My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Supreme Ventures and Blackberry Gambling - Rihanna S&M on the Dark Side of the Moon

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Supreme Ventures and Blackberry Gambling - Rihanna S&M on the Dark Side of the Moon

An Once or Twice to throw the dice
Is a gentlemanly game,
But he does not win who plays with Sin
In the Secret House of Shame

Oscar Wilde, The Ballad of Reading Goal

Say what Ingrid Riley of Silicon Caribe!!!

Mobile Gaming coming to Jamaica as stated in the Ingrid Riley article on Silicon Caribe about Supreme Ventures Ltd is entitled “Supreme Ventures bets on Mobile phones for Lottery Game expansion in Jamaica”, published Wednesday April 27th, 2011 by Ingrid RileySilicon Caribe.

The New Technology Train just does not stop on a day like today!!!!!

Just when I thought I had covered all the bases with my blog article entitled “AWC Fail, PSN Hack and Nokia Layoff - Murphy Law in a Clash of The Titans” that made the connection between the Great Cloud Failure of 2011 at AWC (Amazon Web Services) Cloud Failures and the lack of Security in these Cloud Networks with the seventy seven million (77,000,000) Sony PSN (PlayStation Network) hack (people, is me do it!!! Just kidding?)!!

Ditto too for the connection between what Carlette Deleon aka the Pet Tales Chick aka “Dilly” of Television Jamaica AND Dean “Movie star” McClarty of Watt's New Ltd and Tech Tutorial on Television Jamaica said on the Tuesday April 26th 2011 episode of  Television Jamaica and their ability to change the future, demonstrated all who can read about Nokia’s layoff of seven (7000) Symbian employees.

Now it gets worse, this time with Ingrid Riley CEO of Media PR Firm ConnectiMass and Silicon drawing my attention to the fact that Supreme Ventures Supreme Ventures Ltd is ALSO getting their feet wet in the Telecoms Game.

This via the migration of their Proprietary 2.5GHz Network to a Cloud-Based Mobile Gaming Platform powered by the Big Three (3) Telecom Providers. A first in Jamaica and officially one of the few proponents of Cloud-Based Computing in Jamaica!

Americas love affair with Cloud-Computing as per my blog article entitled “Windows and Cloud Computing - Audia Resident Evil After-Market Taste-and-Buy” is catching on with Businesses here in Jamaica!

“Taste-and-buy is ok” as my Seventh Day Princess Audia Granston would say, guiding me with her manicured nails, screaming for Jesus and God to come and Bless her, Rihanna S&M Style ! 

Good to know that with Seventh Day Adventists, Taste-and-buy is reciprocal and come in so many delightful flavours at your Local Gas Station!! I SERIOUSLY need to write a blog or book on SDA Christian Coitus, as it would be a help to non-Adventists like myself interested in getting into their Holy Temples!

Thus I read, commented, emailed Ingrid Riley and checked out The Jamaica Observer for the real deal!

According to the article in The Jamaica Observer entitled “Supreme Ventures bets on telephones”, published Wednesday, Tuesday April 27, 2011 by Alicia RoacheThe Jamaica ObserverSupreme Ventures Ltd is upgrading their proprietary 2.5GHz Network over the next five (5) years to deliver their suite of Gaming and Mobile Phone Card Services over the Big Three (3) Local Telecoms Providers Networks Mobile Networks.

Effectively the JA$425-million (US$5-million) expansion thrust is contracted to be carried out by Gaming Equipment Provider GTECH Corporation, will be a double whammie to increase their flagging revenues and combat illegal Cash Pot Gaming by making Gaming on Mobile smartphones ubiquitous.
Clever indeed Supreme Ventures Ltd!

So says Supreme Ventures Ltd CEO Brian George, who in an interview with Alicia Roache of The Jamaica Observer stated as much, saying quote: “This will be of the greatest assistance in the fight against the illegal Cash Pot trade and the resilience and recovery of the network after natural disasters. Given that GPRS technology is cellular Based, it will also help to facilitate online betting and direct top ups”.

In case this sounds all too familiar, it does. I wrote not more than three (3) proposal blog articles suggesting the very same idea:

1.      Supreme Ventures and Mobile Phone Platforms for Gambling”, published Thursday April 1 2011, Lindsworth Deer

3.      Supreme Ventures and Online Gambling - The Return of the King”, published Friday June 18 2011, Lindsworth Deer

Legal hurdles remain to the implementation of what is effectively Blackberry Gambling, as it would be all too easy for under age gamblers to access what is effectively a Cloud Based Network using Mobile Phones.

This is somewhat similar to the Cloud-Based Mobile Banking Platform launched by Bank of Nova Scotia and powered by Telecom Provider Digicel as stated in the articles “Scotia launches into Mobile Internet Banking”, published Wednesday, June 23, 2010, The Jamaica Observer with details of the Platform being fleshed out in a subsequent article entitled “Digicel, Scotiabank Partner on Mobile Banking Product”, published Wednesday November 24, 2010 by Mark TitusThe Jamaica Gleaner

Clues are again dropped in the words of Supreme Ventures Ltd CEO Brian George, in the interview with Alicia Roache of The Jamaica Observer, quote: “This would include the significant upgrade of the central system, the continuous upgrade and expansion of our base of lottery terminals and agents and recently we, with our technology partner, upgraded our communication network to a GPRS-Based Network to replace the propriety network previously installed”.

But it is the Telecoms side of things that interest Telecoms Technicians and persons such as myself who used to work in the Telecoms Field.

So, armed with the above info, time for the 411, folks!!

