My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: US$490 Apple iPod Classic Revival – Hipsters go Retro for HD Audio Capable Music Player

Friday, December 12, 2014

US$490 Apple iPod Classic Revival – Hipsters go Retro for HD Audio Capable Music Player

Remember the Apple iPod Classic that Apple had discontinued selling on the Apple iTunes store?

Some time aback I did a blog article entitled “Apple iPod Classic is Dead as Apple iPhone 6 Rises - Why a US$250 Apple iPod HD Music Player with Streaming Option is Possible” stating that Apple might have plans to upgrade the Apple iPod Classic with more memory to a HD Music Player.

Well it looks like the fans of this retro 160GB player that’s capable of playing HD Audio might be getting a second life on Amazon for US$490 as reported in the article “Fans scramble for iPod Classic, the music player Apple killed off”, published Saturday 6 December 2014 16.49 GMT by Paul Gallagher, The UK Guardian.

Looks like we have another produce revival on our hands like the Flip phones that Vogue's editor-in-chief Anna Wintour helped to bring back as per my analysis in my blog article entitled

US$490 Apple iPod Classic Revival – Hipsters go Retro for HD Audio Capable Music Player

The Apple iPod, mostly used or in rare cases new, unopened 7th Generation devices, isn't too bad for a HD Audio-capable Player. It's pricier than the Apple iPod Touch at US$490 on Amazon, which recently got a price drop on Thursday June 26th 2014 as explained in my blog article entitled “Apple iPod Touch gets Price Drop as Apple Acquires Beats Electronics to jumpstart Streaming”.

Still at 160GB, it's larger than the pricier US$700 Sony Walkman NWXZ-ZX1 that's still in East Asia and stores only 128GB as noted in my blog article entitled “US$700 Sony Walkman NWXZ-ZX1 – Trend towards HD Audio in Asia and Japan will make it sell in the US of A”? 160GB can store the following:

1.      40,000 songs
2.      25,000 photos

The Apple iPod Classic is also a marathon Music Player that the hipster crowd will love when full charged:

1.      200 hours of video
2.      36 hours of music playback
3.      6 hours of video playback

I suspect that's partly due to the fact that it doesn’t have a massive screen.

At 2.5-inch, it's colour 320 x 240 pixel resolution LCD with LED backlight uses less power than the ginormous Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus that cost far more as noted in my blog article entitled “Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus - No Sapphire Screen but 128GB Storage and NFC-powered Apple Pay in Apple's Biggest iPhone Launch”.

So why doesn’t Apple just upgrade the Apple iPod to a streaming device or at least market it as a HD Audio player? Parts and the cost to upgrade, says Apple CEO Tim Cook as per the article “Discontinued iPod Classic Sells on Amazon”, published December 10, 2014 11:12am EST By Stephanie Mlot, PC Magazine.

For those of you still loving the Apple iPod Classic like a flip phone, check out the links below on Ebay or Amazon to get a slice of Apple history before the price goes up and they become museum-only pieces of Technology from the company that Thinks different.

Here's the link

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