My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: ATL goes into Alternative Energy at the same time JPSCo goes into Retail of Energy Saving Gear

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

ATL goes into Alternative Energy at the same time JPSCo goes into Retail of Energy Saving Gear

“There has been a significant investment in ATL Energy Solutions with additional developments in the pipeline, including the rebranding of our store in the Manor Park location as a fully outfitted eco-store, the first of its kind in Jamaica”

 ATL's Energy and Engineering Manager, Paul Grey

ATL (Appliance Traders Limited) is certainly on a roll this year! And that roll’s been heavily linked to Alternative Energy. They’ve recently scored a coup with the GOJ (Government of Jamaica) introducing ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel).

Their run in Alternative energy, a Field in Jamaica that set to be worth Billions of Dollars, began last year in November 2012 when they became sole distributors of Water Heater for Nimrod Industries Limited as noted in “ATL enters solar water heater market”, published Friday November 30, 2012, The Jamaica Gleaner.

They’ve now decided to diversify their business push further into Alternative Energy solutions by creating a new division within their company called ATL Energy Solutions as explained in “ATL to launch first eco-store for appliances”, by Avia Collinder, Business Writer, Published Sunday April 21, 2013, The Jamaica Gleaner.

Coincidentally this is venture was launched only two (2) weeks after JPS Co (Jamaica Public Service Company) had decided to venture into retail and sell Energy Saving and Auditing Gear and LED Light Bulbs but curiously stopping short of selling Solar Panels as noted in “JPS enters retail market Selling customers products to cut energy cost”, by Sacha Walters-Gregory, Staff Reporter, Published Monday April 8, 2013, The Jamaica Gleaner.

With the new Division comes a new flagship store in Manor Park, aptly named ATL Elite that specializes in the sale of Alternative Energy gear from its partners:

1.      DAB
2.      Israeli based Nimrod Industries Limited
3.      Ontario-based Canadian Solar Inc
4.      Panasonic
5.      Prizm
6.      Samsung

Their first customer? They of course, did so using Solar Power Gear from Panasonic to take ATL Automotive Showroom on Oxford Road off the grid in a demonstration of the capabilities of Panasonic’s Gear as described in “ATL Auto showrooms go solar”, published Wednesday, July 10, 2013 by Kimone Thompson, The Jamaica Observer.

This Alternative Energy market, dear reader, is US$20 million dollar market that has less than 30 players and is set to expand since October 2013 with the Scotia and the VMBS offer Alternative Energy Loans as stated in my blog article entitled “ScotiaBank and VMBS now offering Alternative Energy Loans - Rise of the Guardians to make Solar Power affordable to Jamaicans”.

So ATL’s Diversification into Alternative energy products such as Water Heaters, Solar Panels, inverter Air Conditioners and LED (Light Emitting Diode Bulbs) comes at a time when the Ministry of Technology is looking to make solar panels in Jamaica with help from the Cuban Government as explained in my blog article entitled “Jamaica and Cuba collaborate on Solar Panels Production in Jamaica to connect the last 3% - Jamaica's rebranding of the REP to the JESL started the Alternative Energy Hunger Games Catching Fire”.

Now that it’s July 2013, the month of JPS Co launch of Prepaid Power as explained in my blog article entitled “Prepaid Power coming in July 2013 - A Chip, a Pebble a Rock and a Block would make Prepaid Power The Kings of Summer” expect interest in anything to reduce the electricity bills to increase. Thus making ATL Elite The Gransmaster (2013) in a burgeoning Alternative Energy Field in Jamaica.

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