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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How to Download ANY Video, including Facebook Videos, Convert and Free Video Hosting Online

If you’ve read my blog article entitled “How to download YouTube Videos and Videos from other Websites”, you’d realize that you still may have limitations. Specifically:

1.      How to download from any website, including Facebook
2.      How to convert the Videos from one Format to another
3.      How and where here to host videos online for Free

This short and quick article aims to document solutions to all of those problems in one quick go, as I’ve recently re-discovered how to go about doing this in the past few days. To my surprise, most of the software is easily piratable. Along with Dropbox, as I remember, was the means by which I survived my four years sojourn through UWI (University of the West Indies) without buying books as per my blog articles entitled “UWI and Piracy - Release the Kraken”. 

Very necessary now, as UWI has plans to increase Tuition by 5.5% across all faculties come the Semester that starts the 2013-2014 Academic Year as stated in the article “UWI, Mona undergraduate fees to go up by 5.5%”, published Monday April 15, 2013 1:39 pm by Jovan Johnson, The Jamaica Gleaner and “UWI Mona students to pay more next semester”, published Monday, May 06, 2013 1:16 PM, The Jamaica Observer.

However, be forewarned: if you have any qualms about piracy, please turn around at this point. Most of the software solutions presented in this blog use software that’s torrented and as such may in fact be copyright infringing. But as they also are a source of legitimate Freeware software solutions, I present this information merely as compendium of my knowledge in Piracy from my College Years for you to read and understand why UWI’s so expensive.

First, I’ll list a host of torrenting websites I’ve used in my college years for books that are still active:

1.      1337x
2.      AhaShare
3.      BTScene
4.      ExtraTorrent
5.      H33T
6.      KickassTorrents
7.      LimeTorrents
8.      ProTorrent
9.      SumoTorrent
11.  TorrentBit
12.  Torrents

Here’s some great Torrenting software to go with that as well, again all of which I’ve tried out:

1.      Tixati
2.      UTorrent
3.      Bittorrent
5.      Vuze

First off the bat is the software presented in my blog article entitled “How to download YouTube Videos and Videos from other Websites”, cannot work to download from any website, as BienneSoft YouTube Downloader is only good for downloading videos from Youtube. SoThink Web Video Downloader for Firefox downloads from any website as an add-on for Firefox but it’s browser based. So for a program that’s installable on your computer and has the omnipresence of being able to download from anywhere, you can use Internet Download Manager.

Works a lot like BienneSoft YouTube Downloader, with the advantage of restarting downloads where you left off and it categorizes downloads automatically. Plus, you can even download whole archives of files, be they Audio, Video or Still Images from websites. You can even download videos from Facebook. For my heavy duty downloading, Internet Download Manager is my go-to solution!

Then there’s converting videos. I won’t even go into web-based converters, as they’re constrained by you bandwidth and take hours to work and even longer to download your finished work. Best to go with FormatFactory, which again you can get from KickassTorrents, my preferred Torrent Website of choice thanks to its user-friendly layout and reliable torrent library. 

Once installed, you can convert virtually any file into any other file you desire, simply via drag-and-drop for uploading and distribution purposes. Even better, get VLC Media Player and skip that conversion business; totally unnecessary once you have VLC Media Player

Finally, there’s video Uploading. Youtube is great, has a strong audience and is free, but you have to be careful what you post and it has to be original content.  Thus I recommend the following alternatives uploading websites, all of which are not so popular but are free of censorship and some even come with uploading software to make the process just as painless as downloading:

1.      BlipTV
2.      Break
3.      CollegeHumor
4.      Dailymotion
5.      Facebook
6.      Flickr
7.      HowCast
8.      Metacafe
9.      SmugMug
10.  Veoh
11.  Vevo
12.  VideoJug
13.  Vimeo
14.  VZaar

Cut Negative, people. That’s Video Downloading, converting and hosting in what may prove to be my shortest post ever….

Here’s a list of the Software:

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