My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: The 4.2 EarthQuake - Simon Crosskill and Neville Bell are Children of Fire Mountain

Friday, May 6, 2011

The 4.2 EarthQuake - Simon Crosskill and Neville Bell are Children of Fire Mountain

When the candles are out all women are fair.

Plutarch, Conjugal Precepts

This morning Friday May 6th 2011AD at approximately 4:29am, Simon Crosskill of Smile Jamaica fame on Television Jamaica, was “awoken” and “shaken” by the 4.2 Earthquake, possibly at the fear of being killed. So too did Neville Bell, apparently of the same Smile Jamaica fame on Television Jamaica, who allegedly “heard” the earthquake in his sleep.

Most likely Simone “Tigerbone” Clarke-Cooper and Carlette “Pet Tales” Deleon, both of Smile Jamaica fame on Television Jamaica were being rocked by other earthquakes of greater magnitudes and deeper (or longer!?) focal depths at about that time of the morning to even notice. Nothing naughty to say; interpret it as you wish, if tongue-in-cheek be your raison de vivre when the candles are out!

Interesting comments too were uttered by Beauty Queen Regina Beavers (Telecom Engineers!! Skirt on deck!! Low catcalls!!) on CVM at Sunrise, possibly the sexe chaud chaton on CVM TV with her Cruella de Ville twist of the White-and-Black hairdo that made Dodie Smith’s 101 Dalmations (1996) a must read!

Again raison de vivre also when the candles are out!

There was also her co-hosts comment, but alas, her athletic Amazonian rippling muscled beauty had me so entranced, that I fear I forgot whatever he said.

Who was he again?

Be their comments as amusing as they are on this approaching sunset on Friday May 6th 2011AD, I must quickly trot out The Jamaica Observer article which stands as documented evidence of the earthquake as stated in article entitled “UPDATE: UWI Earthquake Unit issues confirmation”, published Friday, May 06, 2011, The Jamaica Observer.

Interestingly enough, the 4.2 earthquake, with its epicenter located in north-east of Chestervale, St Andrew in the Blue Mountains as reported by the UWI (University of West Indies) Mona Earthquake Unit, is located a decent five (5) kilometers down, roughly about the same depth one would expect to find Oil!

I mention this odd coincidence in the statistical numbers as being a statistics aficionado myself (“geek” is now getting a tad worn, I’m afraid!!), as Sagres Energy is now looking for a partner after it has gotten a nine (9) month extension of its Oil Exploration license as stated in the article “Sagres Energy seeking joint-venture partner to explore for Jamaican Oil”, published Wednesday April 27, 2011, The Jamaica Gleaner and the article “Firm searching for Oil gets 9-month extension”, published Wednesday, April 27, 2011, The Jamaica Observer.

Private Sector companies to invest in Oil Drilling, anyone?

Sagres Energy is the parent of Canadian firm Rainville Energy that had drilling rights in Jamaica since Thursday June 15th 2006 AD, announced their discovery of a prospective find off the Pedro Banks on Friday August 27th 2010 AD and reported it in detail on Wednesday September 1st 2010 in The Jamaica Observer.

For those who came to my blog late, I had written two decent pieces about Jamaica Oil prospects, what Jamaica should so if this Oil discovery proves true. These two (2) blog articles entitled “Alternative Energy and Jamaica's Oil Prospects - Carletta DeLeon, The Spy who loved me” and “Alternative Energy an the Recent Oil Discovery in Jamaica - The Merchant of Venice” were spliced in a day; so excited I was that I wrote them both that August 31st 2010 AD, the Independence Day of Trinidad and Tobago.

One (1) article I wrote speculated on what to do should Jamaica truly find Oil (not to mention how to get some Trinidadians girls!), the other focusing somewhat loosely on its connection to comments about the Energy Sector in Jamaica and its connection to a prediction I had made back in April 2009 to a bunch of Shurpower Engineers as to where to find Oil, even mentioning Sagres by name and its location in the Pedro area.

But how did I know this, you ask? Simple.

I would have; while working at C&W (2001 to 2004) I met a lot of foreign contractors, mainly Canadians working on the Nortel DMS 100/200 Supernode upgrades. It was via them I had learnt of various contractors and had recorded their names into my notebook.

Good job, Lindsworth Deer in the past!!

Recording and preserving all that info is helping me Lindsworth Deer in the future, now with Audia Granston gone to the grave and no one to hold me down and give me a 4am good earthquake shake like, Beauty Queen Regina Beavers of CVM TV Style!

But where is the connection? Again, how did I know back then in 2009?

Because that is the depth the seismology readings using active 30W radio that Oil was probably found by the Sagres Energy Team, who are now on the prowl for a financial partner. I say this with confidence, as were it closer to the surface, they should have found a partner by now.

