My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Why @Google Inc as Alphabet Inc means better Business Structure and Engineering Project Success

Monday, August 10, 2015

Why @Google Inc as Alphabet Inc means better Business Structure and Engineering Project Success

Say Goodbye to Google and say hello to a new company: Alphabet!!

The company more famous for its Search Engine, YouTube and Google Android OS is now Alphabet Inc, an Umbrella group which Google is a part of as reported in the article “Google creates new parent company called Alphabet”, published August 10, 2015, by Richard Nieva, CNET News.

Their new website for Alphabet Inc will be . No folks, this isn’t a joke; click on it and it’ll take you to a page that looks like this.

The news, which was relayed in a nine hundred and eighty (980) word blog post published Monday, August 10th, 2015 by founder and CEO Larry Paige entitled “G is for Google”, explained in great detail as to why Google has decided to rebrand at this time.

Google will still trade under the stock tickers GOOG and GOOGL, but the company Google Inc. will now be a part of their Alphabet Inc Group of Companies. Alphabet's CEO will be Larry Paige and Sergey Brin becomes Alphabet's President. 

Meanwhile Google's Vice President of products Sundar Pichai has been promoted to CEO of Google, which will be one of the alphabet soup of companies that are a part of the Alphabet's Umbrella Group of companies as listed in the article “The A to Z of Alphabet, the company that now owns Google”, published August 10, 2015 by Ross Miller, the Verge.  

Ok, so now that this has been cleared up, how does this restructuring make Google operate more efficiently?

Google is now Alphabet – Google focuses on Mobile while Alphabet Expands

Under the new structure, Alphabet will be the Umbrella company responsible for all of Google's current and previous ventures as noted in “Google Just Made the Biggest Change in the Company’s History”, published Monday August 10 2015 by TIME.

Google will exist as one of Alphabet's many companies, responsible specifically for:

1.      Google Search
2.      Google Ads
3.      Google Maps
4.      Google Apps
5.      YouTube
6.      Google Android

Meanwhile all of Google's previous ventures including those mentioned at Google I/O 2015 in May 2015 as detailed in my Geezam blog article entitled “Google I/O 2015 – Google Android VR coming + more Android Wear” will now fall under the Alphabet Inc. Group of Companies.

With Google now being managed by Sundar Pichai as CEO of Google as explained in “Meet Alphabet, Google’s New Corporate Boss As Sundar Pichai Takes Over The Search Company”, published Monday August 10 2015 by Drew Olanoff and Frederic Lardinois , Techcrunch, the rest of the world now has to get use to calling them by the new name Alphabet.

So far, Google, er, I mean Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt thinks the name is cool, and so do I:

This includes the following companies in the actual phonetic Alphabet:

1.      Alphabet
2.      Boston Dynamics
3.      Calico
4.      Capital
5.      Fiber
6.      Google
7.      Hooli
8.      Life Sciences
9.      Nest
10.  Ventures (investment)
11.  X lab

So what are the other companies that Google plans to form in the future? We'll probably have to wait until Google I/O 2016 to find out!

The Logic of Alphabet - Why an Alphabet Structure means better on Project Success

I suspect that as time goes along, Google will fill out the other parts of the alphabet with other companies, thus bringing order to the chaos of acquisitions and new ventures that Google has announced over the years. In so doing, it'll give these separate companies more autonomy and also allow them to focus more on making themselves profitable.

The reason why Google is doing this is so that Google can focus on monetizing Google Search, YouTube and Google Android while Alphabet will continue research, filling out parts of  their alphabet of companies as explained in “Here’s Why Google Is Making the Titanic Shift to ‘Alphabet’”, published Monday August 10 2015 by Alex Fitzpatrick, TIME.

Hopefully, we'll hear more news about Alphabet.

But for now, on paper, I personally like the move, as restructuring and rebranding with an identity that so closely reflects the company’s actual structure instead of its previous confusing structure makes sense to me.

It also protects them from future lawsuits, as with the company now in so many parts, it become a little harder for lawyers to take aim at an easy target that Google was. Now that they’re smaller pieces, people will have to think twice before taking legal action over a product that clearly said it was a “beta”, especially as Google is now expanding into so many areas.

As for the name, that will take some time for people to get used to, as it's really more smexy i.e. functional and fashionable.

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