My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Drone Adventures in Jamaica lets you Escape the Ordinary

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Drone Adventures in Jamaica lets you Escape the Ordinary

“You go on vacation and you’ve done the zip-lining, rafting, waterfalls, shopping, etc. so what’s new and exciting?  It’s time to Escape the Ordinary!”

Communication Director, Veronica Allen, commenting on Drone Adventures Ltd

Drone Adventures Ltd is preparing to launch the first ever drone vacation experience with their concept of “Escape the Ordinary”.

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Up until now drone enthusiasts and pilots have been confined to their local surroundings for flying and photo and video opportunities.  If going on vacation generally, the drone stays at home because the owner/pilot is unfamiliar with regulations and policies in the various countries as well as appropriate places to fly.

Drone Adventures is the solution for the vacationing drone enthusiast and those wanting to learn to fly as noted by Communication Director, Veronica Allen: “We offer a one day experience or up to 5 days of flying, learning and adventure. Our one day experience is geared to those on vacation or visiting and intrigued by drone flying.  It starts with a training session and ends with flying at one of our majestic drone parks.”

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The one day “Escape” Excursion is only $89 US and includes classroom, drone rental and transportation per attendee.  In addition; the attendee has no financial responsibility if the drone should crash or worse yet, decide to take its own vacation and fly-away.

Other packages offered are:

§  The 3 day Silver experiences
§  The 5 Day Platinum experience

Each package includes all transportation, classroom, day & night flying as well as a beachfront BBQ and Reggae music on the last night.  Each day has a flying outing at one of our select Drone Parks with breathtaking views accompanied by a non-flying “fun” activity. There’s options to rent a drone if you didn’t bring one, for hotel at discounted rates as well as non-drone related experiences for the spouse/partner who has no interest in drones/flying.

So who exactly is Drone Adventures Ltd and what do they do?

Drone Adventures Ltd - Escape the Ordinary

Drone Adventures Ltd is located on Bottom Rd between the Altamont West Hotel and The Event Place as pointed out by Veronica Allen, quote: “Headquartered in Montego Bay which well respected tourism rating company, Trip Advisor has ranked Jamaica as the number one Caribbean tourist destination in 2016 does have some of the world’s best scenery for photographers and videographers”.

Their hours are as follows:

§  Monday - Saturday 10am to 7pm
§  Sunday 12 - 5pm

They specialize in everything UAV related including:

§  Sales
§  Service
§  Repair
§  Parts
§  Rentals
§  Tours

They are the first and only Authorized DJI dealer and offer a free 90 day LayAway and are working on a payment plan for financing. In Jamaica, Drone Adventures Ltd have the following established divisions:

§  Retail/consumer division
§  Agricultural division
§  Government division
§  Private sector division
§  Film division

Their CEO, Shaun, founding member of the International Radio Control Helicopter Association (IRCHA) and its 2nd president, has more than 55 years of model aviation experience flying fixed-wing, rotary-wing and multi-rotor (drones).

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Truly, their staff is experience enough to bring the excitement of flying drones to Jamaica, as Veronica Allen points out: “Our staff has more than 50 years’ experience in model aviation, including fixed wing, helicopter and drones,” Allen states, “our program insures that everyone has an exciting experience and they get to keep all the photos and video they capture.”

When planning your next vacation, Escape the Ordinary and check out Drone Adventures. 

For additional information visit
Tel: 876-452-0834


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