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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Broadcasting and FaceBook - Where in Jamaica is Regina Beaver

Labour: one of the processes by which A acquires property from B

Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary

This must be the most thought out article I have ever written, due to the complexity of the subject matter, which is of course Regina Beavers CVM at Sunrise. It seems that sometimes, the most obvious eludes even the cleverest of our species.

My comments are directed at CVM TV, part of the CVM Communications Group, which unlike TVJ, the Television arm of the RJR Communications Group, is yet to invest in a FaceBook page, despite Social Networking being the new media darling, the vox populi willing to express that which is in their minds on a platform that puts them on equals with the well to do that work in journalism who drive around with the aim of just capturing the news.

With all the new programming being launched by CVM TV of late, to many to mention, one would have thought they would have put some thought into the fabrication and design of this most necessary of portals.

After all, with the coming expansion of Telecom Provider CLARO and the Telecom Provider LIME foray into 3G and Telecom Provider Digicel foray into Wimax 4G Mobile (IEEE 802.16d), a very hushed affair as stated in the article Digicel quietly testing 4G for August launch, published Sunday June 27th 2010 by Mark Titus, Gleaner Reporter, The Jamaica Gleaner

These Broadcasters must be afraid of the fact that they will soon have to be competing with Web TV, YouTube and even the likes of subscription Hulu as stated in the article “
Hulu launches US$10 video subscription service”, published Tuesday June 29 2010 by RYAN NAKASHIMA, Business Writer, AP, Yahoo News.

It hence explains the obvious desperate burst of programming on Television Jamaica and CVM TV in a bid to win back the eyes of the Jamaican populace who may be getting bored of Television to the point that they are not even watching Rising Stars

This is evident by the high number of lackluster comments on the Digicel Rising Stars FaceBook page, thus absolving Show Producer Sharon Schroeter of any wrongdoing, as the show’s set is much improved.

Rather it appears that like all things trending, the show is getting a bit long in the tooth and is wearing thin with television audiences, due to the quality of the singing performances this year, as the same thing is also happening to American Idol in the United States of America.

It may thus explain the apprehension by the CVM Communications Group launching full tilt into any reality program of any kind, as they are fearful that it will start suffering the same fate as previous attempts they had made, such as The Golden Nugget, and Comedy Buss.

Both of which, despite its similarity to other American shows such as The Real World (TV Series 1994 - ) and BET Comedy Central, still suffered a lack of sponsors.

Eventually they had their shows cancelled due to the wild onscreen behaviors of its cast members. Which may explain the desertion of advertising sponsors, who may be afraid of being associated their products with controversy.

Apparently they have not yet caught on the news that it [controversy] does help to sell products, as was the recent case with CEO Steve Jobs and his own “Antenna Gate” Scandal, which is accelerating the sales of the Apple iPhone 4.0 and the Apple iPad.

Then one day my eyes happened to glances upon the famed beauty that is Regina Beavers, a former Miss Jamaica Universe who is now a semi-dread host on CVM at Sunrise, apparently not out of fashion.

But apparently because she has fallen on had times and is thus trying to save on money to prepare her normally long hair, which is somewhat expensive, based on the musings of the crew at the D’ Hive.

The D’Hive located on the Baxter Building at the back of Bargain Village Plaza in May Pen, Clarendon located downstairs from the CLARO Flagship Store for May Pen as well as Amazing PC, just above this trendy night spot for the younger crowd in May Pen Clarendon.

If I were on FourSquare, I would be the Mayor and possibly win the Internet Café Badge for checking in so often to use their excellent internet café services, dare I say one of the best in May Pen , Clarendon.

At this point inspiration struck when I realized that based on her own annoying ramblings, Regina Beaver is a down on her luck former beauty queen. Thus a simple idea is born, so much simpler than the Simon and Simone Pig Farm as per my blog article entitled Broadcasting and Facebook - Simon and Simone Pig Farm which I purloined from the genius mind of Simone Clarke-Cooper.

In this concept, CVM at Sunrise, on launching their FaceBook page, would also include a game and show-in-a-show called Where in Jamaica is Regina Beavers. In this show revolving around the beauty star, Regina Beavers, on the FaceBook page, would have users join and have the opportunity to play a game in which she would visit places that people are curious about.

