My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How C'estec Foop Portable Garden makes Japanese Hydroponic IoT Gardening Easy


Saturday, April 30, 2016

How C'estec Foop Portable Garden makes Japanese Hydroponic IoT Gardening Easy

Japanese people, it seems, have a penchant for making very weird gadgets.

Take the Food, a portable desktop garden made by Japanese company C'estec as detailed in the article “The Foop lets you grow a garden in your kitchen”, published April 28, 2016 by Adam Bolton, CNET News.

The toaster oven contraption has a name that's an acronym of “food” and “people” and costs US$360 (¥38,800). It weights roughly 8 kg (16 pounds) and has dimensions of 498mm by 326mm by 320mm.Despite its odd cradle look, this contraption lets apartment-bound Japanese people grow their own vegetables indoors. 

Rather than plant your seeds in soil, the Foop comes with moisture-rich sponge pods to make thing grow, kind of like a hydroponics garden as described in my Geezam blog article entitled “Solar Powered Organic Farming for Jamaica’s Food Security”.

So how is this better than you growing your veggies in a backyard garden?

C'estec Foop Portable Gardens – How Apartment Dwellers can grow their food organically

Remember, this is for people who have no backyard space to grow stuff in the first place.

Still, I can cut some glass bottles and make a hydroponics Wick Garden housed in a wooden box as described in my blog article entitled “How to Cut Glass Bottles to make a Rooftop Garden Wick-Based Hydroponic System”.

It also appeals to the smartphone generation, as the Food has LED lights that are controlled by a Smartphone App. It's bristling with other sensors such as an environmental regulation fans, CO2 sensors and a small hand pump to pump water. The Foop App also control the humidity an as well as the temperature, allowing you to precisely grow up to twenty (20) different plants.

Looks like growing you own vegetables is in our future, especially as we'll all be living in cities by 2100 as noted in my blog article entitled “How Bio-Bean is making Biofuel F Coffee Waste as Coruscant looms”. 

So like it or not, Agricultural towers may be in our distant future as noted in my blog article entitled “How IGES Canada Ltd Vertical Hydroponic Aquaponic Towers make low cost Organic foods”. 

I guess in the future, this may be how people grow their food organically.

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