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Monday, June 6, 2011

Intel and the UltraBook - Stephen King's MacBook and iPad Thinner Hex

He who fights and runs away
May live to fight another day.
But he that is in battle slain
Will never rise to fight again.

J. Ray, History of the Rebellion, (1749)

All is quiet on the home front here in the sleepy hamlet town of Milk River, Clarendon where I live. We are bracing for a week that looks increasingly filled with visages of flooded and muddy roads as the ODPEM (Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management) is prognosticating islandwide flooding as stated in the article “Flash flood watch still in effect”, published Sunday, June 05, 2011, The Jamaica Observer.

Evan Thomson, Acting Director of the NMS (National Meteorological Service) has polished off his crystal ball and is predicting ten (10) named hurricane systems this hurricane season as stated in the article “VIDEO: Jamaican forecasters predict up to 10 hurricanes”, published Wednesday, June 01, 2011 BY LUKE DOUGLAS Senior staff reporter, The Jamaica Observer.

My house, located in the middle of Rest Square, Milk River is eagerly anticipating the start of Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) on Monday June 6th 2011AD in San Francisco’s Moscone Center at 10am Eastern as stated in the article “Apple's Jobs to take the stage as iCloud hype grows”, published Sunday June 5, 2011 3:05 pm ET By Poornima Gupta, Reuters, Yahoo News.

Truly, Mac OS 10.1 “Lion” + iOS 5.0 + iCloud = WWDC! Five (5) days of Apple’s strategizing and speculation done away with between Monday June 6th 2011AD and Friday June 10th 2011AD!

WWDC is slated to last from Monday June 6th 2011AD to Friday June 10th 2011AD as previously noted in my blog article entitled “Apple and the WWDC in June 2011 - Space Above and Beyond Android” in which I expect will thoroughly be focused on strategies to combat the growing threat of Google Android in the smartphone and Tablet space.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be there in person to launch Apple’s iCloud as well as announce upgrades to Apple Mac OS 10.1 aka “Lion” and iOS 5.0 as stated in my blog article entitled “Apple iCloud and WWDC - Iron Eagle to be Top Gun in the Dangerzone”.

Google is increasingly beginning to sound a lot like Genghis Khan, with plans of world conquest with its latest version of Android codenamed Ice Cream, alphabetically next in line behind Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb as stated in my blog article entitled “Microsoft's Mango Update and Windows 8 - License to Kill in the Real World”.

The hype is also building for three (3) day E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) set to run its course from Tuesday June 7th 2011AD to Thursday June 9th 2011AD as stated in my Geezam Blog article entitled “Console Gaming’s Downfall – Future is up in the Clouds”?

The Nintendo Wii made its debut roughly five (5) years ago in November 19th 2006 as stated in my blog article entitled “Apple iPad in the Summer of 2010 - The Death of the Video Game Consoles”.

Despite the quirky name, it truly was a Revolution, which was the other name it had, as it made gamers out of non-gamers, especially females.

Nintendo is slated to debut a much improved Nintendo Wii for a 2012AD launch circa July 27th 2012AD, London Olympics 2012 time! This as stated in the article “Nintendo's Wii successor to dominate E3 expo”, published Sunday June 5 2011 11:51 am ET by DERRIK J. LANG, AP Entertainment Writer, Yahoo News. 

Scope out the CNET video entitled “CNET's E3 Preview” in which CNET Editor, Jeff Bakalar and compadres discuss what may be the most anticipated E3 Conference for some time.

This as the future of the Console Gaming Industry hangs in the balance in light of declining sales. Maybe it lies in the Cloud-Based Console Gaming Platforms such as Steam and OnLive as stated in my Geezam Blog article entitled “Console Gaming’s Downfall – Future is up in the Clouds”? Well see…

Hopefully, the Nintendo Wii will be packing the necessary upgrades in terms of faster processor, meatier memory, Cloud-Based GamePlay and (fingers crossed!!) support for a 3D Motion Capture Technology, possibly licensed from PrimeSense to make their own hardware as opined in my blog article entitled “Nintendo Wii vs Microsoft Kinect - War of the Worlds in Jodine Spark's BattleField”.

