My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How to find work in Jamaica at Call Centers - Tritel Services Jamaica seeking TSA’s with Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA Certifications

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How to find work in Jamaica at Call Centers - Tritel Services Jamaica seeking TSA’s with Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA Certifications

Folks and Call Center peeps at Advantage, Xerox and Startek, I've got news more exciting than the possibility that Rainforest Seafoods Lionfish Fillet might be coming to Mother's Enterprises as predicted in my MICO Wars blog article entitled “How Rainforest Seafoods Lionfish will end up as Mother’s Lionfish Patty”.

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If you're in possession of a degree in IT or Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA certifications, you might be inclined to become a TSA (Technical Service Agent) instead of a CSA (Customer Service Agent).

After all, all we CSA's do all day is handle calls that are for the most part very simple as I currently do at Advantage Call Center as pointed out in my blog article entitled “How to find work in Jamaica at Call Centers - A Brief Listing of Call Center Job Openings in New Kingston”.

So for those techie peeps, there is Tritel Services Jamaica, which is secretly seeking persons with such qualifications to expand their Call Center. The Technical Certifications needed to work at Tritel Services Jamaica are as follows:

1.      A+
2.      Network+
3.      CCNA
4.      CCNP
5.      Microsoft Certified Professional
6.      Degree in Information Technology

Past experience as a TSA is great according to my sources at Tritel Services Jamaica, especially if that experience involved fixing:

1.      Personal computers
2.      Electronic devices
3.      Networking
4.      Mobile products
5.      Applications

Being well spoken, and possessing a proficiency in Microsoft packages will also help. My sources at Tritel Services Jamaica tell me the jobs pay over JA$400 but you’ll be required to submit the following as part of the interview/evaluation process:

1.      Updated resume
2.      2 passport size photos
3.      Educational qualifications
4.      Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
5.      Valid Government issued photo identification
6.      TRN & NIS cards
7.      P45 (if applicable)

Application are sent to this email:

Interestingly too, you'll also be required to submit the following, an indication of how stringent Call Centers are becoming:

1.      Police record certificate
2.      Drug test

So are there other like Tritel Services Jamaica

Tritel Services Jamaica and BPO in Jamaica - Slow Silent Expansion of the Call Center Juggernaut

Tritel Services Jamaica is one of six (6) new companies that launched in 2016 as noted in “New BPO Companies Coming”, Published Friday February 12, 2016 by Tameka Gordon, The Jamaica Gleaner

These six (6) new Call Centers are:

1.      Quality Works Consulting Group
2.      PCR Nearshore
3.      Advanced Call Centre Technologies
4.      MJ Contact Solutions
5.      DG Call Sales Solutions Limited
6.      Tritel Services Jamaica

This translates into a lot of potential in 2016 and beyond as the silently ramp up of these Call Centers picks up pace:

1.      3,237 jobs
2.      2,047 permanent
3.      1,190 temporary posts

Currently the BPO sector in Jamaica consists of some 40 companies providing some 17,000 jobs. Albeit it's not going to make you wealthy, it's worth keeping your ears to the ground and watching your WhatsApp groups.

Buying and reading the Sunday Gleaner and even placing an Ad in the Sunday Gleaner seeking work isn't a bad idea either as explained in my blog article entitled “How to find work in Jamaica at Call Centers - How to use a Call Center to Hunt for your Dream Job”. 

So keep an eye and ear out for Tritel Services Jamaica as these other Call Center present opportunities for the more technically skilled specialists seeking upward mobility in a world based on providing service to customer on behalf of clients.

Here’s the link:
Tritel Services Jamaica

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