My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: PSiO Mind Booster glasses helps you experience Psychedelic high sans drugs - How to produce Electronically Induced Hallucinations

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

PSiO Mind Booster glasses helps you experience Psychedelic high sans drugs - How to produce Electronically Induced Hallucinations

Are you suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or Depression? I’d normally recommended smoking some of that “sup’n deh” that’ll make you to Cloud 9 or extracting the THC (TetraHydro Canbnabinol) and using it for personal “Trips” as described in my blog article entitled “THC Extract as a prescription pain killer - A Limitless Long Term Bio-Fuel Future for Jamaica”.

But as this is not the forum for recommending psychedelic Drugs, I then make this proposition: what if you could get the psychedelic high without drugs and in the process hyponitize your problems away?

Then this product that recently debuted at the CE Week in New York, the PSiO Mind Booster, does the same thing as described in “PSiO Mind Booster glasses sends you on an audiovisual stimulation – without the drugs”, published June 26, 2013 By Natt Garun, DigitalTrends. It’s available for US$375 based on the posting for the PSiO Mind Booster on Amazon.

A pair of obnoxious looking glasses, it caught my eye while trolling the Interwebs as it’s an interesting gadget that taps into a little known phenomenon: Electronically Induced Hallucinations without Drugs as explained in the article “How To Hallucinate Without Drugs (Top 10)”, viewed July 2 2013 by Lindsworth Deer, PsyLab.

Summarizing the reference article, there are various ways this can be done without the PSiO Mind Booster:

1.      Light
2.      Dance
3.      Breathing and Meditation
4.      Sleep Deprivation
5.      Dreaming
6.      Cheese
7.      Nutmeg
8.      Isolation Tanks/Flotation tanks
9.      Magnets
10.  Drumming

The easiest way is as describe in this picture below.

I haven’t tried this as yet, but it it’s anything like the movie Altered States (1980) or Inception (2010) as described in my blog article entitled “Salvia, THC and Shared Dreaming - Altered States meets Inception” , I might give it a whirl. Most of these method works via disassociation i.e. tricking you mind to let go of reality. Optical methods via taking advantage of the varying speeds and conductivity of the optic nerves, thus making the brain reinterpret what it sees and making you realize that the world around you is just an illusion constructed for you mind to feel comfortable.

The PSiO Mind Booster is basically an AR (augmented Reality) visor with light-deflecting lens. It packs 2 earbuds to induce sounds that increase the level of sensory deprivation and thus boost the dissociation with reality, the basis behind how the gadget works.  PSiO Mind Booster is wireless and can be recharged via USB cable, albeit inductive charging might be good for this device being as it’s very heavy on the head after extended periods of wear.

Its programmed light show is designed by doctors so it’s not a case that the company is trying to mess with your head. All told the device can assist you with:

1.      Mentally fatigue
2.      Addiction
3.      Weight loss 
4.      Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
5.      Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
6.      Depression

So folks if you go US$345 burning a hole in your pocket and worries on your mind, try out the PSiO Mind Booster and ease your worried mind!

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