My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How Jamaicans can update their Wireless Router firmware for faster Internet Connections

Thursday, January 4, 2018

How Jamaicans can update their Wireless Router firmware for faster Internet Connections

This is 2018!!!

Time to update your Wi-Fi routers as most of the really good ones allow for firmware update within the web interface. In fact, my list of the best Wireless Routers goes like this:

1.      Linksys 
2.      Netgear 
3.      Asus
4.      TP-Link

The process, called “flashing the firmware”, helps a router work better as suggested in this How to video from CNET.

Resetting your router is also an option that fixes many problems as noted in this video.

In the case of the FLOW Jamaica Arris Modem as described in my blog article entitled “How to reset and change your FLOW Jamaica Arris Modem Wireless Network Name and Password

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But sometimes a router reset doesn’t fix the problem. Problems and bugs may still persist requiring that you upgrade your router’s firmware.

So here’s how you do the manual update of your router’s firmware!

How to update your Router – DIY or AUTO Update options

Most will use a web-based interface and the procedure will go something like this:

1.      Download the firmware from the vendor's support website, as a .zip file.
2.      Open this zip file and copy the firmware file out.
3.      Log into the router's web interface by typing in your computer Browser
4.      Enter the login and password. This is usually written on the bottom of the router but it may also be login = admin and password =admin…..or just blank
5.      Navigate to the section where you can update the firmware usually in the Administration, System, Setup, Advance or Tools area.
6.      Click on the button to browse for the new firmware file
7.      Click on Update (or Upload)
8.      Wait for a few minutes for the process to complete

Let the update process run without interruption as if you unplug/turn the router, you might brick it. If in doubt, follow your Network Vendor's instructions on how to flash their router.
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Most routers have their specific instruction set. In this age of paperless, you may either have to download a *.pdf document or watch their YouTube videos in order to do this, if the instructions do not come in the box. Here’s a handy video on speeding up your Wi-Fi Connection that may also be helpful!

Good to note that many routers have the automatic firmware update function; mighty convenient as all you need to do is let the router download the firmware and update by itself.

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