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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Apple iOS 4 vs Google Android - BlackBerry Shot the Sheriff

But pleasures are like poppies spread:
You seize the flow’r, its blooms is shed!
Or like the snow-fall in a river
A moment white – then melts forever;

Burns, Tam O’ Shanter

First the Good news, as the bad news may result in Apple iPhone fans fainting. Apple popularity is so strong, that it is holding subscribers like a super strong ceramic neodymium magnet, CERN Supercollider Style to Telecom Provider AT&T’s There's a map for that - Verizon Commercial style derided Voice and Data Network.

On the flip side of that slightly burnt burger, there is the fact that it is leeching Telecom Provider Verizon’s OWN customers from their previously assumed right arm, that being the BB. Like the great Legend, Bob Marley says in the song I Shot the Sheriff , “Read it in the News”, my tribute to him in this Black History Month! My blog article on the subject, if you may so kindly click on the prior steam punk’d blog article entitled “Verizon and the Apple iPhone 4 - The Golden Fleece”.

Putting aside my steamy fantasies about the sexy Rastafarian Cedella Marley, the bad news is the twist of the knife’s hilt in one chest. Visions of Carlette Deleon aka the Pet Tales Chick aka “Dilly” of Television Jamaica fame prance through my brain, hoof-beats and hoof-prints pockmarked and blood-sodden as I now get to the point. Apple iPhone is now playing third fiddle to Google Android at 24.3% percent of the market in the Fourth Quarter of 2010, down from 25.0% in the Third Quarter of 2010.

Google Android has romped into second place sixty three million, two hundred thousand Americans (63,200,000) strong up from 21.4% in the Third Quarter of 2010 to 28.7% in the Fourth Quarter of 2010. Yes, Apple-byters, it is true: cheap Android phones can trump the Big A!

The Gingerbread Man is now ranging up behind Blackberry still clinging to pole position with 31.6 percent of the market at the end of the Fourth Quarter of 2010 but falling from grace in the eyes of the smart phone Gods (read techies on TechJamaica) at a previously heavenly 37.3% in the Third Quarter of 2010!  

Petty Fates, oh why art though so cruel?

So says ComScore, the “anal”- ist, who has their pulse on such matters as blandly reported in the article “Android tops iPhone in US: Comscore”, Tuesday February 8 2011, AFP, Yahoo! News ( My angst with these analysts is now tempered, as after all, USamp, a pollster of their ilk, helped to prove that which I already knew: Apple Magnetism is a real thing!!

So how this “gwine” help us, you readers in Jamaica may gripe? Well, just like tablets are slowly killing off the Netbook, Laptop and PC as I, John Public, the One Eye Man in the land of the blind who dared to place in writing as per my blog article entitled “Tablets and the Future of the PC - Jurassic Park and License to Kill”, the popularity of the Android phones means that their cheapness will lower the price of the now slowly-becoming-unpopular Blackberry.

Eventually, this “smart” phone will become another Nokia 1208: everyone in the Developing World can quite easily afford the Developed World’s tech throwaway. And like the 3D HDTV as I had opine in my blog article on Administrator Kirk’s Geezam Blog entitled “3D HDTV - Next Big Thing or Next Big Niche”, its uptake also being accelerated by the coming of the London 2012 Olympics!

Guess I WAS right when I said that the BB is only good for Christmas Giveaways as stated in my blog article entitled “Blackberry Bashing - The Phone I hate so much that I would give it away for Free”.

Truly, the writing was on the wall for Blackberry as long ago prognosticated in yet another rants on my blog article entitled “Blackberry - Is the Writing now on the Wall for RIM?”. Not Even the Blackberry Torch 9800, which I pooh- pooed in my blog article entitled “Blackberry 9800 Torch and RIM - Its clobbering Time”, which Telecom Provider Digicel has now resorted to pimping on local Jamaica Radio Station IRIE FM in a desperate attempt to sell it, overpriced as usual.

Message to Telecom Provider Digicel: The Blackberry Torch 9800, which is an updated capacitive touch screen packing a measly 624 MHz processor, 512 MB RAM with 4 GB storage and a MicroSD Card slot expandable to 32GB does not a smartphone make.

Jamaicans, brace yourselves for an avalanche of cheap refurbished Blackberry “smart”phones coming from the likes of Amazing PC Jamaica and Watt's New Jamaica who, rumour has it,  may be gearing up to ride as the Jamaican Economy continues to show signs of strengthening as I have said in a prior blog article entitled “America, Productivity and International Labour - Dream Merchant”.

Oh, and as a requiem for the Apple-byters: fret not! Apple is packing the “heat”, The Apple Byte Style: Double or nothing, with dual-mode Qualcomm chipsets as stated in my blog article entitled “Apple iPad S vs Motorola Xoom - Qualcomm Doubles the Fun

This is now evidenced by the very same Telecom Provider Verizon Apple iPhone, now all but confirmed to be packing a dual-mode Qualcomm chipset as per the blog article by the eagle –eyed busybody reporter Darrell Etherington entitled “Is the Gemalto SIM Actually for a Dual-Mode iPhone 5?”, published February 7, 2011, 2:20pm PST by Darrell Etherington, GigaOM
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