My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Digicel responds to LIME and introduces Six Plans with lowest rate of JA$2.49 on Friday June 14 2013 - Digicel’s new Six Plan Rates wants Your Body, Christina Aguilera Style

Monday, June 17, 2013

Digicel responds to LIME and introduces Six Plans with lowest rate of JA$2.49 on Friday June 14 2013 - Digicel’s new Six Plan Rates wants Your Body, Christina Aguilera Style

“We asked our customers what they wanted and the answers we got were great value, lots of choice and more freeness”

Digicel Jamaica CEO, Barry O'Brien on Friday June 14 2013 at the launch of Digicel's MTR Cut

 Look like this is going to be a good Summer of 2013. First, there is the prospect of buying the DL600 smartphone a reality as stated in my blog article entitled “Digicel has launched DL600 and Blackberry Q10 in Jamaica on Thursday 30th 2013 - The Purge of Features phones in a gradual ramp-up towards Data Services and smartphone in Jamaica”.

Then Telecom Provider LIME struck first with a Cross-Network and International Calling Rate drop to JA$2.99 per minute on Thursday April 6th 2013 as stated in my blog article entitled “LIME drops JA$2.99 Talk EZ to All Networks as Digicel promises something Bigger - Telecom Providers can bring The Heat via lower Priced Smartphones to spur 3G Data and Postpaid Plans”.

Now we have a Telecom War Brewing, as with 4G LTE Looms on the surface, Telecom Provider Digicel has thrown the gauntlet by lowering their prices to as low as JA$2.49 per minute via six (6) separate packages as of Friday June 14th 2013 as stated in “JUST IN: Digicel announces new call rates” published Thursday June 13, 2013 4:52 pm, The Jamaica Gleaner. The picture below best expresses what I personally think of Telecom Provider Digicel’s response

The Six Plans introduce by Telecom Provider Digicel are interesting and are catering to the varying subtleties of the Jamaican Mobile phone user, whose mobile phone habits may indeed be akin to their spending habits:

1.      The Brawta Plan
2.      The Gimme Five Extra Plan
3.      The Double Bubble Plan
4.      The $2.99 Plan (all with per second billing)
5.      The $2.49 Plan; and
6.      The $2.89 Sweet Plan (per minute billing)

The explanation for these plans are as per the article “Digicel unveils new plans”, published June 14 2013, The Jamaica Star. An Official listing of Digicel’s Tariffs & Rates can be seen by clicking this link. To get the services, send the following text of “223” to 137 and they’ll tell you:

1.      *156*45# for the $2.99 Prepaid Plan
2.      *156*45*6# to opt out of the $2.99 Prepaid Plan
3.      *134# for the International Calling Plans

Again a picture saves me on writing something longer.

The Brawta, Gimme Five and Double Bubble Plan are all activated by:

1.      Sending five texts
2.      Topping up with $200
3.      Talking for Five minutes

The Brawta and Gimme Five Plans are composed as follows:

1.      55 minutes of free talk
2.      200 texts
3.      10 MB of data with free nights
4.      55 international minutes
5.      Free monthly credit
6.      Cash back after talking for five minutes (cheque please!!)

The Double Bubble Plan is a per second billing Credit Doubler and once the customer makes on-Net or international calls (what!! no Cross Network offer??) for five minutes or send five texts, where the customer gets:

1.      10 minutes of talk time
2.      10 Digicel text messages
3.      25 international minutes 

The last three (3) plans are the most interesting, with the JA$2.49 per minute plan being the most lucrative of all. To date, though neither Telecom Provider Digicel or Telecom Provider LIME has outed any improved Postpaid Plans, this is of concerns to older customers. No doubt they’ll be announcing these quite soon.

Stay tuned for more on this exciting development as Telecom Provider Digicel’s new Six Plan Rates with JA$2.49 per minute Billing wants Your Body, Christina Aguilera Style.

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