My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How USF Free Wi-Fi at Jamaican Park means Pokemon Go going mainstream in Jamaica


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How USF Free Wi-Fi at Jamaican Park means Pokemon Go going mainstream in Jamaica

Free Wi-Fi is coming to a Smart City.....but there are limitations at some locations!

For one, you cannot use it longer than sixty (60) minutes at the Mandela Park hotspot as reported in the article “Loitering discouraged at Wi-Fi hotspots”, published Sunday, January 22, 2017, The Jamaica Observer.

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After that 60 minutes at that Mandela Park CAP (Community Access Point) you cannot log on for another six (6) hours. So says CEO of the USF, Suzette Buchanan as the aim is to prevent freeloaders using the unlimited Wi-Fi.

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After all, the USF, who are responsible for the maintenance of the CAP's, wants them to be used by High School Students to conduct research and do their online homework with their mini Laptops, to quote Suzette Buchanan: “Use it to help yourself and by extension help your country as we work towards a knowledge-based society”.

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However the other locations that will be coming online thanks to funding from the USF (Universal Service Fund) may be also be similarly unlimited, if Jamaicans at Half-Way-Tree continue to abuse the service.

1.      Mandela Park in Half-Way Tree
2.      Emancipation Park in Kingston
3.      St. William Grant Park, Downtown Kingston
4.      Spanish Town, St Catherine
5.      Montego Bay, St James
6.      Ocho Rios, St Ann

Emancipation Park in Kingston will have free Wi-Fi in three (3) weeks, with St. William Grant Park, Downtown Kingston coming online in six (6) weeks time. All part of the Smart city initiative that will see the Government allowing State Infrastructure to become IoT (Internet of Things) enable as explained in my blog article entitled “How Free Wi-Fi and Smart City upgrade coming to New Kingston in Q3 2017

This is to the delight of Jamaican Teenage Pokemon Hunters, who are already accustomed to Free Wi-Fi while riding on the JUTC Buses as well as the Bus Depot as pointed out in my blog article entitled “Why JUTC Wi-Fi by September 2016 means Digicel Mobile Money launch imminent”.

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After all, in-between breaks from research and doing homework, there is always Pokemon go. Legend has it that there is a Pikachu and other valuable Pokemon hiding at one of these parks......more reason for Upper St Andrew kids to leave their homes and develope a Wanderlust for Jamaican parks!

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