My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Chatroulette, FaceTime and Smartphone Video Calling - The Thomas Crown Affair

Monday, December 13, 2010

Chatroulette, FaceTime and Smartphone Video Calling - The Thomas Crown Affair

Thus the whirligig of time begins in his revenges

Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, V, I

A lot of hoopla has been surrounding Google’s release of their Zeitgeist List for 2010 of the most popular Search Terms, a bonanza for us statistics geeks, who love nothing than poring over meaningless reams of numbers facts and raw statistical data on spreadsheets.

No, its not about what made it to the top, or what did not, but rather it points to a surprising trend, that being the rapid rise of a little known Social Network known as Chatroulette as per the article “Chatroulette, iPad lead Google's Zeitgeist 2010”, published December 9, 2010 10:42 AM PST by Don Reisinger, CNET News - The Digital Home.

It deserves honourable mention, as it beat out both the Apple iPad (second place) and Justine Beiber (third place). Ironically, all three (3) items are products that I predicted to a bunch of Shurpower Generator Engineers back in April 2009 while traveling in their pickup vehicle to do witness Generator Maintenance, discussing my future ideas to pass the time.

These coincidences are beginning to add up too, as I now have several article on my blog based on stuff  I spoke to them, making it statistically significant. Rest assured, I am slowly working on connecting the dots, my blog also one of the things I predicted while talking to them. Spooky!

For the record, Microsoft Bing’s most popular search term was Kim Kardashian;  not surprising, as many petite females, such as my five foot five inches (5’ 5”) Audia Granston, a NCTVET certified cosmetologist, while alive, idolized her greatly. Her pictures make a great screensaver on my computer by the way.

But it is the rapidly rising popularity of Chatroulette that indicates a coming juggernaut that may be able to do what Google thus far has failed to achieve: a Stable Social Network. Google still claims they are not pursuing Social Networking as per the article “Google denies building Facebook 'rival'”, published Thursday November 11 2010 by Jeffrey Van Camp, Yahoo! News and opined in  my blog article entitled “Google vs Facebook - Age of Empire and TRON Legacy”.

Still, Google needs to, as with the fading excitement of Google Android OS 2.3 aka Gingerbread, Google Nexus S smartphone and Google Chrome OS and the Cr-48 since Monday December 6th 2010 and Tuesday December 7th 2010 respectively, some spotlight time would be nice.

Americans and the rest of the world have returned back to their Social Networking on Facebook, which at five hundred million (500,000,000) and counting and integrated Bing Search and the ever popular Social Gaming trend, remains a viable threat to Google’s expanding empire as per my blog article entitled “Apple iPad and Video Game Piracy - The Saint”.

Google needs to conquer the same territory as Facebook and Twitter to keep expanding; Russia, The People Republic of China, Korea and Japan as per my blog article entitled “Google and Apple - Case to point on Public and Diplomatic Relations”. In the game of websites, popularity drives traffic and thus the rise of Chatroulette, which began operations just last November 2009 as per the article “Wiki on Chatroulette”, visited Monday December 13th 2010 Wikipedia

Chatroulette has since capitalized on the recent explosion in Video Calling that has been spurred mainly by the Apple iPhone 4, which features Video Calling platform FaceTime, the first true integration of a smart phone with a Video Calling Platform tailored uniquely for the device as per my blog entitled “Apple iPhone 4.0 and Video Calling - FaceTime sets the standard”.

FaceTime, like Chatroulette, is also becoming notorious for “sexviding” as prognosticated by Christopher Null in his article “Our new national nightmare: sexviding”, published Friday June 25th 2010 1:42 ET, by Christopher Null, Technology Writer, Yahoo! News.

Video Calling is soon to take off just in time for Peak Oil in 2015 AD with at least twenty nine million (29,000,000) Video Calling each other on smart phones, according to statistical analysis by Juniper Research as stated in the article “Mobile Video Calling to hit 29 million users by 2015”, published October 12, 2010 9:10 AM PDT by Don Reisinger, CNET News - The Digital Home and repeated in the article “Smart phone Video Calling adoption stymied: Juniper”, published Tuesday October 12, 4:28 pm ET, AFP, Yahoo! News.

Google’s own Zeitgeist 2010 is, therefore actually a third semi-scientific or more precisely a statistical corroboration of this predicted trend by Juniper Research. Juniper Research, who most likely are betting on the improvements and basing their news on such things as Skype being integrated into 3-D HDTV’s as opined in my blog article “Skype and the Videophone - The Apple of my eye is FaceTime

Not to mention their integration into Facebook as per the article “The New Skype: Now with Facebook integration and group Video calling”, published October 14, 2010, 12:28pm PDT By Sam Diaz, Between the Lines - ZDNet.

With the new Google Nexus S now also sporting a front facing camera and running Google android optimized for Video Calling, should it not be time for Google to purchase Chatroulette and integrate it with their Google Buzz Platform?

The evidence presented above points to this trend in Video Calling accelerating. With the engineering prowess of Google Buzz, it may become the next big Social Networking heist that can seriously challenge the dominance of Facebook involving people who have never meet each other but are organized with the power of Google Mapping Technology, a modern play on the movie “The Thomas Crowne Affair” (1968) written by Alan Trustman.

Plus Jamaica stands to benefit too via free Video Calling over our ever expanding Wired and Wireless Networks as per my blog article entitled “Apple and FaceTime - BladeRunner and Beyonce and Lady Gaga's Video Phone”. 

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