal with Chinese Firm”, published Wednesday July 4th 2010, The Jamaica Observer

All praises to Senator Dr. Christopher Tufton, Minister of Agriculture and fisheries, who has made Agriculture exciting again………albeit a bit of news about Spring Plain in Clarendon would be nice. To the Big Three (3) Broadcasters, read a Newspaper today, as the Newspaper companies already being saved.

This, ironically by their arch Nemesis and commonly use computer platform for publishing:

1.      Apple in the form of the Apple iPad
2.      Sony and their eReader
3.      Barnes and Noble Nook and
4.      Amazon Kindle, the most notable of all and the device that started it all.

As for the Big Three (3) Broadcasters, their respective Managements energies should be focused more on achieving operational efficiencies. This by  working closely with the Government of Jamaica agency charged with Broadcasting oversight, that being the Broadcasting Commission, to achieve DSO (Digital Switch Over) as stated in the article Slow road to digital switch-over  - Cable groups mum; Flow ahead but network coverage behind”, published: Saturday  August 15, 2009 by Mark Titus, Gleaner Writer, The Jamaica Gleaner.

Good examples abound in Web Broadcasters such as CNET, the Technology Broadcaster for Silicon Valley out of San Francisco being a clear example of the benefits of WebTV, podcasting and efficient, low cost, high value online broadcasting and Technology Journalism.

Hulu, the News Corp., General Electric Co.'s, NBC Universal, Walt Disney Co. and Providence Equity Partners Alliance to push content via its originally free portal, now pay television as stated in the article “Hulu launches US$10 video subscription service”, published Tuesday June 29 2010 by RYAN NAKASHIMA, AP Business Writer, Yahoo News.

DSO is now progressing smoothly in United Kingdom, with Analog Television sets a thing of the past as the United Kingdom marches slowly towards DSO as stated in the article “End of the line for analogue TV's”, published Wednesday July 7th 2010, BBC News.

For the record, the People’s Republic of China is the major manufacturer of low cost, high value retail goods globally, thus broadcasting being paid for by Chinese Companies to advertise their wares in Jamaica along with Chinese language programming is economically viable in the long term.

In that same blog article John Public also speculated on the Chinese getting into the Energy Sector and Telecoms Sector as well. This based on reports of advanced talks by Chinese firm CHALCO to purchase the Noranda Portfolio consisting of bauxite Companies owned by the Government of Jamaica.

Their intention is to build a LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) pipeline, stated in the article “Noranda Bauxite targeted for aquisition”, published Wednesday April 14th 2010, Business Section, The Jamaica Gleaner. Hopefully this’ll be inclusive of the JAMALCO and its related alumina Mines inclusive of Breadnut Valley and Halse Hall.

In terms of Telecoms sector, there is an anecdotal report suggesting that a Chinese company is in the process of negotiating rent timeshare [hosting space] in LIME Exchanges. This for the purpose of providing a competitive Municipal Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11n) Network to even local entrants such as Dekal Wireless!

In my eyes it would be easier to just purchase Dekal Wireless and expand the company, as they are indeed the Shadow of the Empire, the Empire alluding to the proliferation of Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11n) enabled devices as elucidated in my blog article entitled “CLARO and the coming of Municipal Wi-Fi - Shadows of the Empire”.

If Energy Sector Liberalization were to be achieved tomorrow, do not be surprised if the Chinese were also in line along with the other FDI (Foreign Direct Investors) in Jamaica, now jostling for a piece of the Energy Sector pie.

This is evident by recent developments such as Energy Storage by Greek shipping magnate Aegean Marine Petroleum US$20 million expansion plans for the construction of fuel bunkers on land to store MGO (Marine Gas Oil) and MFO (Marine Fuel Oil) as stated in the article “US$20M more to Bunker - Greek firm investment in Jamaica storage facility”, published Wednesday, April 07, 2010 BY CAMILO THAME, The Jamaica Observer

The US$6 billion dollar Refinery being constructed by Mexican Petroleum interest PEMEX (Petroleos Mexicanos) “Mexico's new refinery to take shape this year, published Thursday April 1st 2010, by Nadisha Hunter, Gleaner Writer, The Jamaica Gleaner is also another example of our still dependence on Oil. There is also an apparent rush decision as evidenced by the mysteriously and hastily commissioned  two (2) week restoration of a 15-foot statue named El Atlante de Tula by Mexican Ambassador to Jamaica, Leonora Rueda.