Based on my knowledge of the Cloud-Based Mobile Banking Platform launched by Bank of Nova Scotia and powered by Telecom Provider DigicelSupreme Ventures Ltd will build on their Go Play Platform that was set up for them by Digital Transtec Jamaica to power Voice Calling Base Phone Betting as described in my blog article entitled “Supreme Ventures and Mobile Phone Platforms for Gambling”.

Thus, Supreme Ventures Ltd may choose to model their Cloud-Based Mobile Gaming Platform on Bank of Nova Scotia Cloud-Based Mobile Banking Platform, with Gamblers using Blackberrys or other smartphones to access their Gaming Platform via an app for which one has to register at either the Gaming Shop or select locations so equipped.

Apparently Supreme Ventures Ltd five (5) year build-out is keeping pace with the deployment of the island wide Fiber Optic Network by Triple Play Provider FLOW, Telecom Provider LIME and Government of Jamaica funding from the UAFCL (Universal Access Fund Company Limited) as stated in my blog article entitled “Senator Daryl Vaz and the WEO NRI - Bragging Rights and Broadband Rights Required”.

Possibly, Supreme Ventures Ltd may Rent or simply use Internet Access from this island wide Fiber Optic Network as Backhaul to run their businesses.

Just as Telecom Provider Digicel soon-to-be-owners of Telecom Provider CLARO and their 3G and 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) Networks, will use same island wide Fiber Optic Network to provide backhaul for 3G and LTE deployments.

This would then power Telecom Provider Digicel Rolling Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11n) Network on JUTC (Jamaica Urban Transport Association) Buses, Taxis and JRC (Jamaica Railway Corporation) Passenger Railway Service as stated in my blog article entitled “JRC, Scotts Pass and Senator Mike Henry - Molly Wood Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Gradually as the five (5) years of the expansion of their Cloud-Based Mobile Gaming Platform wears on, smartphone adoption and interest in Internet Usage should increase.

At least so goes the Logical thinking!

Thus, eventually, at the end of the five (5) years, when the most of Jamaica located near to one of the three hundred (300) earmarked as a Fiber Optic Network Node and Jamaica have “free” Internet Access, any Supreme Ventures Ltd location can issue apps to smartphones to do Mobile Gaming.

The mention of a “GPRS-Based” Network is really a code name (or Supreme Ventures Ltd CEO Brian George is clueless?!)  alluding to Telecoms Providers 3G and 4G Networks respectively, as GPRS (Global Packer Radio System) is no longer in use in Jamaica, especially as the article mentions providing other more Web-centric services.

Media-obfuscation at its best!!

But this blog reveals all as “GPRS-Based” is just really Mobile Internet on smartphone!

Apparently Supreme Ventures Ltd may be wary of not only legal groups pouncing on them about children Gambling on smartphones, but Churches, especially Sunday Worshippers!, who have already tussled with Supreme Ventures Ltd over Sunday Racing as noted I my blog article entitled “Supreme Ventures and Online Gambling - The Return of the King”!

Religion and Gambling on smartphones does not mix! Expect to see the Churches attack first!

And yes, they may opt to go for support on all of the Big Three (3) Telecom Providers as opposed to just Telecom Provider Digicel, being as they sell Mobile Phone Cards for all three (3) Telecom Providers.

Seriously Expect to see the Churches attack first, and VERY strongly too!

This app would allow the Mobile smartphone to grant secure authenticated [member of the Supreme Cloud-Based Mobile Gaming Platform] and verified access [check against GOJ ID that you are 18!] access, albeit it would be much easier if MNP (Mobile Number Portability) were to be introduced upon by the Telecom Providers as suggested by my blog article entitled “MNP, Supreme Ventures Limited, Internet Gambling and the royal Flush of smart phones”.

Payments would be done the same as was done on the Go-Play Platform, with bets being placed via the Cloud-Based Mobile Gaming Platform.

Thus, a basic Requirement of either a Local Debit or Credit Card from one of the Big Three (3) Banks or simply having a Virtual VISA Debit Card via a Paypal Account would be required.

Makes payments easier too, as you winning go straight to your bank account as opposed to having to go in person and collecting your cash!!

You could just send them your picture via the phone to fulfill the requirement of having your picture plastered in the Media!!

This would mean that Supreme Ventures Ltd Cloud-Based Mobile Gaming Platform would have to make arrangements to interlink with Bank of Nova Scotia Cloud-Based Mobile Bank Platform to create a seamless way for customers to use their Bank Accounts to pay for their Bets without risking exposing their Debit Card PIN or Credit Card number being transmitted over a Telecoms Providers 3G Network.

This possibility of intercept of 64-bit A5/1 encrypted GSM (Global system Mobile) Networks is VERY possible as described in by my blog article entitled “Scotiabank, A51 Encryption GOJ Security on Telecom Providers GSM Networks”.

But aside from spurring an increase in convenient Betting for the more Internet savvy Jamaicans, by deploying a Cloud-Based Mobile Gaming Platform, benefits abound for Mom-and-Pop Businesses as well.

Any computer can be used with their proprietary printer/scanner to print/check Tickets, as opposed to the proprietary POS (Point of Sale) Terminals.

This would significantly lower the cost of deploying a Gaming or Betting Shop but also increase the number of small Mom-and-Pop Enterprises that wanted to get into selling Lotto Tickets and Phone Cards but could to be bothered with the paying of rental fees for hosting the equipment at their Business.

Supreme Ventures Ltd would increase their customer base while increasing revenues in a win-win situation for Mom-and-Pop Enterprises in rural Hamlet as Supreme Ventures Ltd expands over the next five (5) years, Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon (2011) Style!


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