My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How to set up two-step verification using Apple ID for your Apple devices


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How to set up two-step verification using Apple ID for your Apple devices

If you have an Apple iPhone, you may want to enable two-step verification to protect your personal information i.e. contacts, music, photographs and messages.

Two-step verification comes in the form of a four-digit code that is sent to another smartphone or cellphone after you've entered your password. The idea is that if are the legitimate owner of the phone, you should receive the message and enter it as requested, proving that you are indeed the user of the device.

To add the Two-step verification to your account is fairly easy:

1.      Visit the Apple ID settings page on your computer
2.      Click on Manage your Apple ID
3.      Log in your Apple Account to enable two-step verification

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Click on Password and Security option on the left side of the screen. Then click on the Get started link to enable two-step verification for your account

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You'll then need to add a device or several devices to your account, so that they can be used to authenticate you via the four-digit code required to gain access to your account. Hint: If you use one Apple ID for App Store purchases, and another to access iCloud services, you'll need to set up the App Store account to be SMS only. This ensures that the iCloud-only account can use both Find My iPhone and SMS to receive the four-digit code.
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The next step in the process is to receive your Recovery Key which you must write down and keep in a safe place. Your Recovery Key will grant you access to your account if you lose the devices of forget your password. So important is the recovery key that Apple makes sure you cannot copy and paste it, forcing you to write it down.
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The last page informs you that you need to remember to remove two-step verification in case you plan to sell your device.  Apple takes you through a couple of pages explaining exactly what two-step verification is exactly.  Good to note that you'll need to keep your Recovery Key in a safe place. This as you'll be the only persons able to request a password reset. Also, your security questions will no longer exist.

The process takes a few minutes of your time and the additional layer of security eliminates any risk of you being hacked. Sharing is caring so share this information with a many of your Apple friends as you can.

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