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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Apple Television Set, a docking cradle for the Apple iTV - Super 8 A Gift for Christmas

Rumour is a pipe
Blown by surmises, jealousies, conjectures

Shakespeare, Henry IV, II, Induction

With a new Apple iPhone 5 on the horizon possibly to make its debut in September 2011AD, fifteen million (15,000,000) strong according to the latest rumour from Digital Trends as stated in the article “Report: Apple orders 15 million iPhone 5 units for September release”, published Tuesday July 5 2011, Digital Trends, its time to start thinking of new gadgets.

Like the much rumoured Apple Television Set as reported in the article “Apple Television Set Rumors Revived, To Launch in 2011?”, published Tuesday June 21, 2011 2:23 pm PDT by Arnold Kim, Mac Rumors and the article “That Apple Television Is Coming This August Alongside The iPhone Nano (And Santa)”, published June 21, 2011 by MG Siegler, Tech Crunch.

Note: NOT the Apple iTV from the 2010 refresh as described in the article “Apple Refresh and the US Economy - Chinese Dragon has a Jade Eye”, but a true-to-life honest-to-goodness Apple Television Set, as was rumoured back in September 2010AD in the article “Analysts predict all-in-one Apple Television Set in 2012”, published September 20, 2010 11:10 AM PDT by Don Reisinger, CNET News.

Please note the active word “rumour”, although to be honest, I like this one, as it makes sense, at least to hardcore fans of Apple such as yours truly! After all, if Apple Television Set was not possible, why would Apple make the recently refreshed Apple iMac, which now has the capability to act as a secondary screen? This CNET Reviews of the 27”Apple iMac points this out succinctly!

Clearly, if they can make something like that for US$1699 and people buy it because of its high quality specs and performance, then an Apple Television Set is not far fetched proposition at all. Such an idea only appears silly to non-Apple fans, due to the fact that once you have an Apple iTV, you can already stream to any HDTV set.

So why not make their own extremely high resolution Apple Television set, effectively a bigger version of the Apple iPad, turned sideways?

This as the Apple iPad is now in its second iteration with the Apple iPad 2, an excellent product as described in nice dulcimer tones in my Geezam Blog entitled “Apple iPad 2 – Dual-Core Easy Skankin’” and my blog article entitled “Apple iPad 2 and PC future - Doomsday in the Battlefield”.

The Apple iPhone, now in as many iterations for each of its four (4) years of changing the Silicon Valley gadget scene as pointed out in my blog article entitled “Apple iPhone and Hardware Quality - The Count of Monte Cristo Hard Knock Life”, is also looking a bit long in the tooth. So what is new on the horizon?

Thus far, the Apple iCloud is exactly as I had predicted it would be: a fancy synching platform as stated in my blog article entitled “Apple iCloud and WWDC - Iron Eagle to be Top Gun in the Dangerzone”.

iOS 5 and Mac OS 10.1 aka Lion for US$27.99 as stated in the article “Apple unveils Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud at WWDC (live blog)”, published JUNE 6, 2011 9:00 AM PDT by Josh Lowensohn, CNET NewsApple were the other highlights. No innovation there at all as stated in my blog article entitled “Sparky's Homemade Cicada Ice Cream - Yendi Phillips in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”.

But as usual, Apple’s products are solid and stellar and they shine. Especially the Apple iCloud, clever payback for Piracy by the Music Industry as CNET Editor Brian Cooley points out in this episode of CNET Top 5:

Now as I mentioned above, there are stories floating about, stating that Apple is planning to debut an Apple Television Set. Which from the sound of it, is basically an Apple iMac, but acting as a docking shell for the Apple iTV as described in my blog article entitled “Apple and the iTV - Back to the future”. Here is the lowdown from Brian Tong from the hit CNET show, The AppleByte:

The Apple iTV is yet another device whose design I had suggested to a bunch of Shurpower Engineers in April 2009AD while driving to fix generators – and possibly being filmed via an installed audio-visual device. Sinister, but clever, I suppose, as people are more likely to believe secretly revealed ideas than straight talking!

If such a full blown All-in-one Apple Television Set exists, or if Apple has plans to make a full blown Television Set, effectively a stripped down version of the Apple iMac dockable with the Apple iTV as opined in the article “Analysts predict all-in-one Apple Television Set in 2012”, published September 20, 2010 11:10 AM PDT by Don Reisinger, CNET News - The Digital Home, rest assured it will mostly do its work via streaming over the Internet.

This as Cable Television Set is also making the move to streaming as evidenced from the actions of Triple Play Provider Comcast and their launch of their 1Gbps Broadband service XFinity as stated in my blog article entitled “ComCast and 1Gbps Project Xfinity - Starship Troopers in Cable's Battle Los Angeles”. It is geared towards content streaming slated to go live in the Fourth Quarter of 2011AD in time for London Olympics 2012 on July 27th 2012AD.

Locally here in Jamaica, Triple Play Provider FLOW is apparently looking towards streaming, with hints of a “video service” in the pipeline as stated in my blog article entitled “FLOW, IPTV and the coming of Net2Vu - Johnny Mnemonic”.

Whatever Triple Play Provider FLOW has got, they better roll it out NOW, as Netflix is coming to the Latin America in the Fourth Quarter of 2011AD, inclusive of the Caribbean as reported in my blog article entitled “Netflix coming to Latin America - Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer”.

As for Apple if Apple Television Set exists, I hope it will come with:

  1. Retina Display (beat that Samsung!)
  2. Augmented View or Augmented Reality as stated in my blog article entitled “Apple and Augmented View - The Future is now” and revealed to now be practically possible thanks to Daqri as stated in my blog article entitled “Daqri combines QR Codes with Augmented Reality - Ads and PR Minority Report Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
  3. FaceTime Video Calling and PrimeSense’s Kinect 3D Motion Capture Technology, as I had opined for the Apple iTV in my blog article entitled “Internet, Apple iTV and Cable - Pirates of the Caribbean
  4. iOS and Mac OS 10.1 Lion support, inclusive of the Apple Apps store, Apple iTunes and Apple iCloud content storage and streaming playback
  5. 3D without the bulk glasses, based on technology Apple has been developing as mentioned in my Geezam Blog article entitled “3D HDTV – Next Big Thing or Next Big Niche
The Apple Television Set, if made as suggested and launched come this Fourth Quarter of 2011AD, will be The Christmas Gift (TV 1986), Super 8 (2011) Style - along with the new Apple iPhone 5’s of course!!

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