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Saturday, January 7, 2017

How to make Microsoft Windows automatically shutdown within a given time


You want to automate the shutdown of your computer or laptop? I know your pain; it would be great if you could set your laptop to shutdown without having to install special software.

Well, you've come to the right blog as you only need to know a little DOS and how to use Command Prompt.

The procedure is very simple, really. You first right click and create a shortcut as shown below.

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Then you enter the command “shutdown.exe -s -t XXXX” and click Next.

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Then give the shutdown timer a name. In this case I called mine “shutdown delay timer”.

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It will appear on the desktop as a regular shortcut as shown below.

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To activate, double click. It’ll then give you a band warning you of the impending shutdown time.

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Please Note: if you mistakenly clicked on the shutdown times, load on the Command Prompt and enter the command shutdown -a to disable the automated shutdown. You can also assign a different image to the icon and adjust other options in Properties.

Editing the shutdown times is also a breeze:

1.         Right-click the shortcut icon
2.         Select Properties
3.         Change the seconds value in the Target field

So that's it folks; never go to sleep with your computer screen running. Just automate the computer shutdown. Sharing is caring so share this simple but useful tip with your friends.

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