My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: @TaylorSwift13 leaves Spotify – How Spotify’s continues to give 37.5 million users Globally Free Music who need to pay for Music Streaming

Sunday, November 16, 2014

@TaylorSwift13 leaves Spotify – How Spotify’s continues to give 37.5 million users Globally Free Music who need to pay for Music Streaming

Albeit Streaming is the future, a Fact recognized by most broadcast media and hence the reason why CBS (Canadian Broadcasting Service) decided to launch US$5.99 per month CBS All Access and then ad-supported CBSN recently as reported in my blog article entitled “CBSN Streaming News Portal Internationals - First Digital Streaming News Channel sponsored by Advertisers on your Browser”, it's clear that this a la carte model doesn’t make as much money as some would want.

Taylor Swift and her management basically pulled out of Spotify because they weren’t getting any money from Streaming of her Music as opposed to the sale of Physical and Digital Singles and Albums as explained in “Taylor Swift Explains Why She Left Spotify”, published NOV. 13, 2014, 12:16 PM by PAMELA ENGEL, Business Insider.

Ok folks, queue the Taylor Swift song Blank Space from her Album 1989, as that’s basically what Taylor Swift’s seeing on her royalty check, as the symbolism in the song suggest, the man actually symbolizing the Music Industry and her feminist views on her misogynistic relationship with the same.

So does this mean that the Streaming Model is just another fad? On the contrary not; it’s really about how the company monetizes its Stream and who’s paying.

After all, Taylor Swift spoke the incantation and called my name in her video. So here’s my 2 cents!

Taylor Swift and Spotify – Spotify’s giving away free Music to 37.5 million users worldwide

As far as the Music and Movie Industry are concerned, Streaming is a godsend!

It’s set to make them some US$1 billion this year even as the sale of Physical Media i.e. CD’s and DVD and downloading are falling off the cliff as noted in my blog article entitled “RIAA Stats on Music Streaming – Why 4G LTE and Cheaper Cloud Storage means downloads extinct”.

However, this may not trickle down to the Artist, which is why Taylor Swift and her management are obviously upset. Apparently they took a gander at Spotify’s Information Section….after reading my blog article above, of course, and got real pissed!

According to Spotify’s Information Section, which Taylor Swift's management may have perused, Spotify is loaded. They’ve got over 20 million songs from thousands of Artiste streaming to some 50 million subscribers worldwide, 12.5 million or just 25% of whom are actually paying the US$8.00 per month to stream multiple Albums from multiple Artiste. 

However since launch back  in 2011 as reported in my blog article entitled “Spotify and Freemium in the Cloud - Shake, Rattle and Roll love for Internationals”, they only paid out US$2 billion, which for 20 million songs works out to be about US$100 in Royalties being paid out to every Artiste in their stable per song SINCE Launch.

Albeit my math is skewed, my logic isn't.

That's actually less than the payout used to be when downloading was still king and you had to pay US$9.99 for Music Albums on Apple iTunes; after about ten (10) downloads, you'd have passed that figure for your Album that Spotify took three (3) years to achieve!

And the Swedish Meatball that's Spotify just looks to be getting fatter and fatter, gorging on some 20,000 new songs a day and promulgating the creating of some 1.5 billion playlists for the rest of their 37.5 million users to listen to Music that took a long time to produce in the studio.....for free.

Taylor Swift’s 1989 – Spotify need to get more of their users to pay for Music Streaming

My main complaint, being as I’m NOT an Artiste, is that I wish Spotify was in Jamaica.


Our Developing World country would run the website ragged with free Streaming. Most Jamaicans are Pirates of the Caribbean who’d welcome Spotify from these Stranger tides as noted in my blog article entitled “How to download High Quality Music via torrenting - The Mortal Instruments City of Bones used to get Free Music”.

But I understand why Taylor Swift is mad, albeit I seen no reason why she had to stick a picture of me in her Music video! Totally confused by that symbol!

Her Music is being streamed to a large global audience but her revenues are a mere US$500,000 from the US market as noted in the article “Spotify says it paid Taylor Swift millions. Her label disagrees. Here's the truth”, published November 13, 2014 09:36 am By Ben Popper, The Verge.

Brethren of the Illuminati, that figure should be much larger, larger than even the US$2 million from Global Streaming Revenue that Taylor Swift herself revealed considering the population size and the percentage of Americans with smartphones and their purchasing power to buy Music.

Similarly, Tessanne Chin, 2013 winner of The Voice, should be equally pissed.

After her Album Count on My Love wasn’t allowing her to count any significant revenue from downloads on Apple iTunes as noted in my blog article entitled “Why Tessanne Chin’s Count on My Love isn't selling – Streaming is now King as she needs to Experiment with Writing her OWN Songs”, her management apparently took my advice and decided to go the streaming route on Spotify.

Here’s a link to Tessanne Chin’s Album Count on My Love on Spotify, which already invites you to listen to her Music for free. It doesn’t say to get a monthly subscription upfront. Rather it offers the free option first.

This approach may explain why only 25% of Spotify’s 50 million users base pays to Stream.

And why Taylor Swift left Spotify and other Artiste may be considering leaving Spotify, quite justified in their actions. Spotify will have to rectify this, or more will leave as this isn’t logically sustainable from a business point of view; users have to pay for Music, not listen to it for free.

Then again most artiste can subsist on Touring but they still need Record Labels an Streaming Services to draw millions of fans to their Music, an industry only the Illuminati controlled Music Industry has the Money to Finance. This is a problem that affects not just Taylor Swift but the entire Music Industry, whoever really owns it, which is just now recovering for losses due to declining Downloads and Physical CD and DVD sales.

Nobody’s buying CD’s  and DVD’s and downloading is no longer cool in a world that has super fast 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) and Gigabit Fiber Optic Internet as noted in my blog article entitled “Gig.U Third Annual Report - Google Fiber's American Gigabit Internet Revolution as Jamaica starts Broadband Internet Revolution”.

Since Taylor Swift’s 1989 isn’t Streamable and free Music doesn’t make money, download it here and support the Artist:

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