The game can be easily designed by the Developer Team from Panmedia, who recently designed the now popular Digicel Blackberry Bonanza, a FLASH-based FaceBook game on Telecom Provider Digicel’s FaceBook page that is all the rage with the online community as stated in the article “Digicel Launches Panmedia Designed Game”, published Monday, 07 June 2010 by TechJamaica.

The idea is that the Developer Team from PanMedia would design a geo-location based game in partnership with Telecom Provider Digicel, Motorola and Google as a means of promoting the Motorola Milestone, the re-christened Motorola Droid adoption in Jamaica and other associated sponsors.

Basically, persons would request via a Google Lattitude mapping facility on  FaceBook where they would wish Regina Beavers to visit in Jamaica, using a map that has already been pre-marked with the Locator Icons to indicate all the potential places i.e. hotels, business places, companies, places of interest, etc, that CVM at Sunrise can send Regina Beavers for that day, with sponsored prizes for the most votes, which is done by users clicking on the pre-set Locator Icons on the interactive map.

The location with more than ten (10) clicks is location that is chosen for the visit by Regina Beavers and the ten (10) persons who made those clicks wins a special Goodie Bag courtesy of Telecom Provider Digicel.

This would include a Motorola Milestone smart phone as well as prizes from other associated Sponsors, specifically the place that the persons chose by clicking on the site. As the persons can only claim their prize if they are Jamaicans, it would easily restrict the number of persons who would be able to win the prize.

Individuals on FaceBook who are fans of the CVM at Sunrise FaceBook page can also earn real cash on the game by simply submitting suggestions for a location and submitting it, and if they are lucky, they would win a special Goodie Bag courtesy of Telecom Provider Digicel. This could include a Motorola Milestone smart phone as well as prizes from other associated Sponsors, specifically the place that the persons chose by clicking on the site.

Later on, after a site has been visited, a limited number of persons can click on the location indicator for the business place or site and each click would bring up the website or FaceBook page of the business.

It would be recorded as a location based targeted delivery of an advertisement also akin to Behavioral Targeted Marketing as stated in the article “Study: Like it or not, behavioral ad targeting works”, published March 24, 2010 9:01 AM PDT by Caroline McCarthy, CNET News – The Social.

CVM TV would earn the game player 100 points and pay out JA$100 to the player or a 10% of the cost of each advertisement based on click metrics. In addition, players in the game can earn additional money via doing Marketing Surveys for the respective advertiser and their products, also garnering JA$100.

At the end of a thirty (30) day cycle, the game players are paid their winning portion of the advertising money, but payouts are controlled so that the total payout does not exceed 10% of the advertising revenue for each advertisement, based on click metrics.

On visiting the location with the Motorola Milestone in hand, she would do a full interview with the people and then at the end of each show log her location using Google Lattitude. Regina would also use some of tech savvy and post updates to the CVM at Sunrise FaceBook page based on her geographic location, as FaceBook does have this geo-location facility, somewhat similar to FourSquare.

 This is definitely a surefire way of getting people to not only visit and join the FaceBook page, but also watch the CVM at Sunrise show as opposed to their rivals on TVJ, that being Smile Jamaica in the mornings for special giveaways on the FaceBook page, a win-win situation for CVM TV and the CVM Communications Group and advertisers.

More Developers to follow the Developer Team from PanMedia and not only give incentives to advertising on CVM TV’s CVM at Sunrise but would also increase branding placement advertisements on the show and  Where in Jamaica is Regina Beavers, as advertisers would be very interested in associating themselves with Regina Beavers

Getting people to register and do formal Marketing Surveys is usually an expensive affair that this game and show-in-a-show concept makes fun and make paperless, not to mention a game that takes advantage of the past fame and beauty which is Regina Beavers.

This show- within-a-show concept, similar to a play- within-a-play concept, truly a tribute to the Bard, that being Sir William Shakespeare, and would truly be labor on the part of Regina Beavers but would also earn her sponsorship dollars from various companies, who would be willing to be associated with her fashionista clean image and thus would like to be geo-located on the CVM at Sunrise FaceBook Page game, Where in Jamaica is Regina Beavers. 

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