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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Barack Obama and VC- Funded Space Exploration - The TommyKnockers meet Yuri Gagarin

I love to lose myself in other men’s minds. When I am not walking, I am reading; I cannot sit and think. Books think for me.

Charles Lamb, Last Essays of Elia

Доброе утро, сограждане американцы !
(Good Morning, Fellow Americans)

Today 12 April 2011AD is significant in the annals of scientific history and for “Physics Nerds” like myself, as Audia Granston, the SDA Kick-As Princess used to style me. It is the day, nearly fifty years ago on the morning of 12th April 1961AD that Mankind started their conquest of space.

On that day cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin (9 March 1934 – 27 March 1968), a twenty seven year (27) old young man of simple origins was selected from nearly two thousand (2000) applicants in the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic now Russia).

He went on to become the hero of Russia as chronicled in the BBC News article “Yuri Gagarin: The Journey that shook the World”, published 10 April 2011 23:58 GMT by Paul Rincon, Science reporter, BBC News.

The First Man in Space and the First Man to orbit the Earth!

Человек Первый в космосе и первый человек на орбите Земли!

In honour of this achievement, the Russian Soyuz Capsule decorated with pictures of Yuri Gagarin, docked with the ISS on Friday April 8, 2011AD as stated in the article “Fifty Years after Gagarin, Russia still looks skyward”, published Friday April 8, 2011 10:28am EDT by Alissa de Carbonnel, Reuters.

The Capsule method used by the Russians would go on to become the Soyuz Capsule that famously catapults космонавты (Russian: cosmonauts are astronauts!) from Tyuratam test range in Kazakhstan (now the Космодром "Байконур”).

Not only did he receive the accolades of then Russian Premier Nikita Kruschev, who used this achievement as a propaganda tool against the West. Russian Premier Nikita Kruschev was later to feature heavily in the tit-for-tat diplomatic war of words between the USSR and the USA.

They were, in the First Decade of the 60’s, mighty Nuclear Super powers, squabbling over Nuclear Missiles purportedly located in Communist Fidel Castro-ruled Cuba, then a friend of Communist USSR.

A battle of Ideologies: Democratic USA vs. Communist USSR.

The “commies” as the Americans styled the USSR had already achieved the Technical First of a satellite named Sputnik orbiting the Earth. A mere ball of twenty three inches (23in) or five hundred and eighty five millimeters (585mm) in diameter made of Aluminium AMGT6 Alloy two millimeters (2mm) thick.

Just listen to Sputnik beeping or even its Telemetry Signal and feel the nostalgia, folks!!

It was an inspiration to the Peasant Class in Gzhatsk, the town where Yuri Gagarin grew up, which was renamed Gagarin in his honour.

Hopefully, as modern Capitalist-driven Russia under current Premier Dmitri Medvedev, they can become more financial stable and be inspired to work side by side with once former foes in their conquest of space as stated in the article “Space Exploration remains priority for Russia, Medvedev”, published 12 April 2011 at 11:10 GMT, BBC News.

This as the Americans are already beginning to privatize the Exploitation of relegating the once might yet wasteful NASA back to Research Status it had in the early 60’s as stated in the my blog articles entitled “Alternative Energy and the Ion Drive Engine - Star Trek and Andromeda” and the article “Alternative Energy and Daedelus - Avatar and Planet Gliese 581g Next Door”.

The Americans may have wasted a lot of financial resources on the Moon and the now retired STS Shuttle Program as opined in the article “50 years after Gagarin, US space flight sputters”, published Friday April 8, 1:27 pm ET by Jean-Louis Santini, AFP, Yahoo News.

But the Obama Administration and Senator Barack Obama and his Fellow Democrats need to regain the Presidency and control of the Senate and the House of Republicans.

Thus they will have the mandate to push through his ambitious Budget Reform Agenda for NASA (National Aeronautical Space Administration) and the Privatization of Space by Silicon Valley VC (Venture Capitalists as stated in my blog article entitled “Obama and Dr. Pell's Moon Express - Fly Me to the Moon”.

Already SpaceX’s, a venture capital company owned by Silicon Valley Billionaire and PayPal CEO Elon, has successfully landed a Dragon Capsule successful launched and returned to Earth with its less human passenger - a wheel of cheese intact - as chronicled in my blog article entitled “NASA and SpaceX - Little House on the Prairie”.

This marks the entry of VC’s and Silicon Valley into Space Exploration – much as Yuri Gagarin, the First Man to Orbit the Earth marked Man’s First Entry into spaceflight, then regarded as the preserve of Machines and un-survivable by Humans.

I must however, concede that Deep Space exploration, as envisioned by Senator Barack Obama as noted my blog articles entitled “Alternative Energy and the Ion Drive Engine - Star Trek and Andromeda” and the article  “Alternative Energy and Daedelus - Avatar and Planet Gliese 581g Next Door” will require AI (Artificial Intelligence), 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)!

Now it seems they have it in mind to extract Rare Earth Metals in a new Space Race back to the Moon, but this time the adversary is the People’s Republic of China, another Communist friend of the then Communist USSR as stated in my blog article entitled “Obama and Dr. Pell's Moon Express - Fly Me to the Moon”.

The Race is on for the lucrative Rare Earth Metals to fuel the All-Electric Vehicles market, with the West vs The Peoples Republic of China as my Geezam Blog entitled “Chinese Crisis in Rare Earth Metals: Afghanistan is silicon Valley's Savior”.

A battle of Rare Earth Metal Resources: Democratic USA vs. Communist People’s Republic of China.

Hopefully, too, these new astronauts will be inspired by the competitive energies that existed during the heyday of the 60’s between USSR and USA and strive to bring humans to work and live – in the final frontier, probably to meet The TommyKnockers (YV 1993), Yuri Gagarin Style!!

To all employees in both Private and Public Space Exploration I say:

Счастливого пути, когда вы начнете исследованию Последний рубеж
(GodSpeed as you begin the Exploration of the Final Frontier)

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