My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How Jamaicans can setup and activate ReadyTV Box

Sunday, March 4, 2018

How Jamaicans can setup and activate ReadyTV Box

As many Jamaicans may have heard, ReadyTV is making plans to expand islandwide in June 2018, just in time for Summer as noted in my Geezam blog entitled “How ReadyTV will go National in June 2018 to reach Montego Bay and Manchester”. 

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With a single tower in Coopers Hill, St Andrew, they’ve managed to supply service to the following parishes:

1.      Kingston
2.      St Catherine
3.      Clarendon
4.      St Ann
5.      Parts of St Mary
6.      Hills of Manchester

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That's 35% of Jamaica with two (2) more transmitters in the following areas:

1.      Flower Hill, St James
2.      Huntley tower in Manchester

This would extend their reach to the Western and central part of Jamaica to cover the following parishes:

1.      St Ann
2.      Clarendon
3.      Trelawny
4.      St Elizabeth

Their prepaid cable subscription model is also a part of the attraction, with 10 free digital cable channels as I'd pointed out in my Geezam Wars blog article entitled “ReadyTV’s prepaid cable TV comes with 10 free digital TV channels 

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So how does their service work?

How ReadyTV Service Works - The Installation

ReadyTV's Technicians come to your home and based on your location, they determine if you can get coverage from their tower. Three options exist as listed in the table below:

Delivery Method
Additional Information
Home Delivery
Within 24 hours
Kingston, Portmore & Spanish Town
$900. The cost of the box is not included.
$1800 in other areas.
Home Delivery & Installation
48 hours
Kingston, Portmore & Spanish Town
$2500. The cost of the box and outdoor antenna is not included. 
$4000 in other areas within 48 hours.
Installation Service Only
4 hours (Premium Service)
Premium service in Kingston, Portmore & Spanish Town
$4000 in 4 hours $2500 within 24 hours
 $3500 for Standard Installation for other areas

The $4,000 setup cost is far cheaper than any cable company on the market and you get 10 free channels; eight local and two overseas. While your Prepaid TV Starter Pack includes a basic indoor antenna to help get you started, and outdoor antenna to optimize your viewing experience is highly recommended. 

An outdoor antenna will overcome most signal interference issues you might encounter, including:

1.      Distance from our broadcast tower
2.      Obstructed lines of sight
3.      Hilly terrains
4.      Buildings or environmental factors

There are many types of powered and unpowered UHF outdoor antennas that will work with your digital box. Always check the manufacturer’s label to ensure the antenna covers the UHF 470-862MHz frequency range.  

Coverage is not a guarantee from their one Tower in Cooper's Hill so call 1-888-429-5RTV (788) to find out if we have coverage in your area.

So now on to the packages!!!!

How ReadyTV Service Works - The Packages

Subscribers have a choice of one of five (5) packages of 33 channels each:

1.      ReadySTART
2.      ReadySET
3.      ReadyGo
4.      ReadyWIN
5.      ReadyMax

Please see the ReadyTV brochure for more details on the Packages and their codes.

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The cost of packages depends on how long the subscriber wishes to enjoy watching these packages and how many channels they wish to have:

1.      $150 per day
2.      $900 per week
3.      $2,700 per month

Please see the ReadyTV brochure for more details on the channel offering for the different packages.

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They purchase their packages using ReadyCredit Scratchcards/e-vouchers, which is denominated in a manner similar to Prepaid Phone Card used by Telecom Providers.

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These ReadyCredit Scratchcards/e-cards are denominated in a manner similar to Prepaid Phone Card used by Telecom Providers:

1.      $100
2.      $200
3.      $500

They also purchase ReadyCredit Scratchcards/e-vouchers from some local merchants who help to sell their prepaid card use to log on to the services listed out in my Geezam blog article entitled “ReadyTV garners support from Local Merchants to reach 800000 subscribers”.

How ReadyTV Service Works - Registering your ReadyTV Box

After Installation, setting up the ReadyTV box is also very simple as the video shows:

So too is as registering it and adding on the prepaid service as can be seen from this Twitter post on their ReadyTV Twitter page.

To register follow the simple steps:

1.      Find the Box ID# on the base of your Digital Box
2.      Send text message to REGISTER to 822-4788 in the format *FirstName*LastName*BOXID#1
3.      You will receive a text message with you User ID

So how do you buy service on ReadyTV?

How ReadyTV Service Works - Topping up, Buying Service and Checking Balance

Topping up with ReadyCredit is very simple:

1.      Use the Scratchcard or E-voucher purchased at one of several ReadyTV Sales Location to Top Up your account.
2.      Dial 822-4788 (4RTV) on your smartphone
3.      Enter the following code; *USER ID*16 DIGIT PIN#1
4.      Read the text message with your purchase confirmation and remaining credit balance
5.      Allow up to 30 minutes for purchased channels to be authorized

You can also check you balances using the following code:

1.      Dial 822-4788 (4RTV) on your smartphone
2.      Enter *USERID*Bal#1 to see your balance

Good to note that your “USER ID” is the four digit number you will receive upon registering your box. You'll also receive a text with Top Up approval and credit balance and codes available to buy channel packages.

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Folks, with ReadyTV going National in June 2018, expect more news from the Geezam blog as well as on this blog as we'll be testing out their product and doing a video von their service

Here's how to get in contact with ReadyTV:

Juven Montague-Anderson
Marketing Manager
Telephone: 549-6017, 704-2426
Suite 13-15, The Palms Plaza,
23 West Trade Way,
Portmore , St. Catherine, Jamaica.

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