Pedro Banks is not shallow water.

The “seismic bump” found that indicates the possible presence of Oil and Gas may be about a kilometer down, but the Dome of the Reserve may be about five (5) kilometers down.

At that depth, the Oil would act as a super lubricant under pressure, being as liquid as viscous as water, constantly setting off small earthquakes as it greases the main Caribbean plate that runs through the center of Jamaica. Evidence of this can be seen from a history of Earthquakes in Jamaica, most of which have occurred on land, with a rare few, most notably the Port Royal Earthquake on June 7, 1962 at 11:43 am occurring at sea.

Jamaica is not as unlucky as our Japanese counterparts to have had an earthquake occur at sea and trigger a tsunami and the resulting Nuclear Disaster as stated in the article “As death toll mounts, nuclear scare widens evacuation”, published March 12, 2011 12:31 PM PST by Elizabeth Armstrong Moore, Health Tech - CNET News and in my Geezam Blog article entitled “Japan Nuclear Reactor Meltdown is the Asian Tiger Chernobyl”.

If anything, this earthquake and the series of smaller earthquakes prior indicates that Oil is not only present in Jamaica, but the Oil Reserves lie under extreme pressure and extend possibly from the Pedro Banks to well under the Jamaica Archipelago (we do have some small islands, you know!!)

For the uninformed, Jamaica, according to my Trinidadian counterparts in the Department of Geology, is a volcanic Island, the Blue Mountains and in fact the entire Island being made of Volcanic Rock thrown up by the clashing of the Caribbean Plate and the Gonave MicroPlate as stated in the website entitled “Earthquakes in Jamaica”, viewed Friday May 6th 2011, Earthquake Unit, The University of the West Indies.

The map produced by the Earthquake Unit from The University of the West Indies entitled “Earthquakes in Jamaica”, viewed Friday May 6th 2011, Earthquake Unit, The University of the West Indies shows that the frequency of occurrence of earthquakes in Jamaica as being mostly on land and centered about the Blue Mountain Region.

Volcanic rocks combined with decent, cool unspoilt tranquil climate great for growing coffee. Hence our Blue Mountain Coffee’s unique taste!

Using one’s imagination, the Oil Field possibly extends below the Island of Jamaica outwards from the Pedro Banks about five (5) kilometers down to as far as beneath the Blue Mountains Range. I make this assumption as all the two hundred (200) plus Earthquakes thus far have had an average focal depth of between four (4) to eight (8) kilometers.

So despite Simon Crosskill of Smile Jamaica fame on Television Jamaica being rudely awoke from his sleep by Mother Nature or Neville Bell hearing the earthquake (or maybe it was his stomach!!?) rumble, rest assured this is a good thing.

It means that the as-yet-be-discovered Oil and Gas Field may be so large, that its lubricating properties due to seepage between the cracks and fissures in the rocks located in and about the fault zones are setting mini-quakes that gently release built up pressure, delaying the coming of the Big One as prognosticated in my Geezam Blog article entitled “Japan Nuclear Disaster - Implications for Jamaica and the Consumer Electronics World”.

An Earthquake and Tsunami Early Warning System as was in the works when by Local Government Minister, Dean Peart of the PNP (People’s National Party) signed that MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the US of A back in 2007 is being recommended to be revived by the JLP (Jamaica Labour Party) as according to the article “Jamaica Tsunami alert centre on Fast track” published Wednesday January 24, 2007, The Jamaica Gleaner.

This Earthquake and Tsunami Early Warning System would be based on SMS (Short Messaging Service) or text Messages for which customer could be billed JA$10 in the event of an Earthquake or Tsunami.

This as being suggested by the Mayor of Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard as stated in the article “Mexico Mayor eyes new mobile earth quake alerts this year”, published Friday May 6 2011, By Cyntia Barrera Diaz Cyntia Reuters, Yahoo News could be easily implemented with American help.

Ironically, I had suggested the very same low-tech Warning System with assistance from the big Three (3) Telecom Providers here in Jamaica in my blog article entitled “Tsunami watch needed urgently for real this time”.

So the next the hosts of either Smile Jamaica on Television Jamaica or CVM at Sunrise or CVM TV are awoken by earthquakes, “man”-made or courtesy of Mother Nature, rest assured that unlike the hapless victims of the Port Royal Earthquake that occurred nearly three hundred and nineteen (319) years ago at 11:43 am on June 7, 1962, they may be informed via SMS a good twelve (12) minutes before their coming demise.

Only fair!

After all, they, hosts of Smile Jamaica on Television Jamaica or CVM at Sunrise or CVM TV  and residents of Kingston, St .Andrew and Portmore, living near to the Blue Mountains and drinking the coffee namesake from their named earthenware mugs, are the “Children of Fire Mountain (TV Series 1979)”.

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