My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How Jamaicans can Network Unlock the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and older versions

Thursday, July 20, 2017

How Jamaicans can Network Unlock the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and older versions

The Apple iPhone 7 and 7 plus are the latest iteration of Apple' successful smartphone brand.

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Alas, they are expensive smartphone, often being locked to a specific Network, a troubling problem as you might want to use it on another network.

Relatives importing them may notice that they have to get them Network unlocked for as high as $12,500 or use an RSIM, a SIM replacement over their originals sim costing $6500.

So is there a way to unlock the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and older versions for free using software?
Fortunately there is….and all it requires is patience.

How to unlock the Apple iPhone – Patience truly is a virtue

There are 2 procedures that I've successfully tested:

1.      # Key method
2.      1 Key method
3.      Apple Server Method

Before you begin make sure you have a VPN Set up so that it makes you appear as if you are in the United Kingdom as noted in my MICO Wars Blog article entitled “How Jamaicans can find reliable free VPN to work anonymously online”.

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First is the # Key method, which simply requires that you continuously press the # for 30 minutes. This method works on all smartphones include the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. I've tested it myself and it does indeed work.

The next method is aptly called the 1 Key method and work best for an out-of-the-box iPhone. At the very beginning where you choose languages, you double press the Home key until you get Emergency Call.

Then you select start again and press the Home key once. Then select the Emergency call and continuously press the 1 key for 15 minutes.

This method works exclusively on the Apple iPhone 6s and 6S Plus and older...not so sure about the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.....but you can always try and tell me how that goes.

Finally there is the Apple Server Method.

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