My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How Xiaomi's US$200 Mi Notebook is a Linux Ubuntu Laptop for Christmas 2016


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How Xiaomi's US$200 Mi Notebook is a Linux Ubuntu Laptop for Christmas 2016

Xiaomi has announced a Launch Event to take place on Wednesday July 27th 2016 to be held at their China National Convention Center in Beijing as reported in “Xiaomi schedules July 27 event, Redmi Note 4 and a laptop likely to be outed”, published 15 July, 2016 by Vlad, GSMArena.

Scope out the Invitation as shown below as it may be time for you to practice reading Mandarin!

So what new products does Xiaomi plan to reveal that'll dazzle the world into buying more of their high-quality low-cost products?

Xiaomi to debut the Mi Notebook - US$200 Laptop for the masses in Christmas 2016

Clues appearing online suggest that these new products may be the following:

1.      Redmi Note 4 with rear dual­camera
2.      Helio X20 SoC
3.      Mi Notebook

That last product, the Mi Notebook, is one that I've predicted in my MICO Wars blog article entitled “US$199 Xiaomi Linux-based Laptops coming in 2016”. The Mi Notebook may come in the following sizes:

1.      12.5"
2.      13.3"
3.      15.6"

The Mi Notebook will most likely be powered by Linux, possibly Ubuntu or Fedora remodelled to have the same interface like either Apple Mac OS or Windows 10. The OS may even be able to read files made to run on those platforms.

It may even be designed with aluminium and even look like the Apple Macbook Air or Pro but be transformable like an Asus Transformer, going from Tablet to Laptop with ease.

But the pricing may be the shocker, as I’m expecting it to be priced below $200, cheaper than Google Chromebooks. If this is true, then the Mi Notebook will be a Laptop for the masses in Christmas 2016.
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