My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How to Make your own DIY Notebook Holder and Cooler

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to Make your own DIY Notebook Holder and Cooler

If you read my Geezam article entitled “Tips and Tricks on how to make your computer run faster if it’s running slow” you’d realize that getting your computer to work better is usually related to software issues, rarely hardware. In the off case that you haven’t cleaned out your computer for quite awhile or it quite old, hardware is the cause of it working slowly and overheating.

My Laptop is a little overdue for its internal cleaning. Worse, I’ve had it for quite awhile in a dusty environment and I’m really not interested in opening her up and spending yet another lazy Sunday trying to clean out her internals. If you’re that kinda person, then maybe this DIY (Do it Yourself) Project is for you. It involves building your very own Solar powered Notebook Holder and Cooler.

You’ll basically need:

1.      PVC Pipe Fittings and Elbows
2.      Tangit
3.      Spray Paint of your colour of choice
4.      Hacksaw
5.      Bicycle Inner Tube
6.      Cardboard

7.      Solar Charger

The instructions are simple as following the picture above:

1.      Cut the PVC Pipe fitting to length of your Laptop as shown above using the Hacksaw, sanding them off with the sandpaper
2.      Fit them together using Tangit as shown above.
3.      Cut rectangular strips of the Bicycle Inner Tubing.
4.      Glue these Bicycle Inner Tubing strips using Pattex to the parts of the design that will be in contact with surfaces.
5.      Let the pieces dry and set for 40 minutes.
6.      Take the assembly into a well ventilated area and spray paint it with your colour of choice
7.      Let it dry for about 1 hour
8.      Get ready to test out your design with your Laptop. It should run quieter as a well as cooler

Cleaning your Laptop – the Ultimate DIY courtesy of the helpful Citizens on YouTube

This assembly helps as it elevates your Laptop off the surface. Thus the air is able to circulate under the Laptop and thus keep it cool. As an additional bonus, you can purchase some Computer Fans and connect it to a Solar Charger and use it to cool the Laptop.

However, while this may increase you laptop’s efficiency, the Solar trickle Chargers on Amazon and other online shopping Resources are quite expensive. So too is connecting your cooling fan to the Electricity Grid in your house, which is sure to run up your electricity Bill.

If this assembly doesn’t work for your Laptop as it does for mine, perhaps its time you paid a visit to YouTube by looking up the video for your particular Laptop using the model number as a search term and basically learn how to disassemble it and clean it innards with a can of Compressed air, Camel Hair Brush and a bottle of Ethyl Alcohol aka Rum Bar Rum. I guarantee you once it’s cleaned out, it’ll not only run a lot cooler but you’ll notice a spike in performance in your laptop as well!

Take Care of your laptop and it’ll take care of you!

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