My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Digicel the ITU and Samsung Galaxy Tablet - The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Digicel the ITU and Samsung Galaxy Tablet - The Sorcerer's Apprentice

But when to mischief mortals bend their will,
How soon they find fit instruments of ill!

Pope, The Rape of the Lock, III

Telecom Provider Digicel has made history by launching what is effectively the first Tablet in the Caribbean in Jamaica, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet as per the article “Digicel launches Samsung Galaxy Tab across Jamaica”, viewed Tuesday December 21st 2010, Digicel and repeated in the Gleaner Star Tabloid in the article “Digicel announces launch of Galaxy Tab”, published Monday December 20th 2010, The Jamaica Star.

No Jamaica Gleaner confirmation and no Jamaica Observer confirmation, so effectively until I see people buying these tablets in Jamaica and walking around doing work on them, I will assume that this is rumour, folks.

Coincidentally, the ITU has now blessed all up and coming High Speed Wireless Broadband Networks as 4G as per the article “ITU blesses U.S Data Networks as 4G”, published December 20, 2010 3:12 PM PST by Kent German, CNET News - Dialed In.

Though John Public is no longer working, I know that these two (2) events are connected; they are not coincidence!

For the specs on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, my article on Administrator Kirk’s Geezam blog entitled “Samsung Galaxy - Apple iPad's Contender for the Christmas”. For my opinion of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet Apple iPad killing potential, my blog article entitled “Apple and the iPad 2 - Honeycomb, Chrome and the DragonSlayer”.

Trust me, people, it is a bit overrated, with Samsung, armourer to both Google Nexus S and the Apple iPhone and possibly the new Apple iPad S (cause we don’t like number 2!!).

I will neither bless nor curse its potential on Telecom Provider Digicel Network, as it is actually a much more evolved replacement for Netbooks for Customers who have purchase their CPE (Customer Premises Equipment).

Meanwhile Telecom Provider Digicel has gotten off the hook via a technicality. The Holy See at the ITU (International Telecommunications Union), the UN (United Nations) Telecoms watchdog, has passed a decree in Telecoms World on December 6th 2010.

This decree effectively makes all LTE (Long Term Evolution), WiMaX 4G Mobile (IEEE 802.16d, e) and HSDPA+ Networks in the United States of America and the rest of the free world bear the designation of “4G” as per the article by CNET Reporter Kent German entitled “ITU blesses U.S Data Networks as 4G”, published December 20, 2010 3:12 PM PST by Kent German, CNET News - Dialed In.

To quote the ITU: “It is recognized that [4G], while undefined, may also be applied to the forerunners of these technologies, LTE and WiMaX, and to other evolved 3G technologies providing a substantial level of improvement in performance and capabilities with respect to the initial third generation systems now deployed”.

T-Mobile, which is actually a HSDPA+ Network with speeds capability of up to 30MBps theoretical, was of course elated, much to the charging of Telecom Provider Verizon and Telecom Provider AT&T with their LTE Networks and Telecom Provider Sprint and Clearwire with their WiMaX 4G Mobile (IEEE 802.16d, e) Networks, who have expended billions just to upgrade their Networks compared to the software upgrade necessary for T-Mobile to achieve HSDPA+ - and the Holy See’s blessing. 

It seems that his Most Worshipful desire to acknowledge T-Mobile Network is an insult to the Telecom Provider Cardinals [CEO’s] but who are they to stand against the Pope [ITU] in the Telecom World? He desires to bless all fore-runners of the technology, and so they are blessed. Simple.

Telecom Provider Digicel is now off the hook, but it also means Telecom Provider LIME must rethink their brash statements charging Telecom Provider Digicel for misrepresentation of their network as being 4G as per my blog article entitled “Digicel vs LIME - Mortal Kombat over 4G Title

It seems that this technicality falls through as even the ITU admits that the criteria for 4G is not, quote “well defined”, thus all fore-runners for now can wear the 4G sash without fear of being charged for false advertising, apparently the reason for their decree.

This as their earlier statements reported by CNET News Reporter Marguerite Reardon in the article “4G: What's in a name?”, published October 21, 2010 12:42 PM PDT by Marguerite Reardon, CNET News - Signal Strength seems to be the cause of the mumbling among the Cardinals of the various Telecom Providers.

Telecom Provider Digicel has finally won something – by default, at least. The case at the FTC (Fair Trading Commission) of misrepresentation by Regional vice-president for legal, regulatory and corporate affairs, Camille Taylor, will be summarily dismissed, as the ITU, the Holy See, has spoken.

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet is also on their Network, apparently a follow-on of the trend of the Telecom Provider adopting Google Android and its spread even to smart phones, two (2) of which they carry, that being the Google Nexus One and the Motorola Droid rebranded the Milestone for the Jamaican market as per the article “Digicel launched the new Motorola Milestone”, published Sunday, July 18, 2010, The Jamaica Observer.

Smugly, it may be Telecom Provider Digicel’s way of celebrating this victory too, by offering their Customers another reason as to why Telecom Provider Digicel are , and I paraphrase, “The Bigger, Better GSM – and now 4G – Network”, as The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010) as per the Walt Disney movie, has been found! Ok, back to chastising Telecom Provider LIME and Telecom Provider CLARO!!

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