My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: 3M Roku Streaming Projector is the ultimate Mystery Machine for Parties and Corporate Show-and-Tell

Thursday, February 7, 2013

3M Roku Streaming Projector is the ultimate Mystery Machine for Parties and Corporate Show-and-Tell

This year, it’s hard to figure out what to buy yourself this Christmas. So many devices out there to choose, from smartphones to Tablets, with nary a fine dividing line on uniqueness to make ‘em stand out. Reviews help, but would you like to buy a device that’s truly the future of Entertainment as well as dressed to impress at that Management Meeting Presentation?

If you already a fan of Roku and 3M, might I suggest the US$300 3M Roku Streaming Projector as mentioned in the article “3M's handheld Streaming Projector is flat-out fun”, viewed 05-12-2012, CNET Reviews?

The Specs on the 3M Roku Streaming Projector are certain compelling. Once you pick up this product, you’ll realize instantly from its clean plastic finish and design that this is obviously a well thought out Tag-team of a product between 3M and Roku as noted in 3M Streaming Projector Powered by Roku Review”, published October 13, 2012 By Caleb Denison, DigitalTrends:


1.      2 Hour operation on Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery for Wireless operation
2.      DLP Image Processor for uniform projected Pixel density
3.      60 Lumens Light source adjustable with Rotary Dial for Focus
4.      800 x 480 DVD Quality output
5.      120 inch Maximum projected image (best projection image at 11 feet that 100 inches diagonally)
6.      Built in Speakers


1.      DC power input
2.      3.5mm audio output jack for External Speakers
3.      HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)  and the very rare MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) Connectors


1.      Included Roku HDMI Streaming Stick
2.      Remote Control for an extra US$20

Diminutive in size, it’s a 2-hour Battery Life promises a box of portable Streaming fun and is that type of device that’ll make you exclaim “Why didn’t someone think of this before?”. Carry one of these to a House Party in Rural Clarendon that’s dying for some entertainment  or folks camping out at YS Falls sans Television and once you’ve got Wi-Fi you can stream content from the following, provided you’ve got an account of course:

1.      Netflix, now in Jamaica albeit the review by fellow blogger Ramone’s review on the Netflix for the Caribbean in “Netflix a NetJoke” isn’t that great
2.      Amazon Instant
3.      Hulu Plus
4.      MLB.TV
5.      Vudu
6.      HBO Go
7.      Any Source of Streamable content from a HDMI or MHL Compatible source

The first in the Pico Projector Class to include an accessory that useful outside of the Device, namely the Roku HDMI Streaming Stick, it’ll also connect to any Video Source i.e. Laptop or smartphone that can handle an HDMI or MHL compatible connector. Roku HDMI Streaming Stick, equally versatile, able to connect to any TV or Laptop that’ll support its connector type. 

At US$300 with a US$99 Roku HDMI Streaming Stick included, it’s truly a decent value for what’s effectively an all-in-one Gadget. For an extra US$20, you can’t be a Scrooge and not get the Gaming Remote Control; the control buttons buttons on the smoothly finished plastic are a grease magnet.

The only drawbacks with this product is that white’s not my favourite colour, as that’ll get dirty after a while after frequent handling. Also the Plastic door is easily breakable, making it necessary to pack this little portable funhouse in its own carry case. The Audio isn’t too great, necessitating that you pack it with some Bluetooth Speakers as described in my Geezam blog article entitled “Apple patents Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds as Wireless Bluetooth Speakers take Flight.

But if you consider the takeaway, it’ll sparkle as a unique Christmas gift: you’re getting Pico Projector that not only great for the Great Outdoors but also a replacement for you TV if you’re into Netflix. Best of all, it’s decent enough to provide Corporate-styled Projection capability on the go for that classy presentation from your Laptop, smartphone or Tablet streamed over Wi-Fi or via HDMI or MHL connector……and look no wires! Truly, the 3M Roku Streaming Projector is the ultimate Mystery Machine for Parties and Corporate Show-and-Tell!

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