My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How to reset and change your FLOW Jamaica Arris Modem Wireless Network Name and Password

Sunday, May 21, 2017

How to reset and change your FLOW Jamaica Arris Modem Wireless Network Name and Password

If you have cable service from FLOW Jamaica, chances are you have one of these modems.

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However, you may eventually need to change the login and password, especially if you live in a neighborhood where everybody has FLOW as their Internet provider.

This is because during installation, the FLOW Contractors use the same exact SSID (Server Set Identifier) or default Network name and password, especially when they have a lot of them to install.

Good to note here the default login and password for a FLOW modem is as follows:

1.      Login: admin
2.      Password: password

Free Internet, man!!!

Armed with this knowledge, the kids in your neighborhoods will begin using your Wi-Fi. Thus you may be wondering why they would sit or stand in one spot for so long!!!! They’re using your free Wi-Fi Internet!

So you may need to change your default password and get the freeloaders who may be slowing down your FLOW...get it....FLOW?!

Why Reset your Arris Wireless modem Password - Lasco Ice Dream Ice Cream helps

Resetting the password back to the default is a very useful technique for accessing the modem to change the password to a more secure one, especially if you have forgotten the password in the first place....but the whole neighborhood of freeloading children remembers!!!

Before you do this procedure, I’d suggest that you make some Lasco Ice Dream Ice Cream  as described in my MICO Wars blog article entitled “How to make soft-serve Lasco Ice Dream Ice Cream in 15 minutes” while you do this procedure!!

How to reset the Arris modem to default password - Paper Clip required

The procedure is literally mindless really, requiring only a laptop, an ethernet cable and a paperclip:

On the back of the modem, there is a hole located near the left side

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Press and hold the button for approximately 15 seconds using a paperclip or toothpick (who rally has a toothpick anyway?) to perform a factory reset of the Arris Wireless Modem.

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You can then locate your modem by searching for a Wi-Fi router that has “C” followed by a string of numbers as it's SSID.

But you need to change the password, as “admin” as your login and “password” as your password is a little too easy to guess. So at this point some Cinnamon Excelsior Water Crackers may be required!!!

How to change the SSID and password - Wireless Arris Modem made almost unhackable

Changing the SSID Name to something no one could imagine is your Wireless Network Name and adding in an alphanumeric password is an excellent way to keep those pesky children from freeloading from your Wi-Fi

The procedure is fairly simple to master. First connect your Laptop directly to the Wireless Arris Modem via an Ethernet Cable.

Then enter the URL in the address bar.

Enter admin in the User Name field; Enter password in the Password field. Then click Apply to enter the console, which should look like as shown below:

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Choose Basic Setup and enter the Wireless Network Name or SSID of your choice. If you see Wireless 2.4 GHz and Wireless  5 GHz frequencies, for each enter the SSID and passwords of your choice, preferably a very long 15 digit alphanumeric password i.e. letters and number!

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Click Apply and then disconnect the modem and restart the modem by powering it off and powering it on again. Your laptop should now pick up the new SSID and your password should be unbreakable!!!

Sharing is caring so share this bit of information with as many of your FLOW Internet friends as possible.

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