My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How to find work in Jamaica at Call Centers - Immigrating Permanently to work in Canada as a Skilled Worker

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to find work in Jamaica at Call Centers - Immigrating Permanently to work in Canada as a Skilled Worker

Working in a Call Center? Want to leave that environment and go somewhere foreign? If getting work locally isn’t working out, especially if you don’t have any links as noted in my blog article entitled “How to find work in Jamaica at Call Centers - While Moonlighting on a Call Center Salary Jamaican Jobs listed Online so you can Hunt for your Dream Job”, you can always see work abroad.

But where? The economic Turmoil in the US of A created by the 2008 Recession is still ongoing. So technically speaking, unless you’re going to school in the US of A, going to America isn’t really a great option now, especially as they’re tightening their immigration policy.

How about immigrating to Canada?

Check your Canadian Embassy – Applying as a Skilled Worker and Permanent Residency

So anywhere else except US of A. Canada has great work options, oweing to the fact that their population is sparse and they’re on the prowl for well-educated individuals i.e. Degrees in certain skill areas such as my Degree in Electronics and Chemistry, to come and not only work but settle and become citizens of Canada.

And contrary to as advertized on TV, you don’t need to fork over a bag of money; just got to the Canadian Embassy Website and take their prequalification assessment to see if you qualify to become a citizen of Canada.

Just visit the website for the Canadian Embassy and check their requirements for Applying as a Skilled Worker. There are other ways you can immigrate to Canada, but trust me, it’s best to go over as a Skilled worker! So go to the Application for a Skilled Worker and start the process there!

Work in Canada – How to find work in Canada if you don’t know a Soul over there

Canada gives priority to persons who are holders of a 1st Degree. Canada also is short on not only people but also certain skills. The best way to apply for work in Canada is via the Ministry of Labour and Social Security is currently engaged in sourcing the following skill areas:

1.      Class 1 Drivers
2.      Fast Food Restaurant workers
3.      Truck and Transport mechanics
4.      Welders
5.      Meat Cutters
6.      Restaurant Cooks
7.      Food Service Managers
8.      Servers
9.      Front Desk Attendant/Night Auditor

For these above positions you need to have t least 2-5 years experience and you apply via the email with a detailed Resume like mine.
Canada also requires highly skilled Professionals, the so called Red Seal Certified personnel for the following positions:

1.      Machine Fitters
2.      Industrial Instrument Technicians
3.      Electrician
4.      Instrument Technician
5.      Machinist
6.      Mechanical Fitter
7.      Millwright
8.      Pipefitters

To apply for the these positions, you must be Red Seal Certified, an act which the Ministry of Labour and Social Security will undertake once you can prove that you have over five (5) years experience in that particular field. Also you need to email a detailed Resume like mine to or for consideration.

Note: remember you’re seeking work. Thus your Resume should be tweaked to be as detailed as possible with an emphasis on your Work Experience and any Certification you may have pertinent to the job.

Third party companies claiming that they can give you work in Canada may not be so authorized, despite being registered to do so. In fact, from a purely logical point of view, the mere fact that you can go to the website for the Canadian Embassy and check their requirements for Applying as a Skilled Worker should indicate to you, dear reader, that you can also do the same and work in Canada, as they’re either scamming you or you’re paying for them to do the research for you.

Going to Canada – Don’t forget to pack Warm Clothing as its cold by November

At this point the only thing you need to worry about is Travel, Accommodations and Clothing, most of which your sponsor will provide for you once you reach. Remember once it touches October, it’s basically Fall and very cold in Canada, something to which you can acclimatize in a mere three (3) months.

Having a Degree from a local University makes you very desirable to the Canadians. Also make sure that at the time of Application for your Canadian VISA, a have a letter for the employer as well as a detailed Bank statements and titles for all you own i.e. House, Land, Car, etc to demonstrate to the Immigration Officer that you have strong connections to Jamaica. Despite your plans to emigrate permanently, you’re aim is really to secure a Work Permit to work in Canada, so it’s really a matter of the luck of the day and who’ll interview you on that day.

That’s a wrap! As I’ve pointed out, it’s best to apply directly at the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, located just down from The Gleaner Company on North Street! My next article’ll focus on Scholarships in the USA and Canada that Jamaicans and other International Students can qualify. Until then, all you have to do is “Try”, Tessanne Chin Style.
For more information you can email me your Canadian Immigration questions at

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