The Government of Jamaica recent sale of its 2% stake in PCJ (Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica) shares to the Government of Venezuela now at 51% and hence controlling rights as stated in the article “Venezuelans to the Rescue - 2% deal gives PVDSA afflilate majority ownership”, published Friday April 30 2010, Mark Titus, Business Reporter, The Jamaica Gleaner.

Ironically this comes on the heels of the Venezuelan Government discovery of oil and a massive gas field off the coast of Venezuela by PVDSA (Petroleos de Venezuela SA) as stated in the article “Venezuela taps Natural gas super well”, published Tuesday March 30th2010, The Daily Gleaner ,AP, The Jamaica Gleaner. Additionally Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP) has also been getting into the game as stated in the article “JEP lands power deal”, published Friday April 9, 2010, the Friday Financial Gleaner, The Jamaica Gleaner.

This increases their Power Plant capacity on land, effectively repositioning them to supply more power and possibly to be able to take advantage of the coming supplies of LNG from either the Twin Island People’s Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. This was the plan by then Prime Minister Patrick Manning, leader of the ruling PNM (People’s National Movement) in 2009 as stated in the article LMG for Jamaica a National Priority - Manning”, published Friday June 26, 2009, The Friday Gleaner, by Linda Hutchinson-Jafar, Business Writer, The Jamaica Gleaner.

This is ironic as now that there has been a change of Government in the Twin Island People’s Republic of Trinidad and Tobago with the installment of their first female Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar, leader of the UNC (United National Congress).

The reasons for the change of tune from the Government of Twin Island People’s Republic of Trinidad and Tobago are still related to the potential threat of Middle East and Far East Oil and Natural Gas Producers, inclusive of the People’s Republic of China. Natural Gas [LNG] is merely a by-product that they can sell for little or nothing.

They now have begun capturing and liquefying at the wellhead at prices competitive to our CARICOM Neighbor as stated in the article Rivalry sends Trinidad in search of new LNG Markets”, published Saturday, July 4, 2009, The Saturday Gleaner, by Linda Hutchinson-Jafar, Business Writer, The Jamaica Gleaner.

The People’s Republic of China are indeed loaded with “crazy money” and it is getting people, especially the Management of the respective Sugar Cane entities that are a part of the Divestment process a little “punch drunk” as Chairman of the All Islands Cane Farmers Association, Allan Rickards stoutly asserted in an interview on “Smile Jamaica”, aired July 16th 2010, Television Jamaica.

I, John Public, had observed at Telecom Provider CLARO in 2008 when they had just started up. Ditto that observation at C&W in 2003 when they also were just re-launching their GSM network in 2003. Money it seems John Public must conclude by paraphrasing a popular quotation in American colloquial English “makes a Man act funny”.

It appears we have not seen the end of the buying spree of the People’s Republic of China, as John Public ends this commentary, as the only things left for them to buy is interests in Tourism, Water and Manufacturing Facilities, so as to be able to turn Jamaica into a Manufacturing mecca.

All of which hinge on cheaper energy supplies from the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS Co.) and Senator James Robertson, Minister of Energy and Mining and his ambitious plans to go LNG as stated in the article “Government eyes LNG cure for Energy problems”, published Wednesday June 16 2010 by Laura Redpath, Senior Staff Writer, The Jamaica Gleaner.

Senator James Robertson, Minister of Energy and Mining has support from the United States of America in the form of Ernest Moniz, Director of the prestigious Engineering Institute, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

In a recently published Time Magazine article Ernest Moniz is also batting for LNG’s usage to wean America off a dependence on Foreign Oil from the Middle East, the Far East and the People’s Republic of China as stated in the article “Fuel of the future?”, published Sunday July 4 2010 by Dwight Bellanfante, Gleaner Writer, The Sunday Gleaner.

Thus, Water Sector Liberalization is also needed along with Energy Sector Liberalization, MNP (Mobile Number Portability) and the ongoing fight against organized Crime island wide. This in a bid to encourage the growth and investment in the Tourism Sector and other Sectors of the Economy during this seven (7) years of Famine [Recession]!

It is only via a Social Partnership with Private Sector and with the University of the West Indies for Research and assistance from FDI’s such as the People’s Republic of China can Jamaica find the financial wherewithal to rebuild and promote the Development of Brand Jamaica.

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