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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How to Mass Download Pictures from Website – How a Bulk Image Downloader can DownThemAll and SaveAllImages in the Cloud with Syiwe

There are a number of ways you can download pictures from a website. In a previous article, I focused primarily on downloading pictures from Facebook as noted in my Geezam blog article entitled “How to download Photo Albums and Videos from your Personal and your Friend’s Profile on Facebook”.

I also gave away, in great detail, how one can download pictures from Twitter as explained in my blog article entitled “How to Download Twitter user Pictures as Twitter makes Facebook Timeline changes”.

Once downloaded, you can uploaded them to Picasa and use them in your Blogger article or even as slideshows, which I detailed in my blog article entitled “How to embed Picasa Photos, Albums and slideshows for Advertising on your Website or Blog”.

But how do you reliably download pictures in bulk from a Website e.g. Tumblr ? I realized that none of the above software I recommended would work, as they’re specifically targeted at one type of website. So the search began anew for ways to download pictures from a website.

How to download pictures manually – Inspect element is a powerful tool

That’s right folks! That little used option can allow you to download pictures from a website, albeit individually. It’s especially useful if the pictures are embedded and are hard to download using the common Right-click “Save as” option method is disabled by the website.

For this example I’ll use my Tumblr Blog, which is still unnamed and which is still in the process of launching. However, as part of pre-launch, I’m building up traffic by following other blogs and seeing how they’re structured. So here goes my first DIY (Do It Yourself)
Simply right click on an image and select Inspect element.

Once selected a Windows pane will appear that breaks down the Webpage into code and elements that make it function.

Go to the top of this Window pane and click on Resources.

Select the Frames Folder and click opens the next folder below it. Scroll down until you see a reference tag for “Images”. Note that you can adjust the position of the Window pane by pulling it up if you need more space.

These are the images that are used to make up the website. Scroll through until you see the one you want. This may take awhile.

Right click on the name of the image. You’ll see choices between “Open Link in New Tab” or “Copy Link Address”. To make this easier on you, select Open Link in New Tab.

Once opened in the new tab, inspect the URL (Universal Resource Locator) in the Address Bar. It should end with either “.jpg”, “.png”, “.tif” or some other file format your computer can handle. If not, simply backspace from the end and delete until you see just that URL plus the file extensions I just mentioned.

Then right click, select “Save as” and download the picture.

That’s basically how you download images that are difficult to access with an even more excellent explanation being provided in this YouTube video.

But what about mass downloading of images from Websites? It may surprise you, but those options basically follow this same procedure, multiplied as many times for as many pictures but without opening web pages.

How to Mass download pictures from Website – Add-Ons, Cloud and a Web App Downloader

I’ll show you the three (3) easiest to download images in bulk with an added extra software program as a Kitchen sink Bonus in case the other three aren’t to your liking.

The first one is DownThemAll. Please not that this is a Mozilla Firefox Browser Add on which you can find by Googleing “DownthemAll add on” or clicking on Tools, then selecting Add ons and then select Get Add ons Tab to search for “DownthemAll”.

This video below explains how DownThemAll works.

Once downloaded and installed by clicking on the link, using it is as simple as right clicking on a blank space beside the image in my Tumblr blog and selecting “DownThemAll” to download everything on this page.

If you're unable to download the computer you’re on due to administrative restrictions e.g. as in the MICO University College’s e-Learning Lab, you can download them directly to your Cloud Drive, be it Google Drive or Dropbox using the Syiwe Website.

Once you set up a 30 day free account with Syiwe, you can select where you're downloading from using their website interface and just like that, all images downloaded are sent to your Cloud Drive for access later. After that, you’ll have to pay for the use of this service. The video demonstrates this clearly.

Then there is my perennial favorite is SaveAllImages. This Website works by canvassing all images you give the website, compressing them into a *.zip file and then downloading them to onto your desktop.

Its only limitation is that it only allows you to download a maximum of twenty (20) images on any given website. The option is presented to you to pay, so you might wanna try that option in the future if you frequently download lots of images!

The final option, which I call the Kitchen sink, is a software called Bulk Image Downloader. It's not freeware but you can get it from Kickasstorrents cracked using the procedure as laid out in my blog article entitled “How to download High Quality Music via torrenting - The Mortal Instruments City of Bones used to get Free Music”.

It works excellently, once you disconnect the Internet and crack it properly. You’ll get a lot of duplicate images though and everything else including the kitchen sink thrown in for good measure, but that's BID being real nice and thorough

So have you used any of these methods? Have a particular favorite or a suggestion for better options. Leave your comments below and thanks for reading my blog post.

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