My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Funding Haiti reconstruction is the responsibility of the French, as it is their “property”

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Funding Haiti reconstruction is the responsibility of the French, as it is their “property”

The people of Haiti are finally free, and best of all the French will have to pay for the rebuilding of Haiti, with CARICOM getting the bulk of this money to rebuild Haiti, as slyly alluded by the article “That US21b debt to Haiti”, published Sunday January 21 2010, by Peta-Anna Baker, The Sunday Gleaner.

More earthquakes are coming, as most of the Caribbean, Latin America and California lies on a series of interconnected fault lines. But it gets stranger from this point on, as all is not as it seems. There is a strong, albeit overlooked possibility that the earthquakes were deliberately created to place Haiti in a position to receive debt forgiveness.

The patterns of the earthquakes seem similar to that of those that occurred in 2004 in Sumatra, near Banda Aceh, a name which literally means “port”.

The earthquake signatures of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Haiti on Tuesday 12th January 2010 at 4:53 pm have a huge aperiodic spike just before the initial stable periodic pattern, indicating a steady oscillation typical of a normal earthquake, suggesting that the earthquake were deliberately triggered by a powerful undersea force of a man made nature.

This can be easily achieved via a device planted on the seafloor that produces high powered pulses of microwaves that pump directly down into the earth, causing the earth to resonate, much in the same way loud music from a sound system can make the windows of your house rattle, a practical example of resonance.

The energy output of the device, which I call a Microwave Resonance Generator, would have to be almost 1000 Megawatt or one (1) terawatt, so it can only be fired once, and thus would have to be nuclear powered, possibly using a nuclear submarine as the power source. In short, the earthquake in Haiti may have been weapons test for Project Sleeping Beauty, related to HAARP (High Frequency Altitude Auroral Research Project).

HAARP is a military installation funded by the Department of Energy and run by the United States Military.

It is located in northern Alaska that has an array of antennas designed to basically fire a narrow beam of microwave radiation at energy levels exceeding one (1) terawatt with the intention to lift a portion of the ionosphere into Outer Space, thus creating a plasma shield that could destroy missiles in their trajectories, jam communications and alter the weather, its current main civilian purpose.

I know this as when I was and Electronics and Telecommunications engineering student at UTECH between the years 1997 to 2000, a lot of my foreign contacts on the online were college students who worked on Project HAARP as the Government of the United States of America recruits engineering and physicists to work on these Projects in the summer periods and as part of their Masters or PhD work.

For reference, you can talk to former United States of America Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld, as well former CIA Director William Henry Gates who served under the George W. Bush Administration and are no longer under executive orders and can give details on these and other related projects.

Such as Project Super Excalibur, a Space based laser that eventually became a plan for an orbital solar power station to beam power as microwaves down to Californian as stated in the article “California gives green light for Space-based solar” published December 3, 2009 2:03 PM PST by Martin LaMonica, CNET News.

Project Sleeping Beauty, upon which the existence of the Microwave Resonance Generator device is predicated, built with patents from Dr. Bernard Eastland, Plasma Physicist and originally based on work by Nikola Tesla, the father of Modern Research into Radio Wave Applications and after who the Tesla Coil is named.

Project Super Excalibur is also related to a US based military contractor named Raytheon, but this cannot be substantiated at the time of writing this letter.

Despite what many may think of my ramblings about USA military projects, no matter which way ones spins it, Haiti benefits.

Their country destroyed, France, to whom they had already paid US$21 billion in money owed for loss of property in the Haitian Revolution almost 200 years ago, is now liable

This as France still claims to, in the words of former French Presidents Francois Mitterand, Jaques Chirac and now current French President Nicholas Sarkozy, to “have an interest in Haiti”, mainly due to the fact that there are living descendants of the planters who had originally borrowed money from the Bankers in France and England to finance their plantations and slaves.

Thus France had not only cancelled her EU 58 million (US$ 84 million), but she has urged other members of the Paris Club, mostly wealthy billionaires, industrialists and bankers, to cancel Haiti debts (loans) as stated in the article “France to Cancel Haitian Debt”, published January 17 2010, Associated Press, , The Sunday Gleaner.

Jamaica benefits, as the USA under the auspices of the United States of America Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton has put Jamaica and CARICOM in charge of rebuilding Haiti. This means billions of dollars will be made available over the next fifteen (15) years for rebuilding Haiti.

France is obligates to pay, as according to the original contract that the Haitian freedom fighters Desallines, Boukman and Toussaint le Overture had signed with the French and English nearly 200 years ago, Haiti had to pay for French loss of property (slaves, land, plantation, etc).

But according to the contract (and any contract for that matter!!), Haiti would be considered eligible unless an “Act of God” i.e. major hurricane, earthquake, disease outbreak that killed a majority of Haiti population and destroyed their ability to repay.

Thus the earthquake ironically fits the bill.

Even more poetic justice, for those in John Public with an eye for historical firsts, is that thanks to France and other leading world powers insistence over the years that the French planters via the French Government, who represented the bankers in France and England, were owed money for the loss of their property, the French will now have to pay back the US21 billion dollars to fund the rebuilding of Haiti.

John Bertrand de Aristide was, despite his past stripes and dictatorial style, was indeed correct, as Peta- Anna Baker, Coordinator of the Social Work Programme at the University of the West Indies has suggested in her article mentioned above.

With former PNP Prime Minister Percival James Patterson being put in charge of the CARICOM committee charged with rebuilding Haiti by the Prime Minister Bruce Golding and ODPEM coordinating the relief effort, all with the blessing of United States of America Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton

It is expected that when the CARICOM nations are finished with their planning, a very large contingent of contractors from the CARICOM member states (inclusive of Jamaica) will be getting contracts to do the massive undertaking of not only rebuilding the earthquake damaged sections of the island but also rebuilding the entire country.

Thus opportunities exist for not only Jamaica Contractors but also for Jamaican businesses and Telecoms Providers, as currently Digicel is the only Telecoms Provider in Haiti.

Thus, Haiti is a financial windfall for CARICOM to be rebuilt with the money that the Haiti had paid over to France  - which France is legally obligated, by contract to pay back in order to fix their now damaged “property”.

Vive la Haiti

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