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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How to use Free Mass Mailing Applications to send Bulk Email to your Followers Online

Are you a blogger with a growing following and you need to keep them in the loop with what you're doing?

You might have considered creating an email list and then sending a lot of BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) Emails.

This is especially true if your blog produces a newsletter for your avid readers, as pointed out in the article “Five mostly free mass mailing applications”, published November 4, 2013 By Brien Posey, TechRepublic.

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But you're Gmail account will get shutdown for sure, creating another headache of the nature which is difficult to recover. Unless it's the fast rising Mobile Social Media platform such as WhatsApp on a smartphone, posting online hardly generates traffic.

So what's a blogger to do?

Free Mass Mailing Applications - Step up to paid for advanced features

If you really need to legally and ethically send out lots of email to your flock, you can take advantage of mass mailing applications online.

These programs, some free and some paid, are especially useful for the following:

1.      Opt-in advertising
2.      Communicating with group members (clubs, churches, etc.)
3.      Newsletter for an online Website
4.      Blog post distribution

The last one applies to me, as I get considerable traffic from my current subscription service and I've been bulk email people my blog articles. Using Social Media, especially Facebook, is proving to be quite difficult, especially as Facebook is blocking certain content from being published.

This makes mass email that more attractive as noted in my blog article entitled “Facebook Controversy Shows Why You Need to be Email Marketing”, published May 16 2016 by David Boutin, SocialQuant.

However, after having lost two (2) Gmail accounts due to my online shenanigans, I've invested some time in researching mass mailing applications online. In the process I’ve uncovered a few free mass mailing applications:

1.      Bigg Mass Mailer
2.      e-Campaign

Most of these free mass mailing applications have built in reporting and tracking to allow you to do the following:

1.      Track who received your email
2.      Track who opened your Email
3.      Send individually tailored email
4.      Database Cloud storage for your mailing list
5.      100 emails per send

So now you see the limitations of the free version, perhaps the paid versions may be to your liking

Paid Mass Mailing Applications – Email Renaissance

To get more advance features, like unlimited sending to hundreds or thousands of people as well as scheduling the sending of your email, you'll have to upgrade to a paid version as noted in the article “The Best Email Marketing Software of 2016”, published JULY 28, 2016 by Molly Mclaughlin, PC Magazine.

Here’s a list of the best paid Mass Mailing Software if you’ve decided to get serious about your email campaign:

1.      Campaign Monitor
2.      Zoho Campaigns
3.      SendinBlue
4.      Constant Contact
5.      Infusionsoft
6.      Campaigner
7.      Emma
8.      RedCappi
9.      AWeber
10.  MailChimp

 Still, if you have more than 100 followers, you may have to invest in multiple Gmail accounts as well as use all of these email services until you can afford to upgrade to a paid version.....just saying! With the problems being experienced by Facebook users as it relates to content censorship, email might just be on the cusp of a renaissance!

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