My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How to change your Facebook Password to keep your ex-girlfriend out

Sunday, July 24, 2016

How to change your Facebook Password to keep your ex-girlfriend out

So …… want to change your Facebook Password because your evil ex-girlfriend has been up to no good?

Clearly you may not have taken my advice on deleting browser history as I'd suggested in my blog article entitled “How to save your relationship by Deleting Browser History for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple’s Safari”.

She may have access now that Facebook is basically Free on Digicel as I'd explained in my Geezam blog article entitled “Free Digicel Facebook Flex and Free Basic is unlimited Data for Smartphone users”.

Then you've come to the right place as today, I'll show you how to change you Facebook Password to keep your up-to-no-good ex-girlfriend out of your beeswax, cool-aid or whatever other mix-up is happening on and your Facebook Page.

How to change you Facebook Password - More complicated than it needs to be

First you go to the upside down triangle and from that drop-down menu select Settings.

Then select Password by clicking Edit.

Facebook will then prompt you to enter your current Password and to repeat entering the New Password. Hint: write the new password in a Notepad document temporarily to ensure that you don’t get it mixed up during this verification step. Make sure it’s mixture of letters and numbers with some of them in Caps.

Facebook will then prompt you to log out of other devices you're logged into or stay logged in an update the password.

Personally, I think it's a good idea to just log out, as your evil ex-girlfriend at those locations can gain access to your FB.

Facebook thinks Robots are cute. Enough to do security checks on your Facebook account as noted in my blog article entitled “How Facebook AI Engineers use AutoML to teach FLOW to make Asimo”.

Just press the Get Started Button and move things along.

First, Facebook's gonna secure your account. This'll take a while so watch the bar move across by checking your personal info.

When FB's done doing its thing, you'll come to a Continue button.

Facebook may detect some stuff that is also a security risk to the Facebook Community.

So Facebook will ask you to delete that stuff, albeit most of it is pretty tame. Still a good idea to check and delete.

At the end, the friendly Facebook Robot will take you back to Settings.

Then again, you’re ex-girlfriend actually doesn’t need that access; she can still download your pictures using a Chrome Store app as explained in my MICO Wars blog article entitled “How to download complete Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest Albums”.

Oh well, at least you changed your password. Remember sharing is caring so share this with your friends in need.

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