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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Apple and the WWDC in June 2011 - Space Above and Beyond Android

And ‘mid the tumult Kubla heard from far
Ancestral voices prophesying war

S.T. Coleridge, Kubla Khan

That’s right Google!!!

Apple comin’ to get you sucka! And apparently Apple Developers, the foot soldiers in the war between Apple and the growing threat of Android are psyched, if the rapid ticket sales on Monday March 28th 2011AD for Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) are sign enough.

This according to the article from Digital Trends entitled “Tickets for apple's WWDC selling for over US$3500 apiece on eBay”, published April 1, 2011 by Aemon Malone, Digital Trends. As usual, scalpers action was in it element, snapping up tickets meant for Apple Developers only and proffering them at a whopping US$3000 plus.

Jah Rastafar-I!

But the must-not-miss-event-no-matter-what event for Apple Developers spanning the week of Monday June 6th 2011AD to Friday June 10th 2011AD is coming to a live blog and/or video podcast from CNET News and their Aegean sister website ZDNet. This as the battle against Android is now red hot, with confirmed statistics coming from ComScore stating that Apple Inc’s skirt is showing.

ComScore figures for the period November 2010 to February 2011 as laid out in the article “ComScore: Android dominates market, Verizon iPhone 4 boosts Apple”, published April 2, 2011 by Andrew Couts, Digital Trends indicate what everyone implicitly knows: fragmentation-prone Google Android for smartphones is King of the Hill in the US of A.

Their results corroborate those of Nielsen, published The Day After (TV 1983) Apple iPad 2 Day on Thursday March 3rd 2011AD for the period November 2010 to February 2011 and wielded with good effect in my blog article entitled “RIM decline and Android Ascendancy - No Country for Old Men”.

Google is now in pole position with 33% of market share in the First Quarter of 2011AD, up 7% from the previous mark of 26% in the Fourth Quarter of 2010. Apple is now in second place with 25.2% of market share in the First Quarter of 2011AD, a slight rise of 0.2% over the previous rosy Fourth Quarter of 2010 results of 25%.

This modest 0.2% gain is attributed to Apple iPhone 4 stompin’ the yard on Telecom Provider Verizon as stated in my blog article entitled “Verizon and the Apple iPhone 4 - The Golden Fleece”.

But it is RIM, the Canadian “smartphone” maker of the Blackberry that has the most to worry about. Their fall from Grace to Third Place has been most spectacular, like an exploding Super nova of at least ten (10) solar masses.

In straight successive months they have been falling, but thus far these results were telling: 28.9% in the First Quarter of 2011AD, a drop of 4.6% from Fourth Quarter of 2010 mark of 33.5%. Hence the alarm bells sounding at RIM as chronicled in my blog article entitled “RIM decline and Android Ascendancy - No Country for Old Men

This is serious folks!

BOTH RIM and Apple Inc have to go back to drawing board. RIM is pinning their hopes on the development of their baby newborn ecosystem, the ONX OS that the RIM PlayBook adds to the Tablet Bio-Diversity in the Wild Consumer Jungle.

Apple, however, is pushing the idea of a unified Mac OS 10.1 aka Lion Ecosystem with iOS, delivering apps to the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Desktop line of Computers.

The 11.6” and 13” MacBook Air is due for an update to be announced later this 2011 after being refreshed at the original announcement of Mac OS 10.1 aka Lion on Wednesday 20th October 2010ADas stated in the Geezam Blog entitledMacBook Air and the FLASH-based Harddrives - The Quest for Instant On”.

The MacBook Pro lineup was refreshed on Thursday February 24th 2011AD. The bevy of beauties 13”, 15” and 17”, now sporting the 10GBps capable ThunderBolt port as stated in my blog article entitled “MacBook Pro and Intel LightPeak - Thunderbolt and the Fantastic Mr. Fox”.

Already, there is indication of a widespread adoption of Thunderbolt and Intel’s Sandy Bridge Processors Smartbooks, Laptops and Tablets set to debut this summer of 2011 and this Fall of 2011.

People, hush in the room………the Apple iPad 2 made its debut on Wednesday March 2nd 2011AD as described, blow-by-blow in my blog article entitled “Apple iPad 2 and PC Future - Doomsday in the Battlefield”.

So with US$1 billion paid out to Apple Developers last year in 2010AD as stated in the article “Apple's Endless Expanding App Universe”, published Monday April 26, 2010 By Peter Burrows, BusinessWeek – FEATURES, Apple Developer Loyalty is still as strong as their share price.

But it is still speculation as to what tactics Apple CEO Steve Jobs may pull out of his “magical” top hat to better integrate the Mac lineup with iOS come this week of Monday June 6th 2011AD to Friday June 10th 2011AD against the coming onslaught that is Google Android as stated in Geezam Blog article entitled “Apple iPhone and Google Android - Helms Deep Under Attack”.

I did two semi-research pieces in my blog article entitled “Apple iPhone 5 and its Design - Of Gods, Critics, Lemmings, Sheep and Men” and on Geezam Blog article entitled “Towards a cheaper Apple iPhone - Batteries Not Included”. Both based on the idea of a lower cost, more affordable mass market cloud-based Apple iPhone without sacrificing the luxury feel.

But what of the spectre of Google Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb? The sole Tablet using this OS  is sputtering since its debut on Thursday March 10th 2011. Since theny they may be making a renewed stab at the Tablet Market with their Tablet that is chasing the First Generation Apple iPad as stated in my blog article entitled ‘Motorola Xoom vs the Apple iPad 2 - Elizabeth Taylor, All's well that Ends Well”.

They too, are part of the long-term Android Threat against which Apple CEO Steve Jobs has fortified Apple for the long haul as the component hoarding article “Apple securing US$7.8 billion worth of Samsung displays, memory”, published February 14, 2011 10:03 AM PST by Erica Ogg, Circuit Breaker - CNET News.

This as the London Olympics 2012 may see Apple bagging billions in the potential fifty seven million (57,000,000) in Apple iPad 2 sales “Guess what could stop the Tablet Revolution?”, published January 24, 2011, 11:30am PST by Ryan Kim, GigaOM.

Stay tuned for an article on my blog and on the Geezam Blog as this battle against the alien invaders set to disrupt the Biodiversity of Ecosystems by creating a monoculture of Google Android, Space Above and Beyond (TV Series 1995 - 1996)!

I will be taking the week of Monday April 4th 2011AD to Saturday April 9th 2011AD to pay homage to the Family of Audia Granston in Toll Gate, Clarendon. Hopefully, I may find solace as she continues on her journey with the God of the UnderWorld Anubis as her guide and demi-god Bastet as her feline compadre.

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