A Microsoft Kinect-like device for the Nintendo Wii!!

But with all this excitement about WWDC and E3, I must cast a wistful glance at the Laptop and Netbook Market, which the Apple iPad and Apple MacBook Air may along with the PC, gradually be making extinct as stated in my blog article entitled “Tablets and the Future of the PC - Jurassic Park and License to Kill” and in the Geezam Blog article entitled “Are we Witnessing Laptop and PC Extinction?”.

Surely the ultra thin architecture of these devices based around more power efficient SSD (Solid State Drives) has begun to make Silicon Valley Gadget designers design better devices as stated in the article “Dell Inspiron Duo and Solid State Drives - Charles Darwin and the Survival of the Fittest”!

Truly, this is Survival of the Fittest as coined from Sir Charles Darwin in his famed Theory of Evolution!

Seeing as people are more concerned about performance AND great specs, if only that the specs translate to great performance, as resplendent in the Apple MacBook Air as stated in my Geezam Blog article entitled “MacBook Air and FLASH-based Hard Drives: The Quest for Instant On”.

Intel realizes this now.

Which is why Intel has come up which a new category of device called UltraBooks as stated in the article “Intel 'Ultrabook' touts tablet-like features”, published May 30, 2011 8:49 PM PDT by Brooke Crothers, Nanotech, the Circuits Blog – CNET News.

Aside from Tablets and NC (Network Computers) or smartbooks of which Google ChromeBook is and example, UltraBooks would have specs like the Apple Macbook Air but with significantly better performance and lower prices, as the article “What's an 'Ultrabook'? Apple's already got one”, published MAY 31, 2011 6:40 PM PDT by Brooke Crothers, Nanotech, the Circuits Blog - CNET News prescribes:

  1. Two to three (2lb to 3lb) pounds
  2. 0.8 inches thickness
  3. Like a tablet, turns on instantly from standby mode.
  4. Speedy SSD or Hybrid Hard-Drives.
  5. i7 Core Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge Intel Processors
  6. Thunderbolt or USB 3.0 Ports ONLY
  7. 3G or 4G Modem support
  8. Power Management coupled with longer battery life and lighter batteries
  9. Sub US$1000 (barely), mimicking the Apple MacBook Air's US$999 pricetag

Hopefully this prescription will be followed by Laptop makers, as the demand for better performance and specs can be best expressed in the equation: SSD’s = Lower operating temperatures + better performance at lower processor speeds!

Truly, the threat of extinction is forcing Intel to make these specifications for the UltraBook as I had predicted would happen when the Apple iPad was making headway and pushing people towards better performance and specs in the Apple iPad and the Apple MacBook Air!

Apple has effectively cursed the PC Industry and Silicon Valley, by whispering in the ears of the American buying public and Intel a deadly hex: Thinner (1996).

Jamaica, too, will soon follow this trend of lighter, thinner UltraBooks. This as within six (6) months time, these changes will take place in a PC and Laptop World desperate to survive sagging sales visited upon them by the combined onslaught of the Apple iPad and the Apple MacBook Air!

This opinion I had voiced as part of my prediction back in April of 2009AD to a bunch of brain-dead Shurpower Generator Engineers is best expressed in the article “How the iPad changes PC design, part 2”, published MAY 22, 2011 12:02 PM PDT by Brooke Crothers, Nanotech, the Circuits Blog - CNET News.

So as of now, please open your textbooks on computing and cross out “Netbook”, “Laptop” and “PC” and replace them with:

  1. Tablet e.g. Apple iPad
  2. Smartbook e.g. Google ChromeBook
  3. UltraBook e.g. Dell Adamo

This as Apple has declared that not only is the “post PC era” as prophesied by Apple CEO Steve Jobs coming to pass, but just to make sure, they are doing all in their power to make it a reality as stated in the article entitled “Apple sees tablets soon outpacing PCs”, published JUNE 3, 2011 7:56 AM PDT by Lance Whitney, CNET NewsApple.

Follow Apple’s WWDC Conference at this Live Blog Link from CNET News.

See you at E3 and Apple’s WWDC!!

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