My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How JA$5 million salaries in Britain means English Teacher Exodus from Ministry of Education

Sunday, March 13, 2016

How JA$5 million salaries in Britain means English Teacher Exodus from Ministry of Education

Psst, English Teachers, if you're looking to get a job in the UK with salaries as high as £28,841 (JA$5 million) per annum, then now’s your chance. And apologies for the bad grammar, I'm a Math and Science Teacher myself!

Anyhoo, this ad came out in the Sunday Gleaner dated March 6th 2016.

Churchfield and Housefield Primary Schools is looking for trained Degree wielding Teachers for all subjects, not just Mathematics and Science as noted in “London Calling! Another round of UK teacher recruitment now on”, published March 12, 2016, Loop News

This as there is a crisis in Britain as there is an acute shortage of teachers, particularly English Teachers due to recruitment by foreign countries looking to teach their children English as noted in “Warning over England's 'teacher brain drain'”, published 26 February 2016 By Hannah Richardson, BBC News

There is also a lack of interest from College Graduates to enter into Teaching due to lower pay and the tax free salaries in places like Dubai as noted in “Golden handcuffs for teachers won’t solve the staffing crisis in our schools”, published Sunday 28 February 2016 by Laura McInerney, The UK Guardian.

All this means that the JA$250,000 per month (after Tax) salary being recommended by Educate Jamaica might not even dent the coming mass exodus as predicted in my blog article entitled “Why Educate Jamaica says JA$250,000 monthly for Ministry of Education Mathematics and Science Teachers”.

Churchfield and Housefield Primary Schools - Housing and 1 months advanced salary in London

In fact, Churchfield and Housefield Primary Schools are not only willing to pay this much, but have thrown in housing and 1 months advanced salary for qualified applicants. Here are the addresses for the schools for those of you familiar with England:

Churchfield Primary School
Latymer Road
London, N9 9PL

Houndsfield Primary School
Ripon road
London N9 7RE

So are Jamaican Teachers interested in working in London? And what can the Ministry of Education do about this problem?

Massive English Teacher Exodus from Jamaica coming - Why Increase Salaries for Mathematics and Science Teachers will not work

Something tells me at £28,841 (JA$5 million) per annum, Jamaican Teachers have already packed their bags, ready to brave the cold and culture of London, England in order to make a better life for themselves.

So JTA (Jamaica Teachers' Association) President, Norman Allen seems to have been right after all, as the global demand causing the brain drain isn't just in Mathematics and Sciences; it’s in all Teaching disciplines as argued in my blog article entitled “Why JA$100,000 won't Stop Mathematics and Science Teachers as Braindrain will accelerate”.

And despite plan by the Ministry of Education to impose yearly quotas on recruiters, something tells me that this is the tip of the iceberg.

Other subject teachers will suddenly see a demand as globally, teacher training is on the decline and teacher shortages in the UK accelerate as reported in “Let universities help tackle the teacher training crisis”, published February 18, 2016 By Maureen Glackin, Times Higher Education.

For those of you who are curious, check out their website or email or call 0044 208 807 2458 for more details!

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