My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Amazon launching Google Android powered Tablet – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos cribs the Nook

Monday, September 26, 2011

Amazon launching Google Android powered Tablet – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos cribs the Nook

Give a man a pipe he can smoke,
Give a man a book he can read;
And his home is bright with a calm delight,
Though the room be poor indeed

James Thomson, Sunday Up The River

It’s bad enough that the Apple iPad is being soundly beaten on the Global Market place by the crush of Google Android Tablets as stated in my blog article entitled “Android Tablets Marketshare gain over the Apple iPad - Clear and Present Danger”.

Now on Wednesday September 28th 2011AD, Amazon is set to unveils its latest creation, which is either a new Kindle with colour or a Amazon Tablet, depending which online magazine you read as stated in the article “Amazon set to unveil new Kindle or Android tablet on September 28”, published September 23 2011, 10:41AM PDT, by David Carnoy, CNET News - E-Book Readers.

This after months of rumours after  Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos let slip a hint of a possible coming Tablet in May of 2011AD in an interview with Consumer Reports in which he said “stay tuned” as stated in the article “Bezos hints at Amazon tablet in interview”, published May 12 201, 1:40PM PDT by David Carnoy, CNET News – Crave. 

Then in August 2011, glimmer of hope of the much anticipated Amazon Tablet in a Digitimes report straight out of Taiwan relating to component orders from Amazon as stated in the article “Amazon's tablet to launch in August?”, published June 21 2011, 9:44 PM, PDT by Steve Musil. CNET News - Digital Media.

At this point with this now all but confirmed launch CNET News Editor, David Carnoy can declare “Shenanigans” as he did when Barnes and Noble rolled out a colour version of their Barnes and Noble Nook as per my blog article entitled “Women adore the Barnes and Noble Nook Colour - Free e-Reader Home Improvement”. In that same article, I also hinted at what would have been possible at Barnes and Noble launch on Tuesday May 24th 2011AD – a free Nook for frequent subscribers which did not materialize.

Nonetheless, I did highlight the fact that Gender disparities as it relates to frequency of reading was what was driving the phenomenal adoption of the Barnes and Noble Nook Colour, which is powered by Google Android, effectively making it a Tablet.

I even highlighted the misinterpreted statistics of analyst InStat, which pointed to e-Readers being decimating by Tablets in 2012AD as being off base as stated in my Geezam Blog article entitled “InStat prediction that Tablets to Overtake e-Readers is off base” and cited the fact that with the world population in the Developed and Developing world being predominantly women, Tablets have a long way to go to catch up on the lead of e-Readers.

Unless of course, the e-Reader maker were to make a device that could be both things, such as Barnes and Noble had done with their Nook Colour….and what some speculate Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is set to do with the Amazon Kindle come Wednesday September 28th 2011AD. One thing is for sure; Amazon has a statistical advantage with most of its user base for their Amazon Kindle being women.

Thus an Amazon Tablet or Amazon Kindle Color would really be a crib of Barnes and Noble Nook Color strategy as per the article “Amazon Kindle Tablet could shake up Tablet Wars: Here's how”, published September 25th 2011 by Tony Bradley, PCWorld. Combined with Amazon’s online retail and marketing machinery, this tablet could sport not only a price advantage but a retail support advantage.

Much akin to the perceived impregnable fortress erected by the Apple around its tightly knit the Apple iOS ecosystem that ties their Apple App Store as well as Apple iTunes into one multimedia device experience. Amazon can match that and be a serious competitor, especially if their Tablet is sporting Nvidia’s Kal-El Quad-Core Processors as per my Geezam Blog article entitled “Nvidia and the Quad-Core Kal-El CPU – Android leaves A5 Dual-Core Processor in the Dust”.

The breaking of dawn on Wednesday September 28th 2011AD awaits…..when all doubts will be laid aside and the power of Google Android on an Amazon Product unveiled in all its glory.

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