My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Wholesale Airtrack makes high quality Airtrack Inflatable mat for Gymnasts

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Wholesale Airtrack makes high quality Airtrack Inflatable mat for Gymnasts

Wholesale Airtrack is the seller of a very interesting product, the Airtrack Inflatable mat. This is basically an inflatable gymnastics air mat that allows gymnasts and athletes to do various exercises safely and with fear of injury.

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Wholesale Airtrack has years of experience in developing their high-quality air tumble track. So what are the air tumble track made of?

Wholesale Airtrack Mats - Gymnasts assured of a quality tumble

After being in the business of making airtrack mats for years they develope testing procedures where they perform hundreds of tests. The gymnastics air mat is made from a material called DWF (Double Wall Fabric) consisting of 2 layers of coated vinyl with thousands of threads connecting the two layers (80.000 per m2!).

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One such test involves blowing up the airtrack mats for 16 hours in the factory. This is done in order to perform pressure tests to ensure airtight seals to ensures that each their product has the best quality.

Wholesale Airtrack works closely with customers from all over the world, from experienced business to new entrants. Their products are tailored to meet the customers' requirements and are made of top quality, strength materials, which used for inflatable boat production.

Once you place an order via their website using either Paypal or Credit Cards, your product will arrive in 12 weeks time and can come in any colour you want. So are you ready to tumble?

Email Wholesale Airtrack to get more information before you place your order:

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