My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Why IAE goal of 600 million electric vehicles in 2040 needs Developed World Subsidies


Friday, December 29, 2017

Why IAE goal of 600 million electric vehicles in 2040 needs Developed World Subsidies

There are now more than 2 million electric cars on the world's roads.
So says this explainer video from the IAE (International Energy Agency) on their Twitter page:

This is more than the 1 million sold in 2015. Interestingly, 40% of them are in China!!

Despite their bad track record on pollution, they are leader in the use of Alternative energy as pointed out in my blog article entitled “IEA says Solar PV is fastest growing Energy source while Jamaica is adopting LNG”. 

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All told, China has managed to electrify quite a bit of their transportation infrastructure:
1.      2 million electric Bikes
2.      4 million small low speed electric vehicles
3.      350,000 electric buses

But it's not just China that is showing impressive growth in going Electric.

Progress in the Developed World - 10 accounts for 95% which is still 0.2% of the global vehicles

Progress is popping up all over the world, albeit 95% of the electric vehicle adoption is in the following five (5) Developed World Countries:

1.      Britain
2.      Canada
3.      China
4.      France
5.      Germany
6.      Japan
7.      Netherlands
8.      Norway
9.      Sweden
10.  United States

Basically, most of the major oil producing countries that have large budgets can afford to make the switch in terms of vehicles and supporting infrastructure.

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All told, 2 million electric vehicles plus all those sold before only account for 0.2% of the global vehicle sold and on the roads.

Developing World Countries and Electric Vehicles - Subsidies needed along with Renewable Energy

To really effect change and reduce the global temperature caused by fossil fuels based motor vehicles, 600 million of them have to be sold by 2040.

The best solution is quite the most obvious; ban the production of not only fossil fuels based motor vehicles but the internal combustion engine altogether. Wealthier countries such as those mentioned above need to push for electric vehicles in Developing World countries such as Jamaica.

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This can be achieved by providing economic subsidies for electric vehicles and electric charging infrastructure programs. Also, the introduction f cheaper sources of electricity from Renewable resources are needed such as from Wind Energy as detailed in my Geezam blog article entitled “How PCJ Offshore Windfarm may be used to export Hydrogen and Uranium”.

Technical expertise to build and maintain these electric vehicles and electric charging infrastructure programs also needs to be dessimated freely.

If the First World wants the Developing World to make the switch to electric vehicles to save the planet, this has to be done, as for us, fossil fuels based motor vehicles are still cheaper to operate. Otherwise these electric vehicles will be costly and contribute to pollution indirectly through combustion by Fossil fuel based power plants.

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