My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Griffin Helo TC US$50 Apple iPhone controlled Helicopter – TVJ and CVM TV's Flight of the Navigator

Monday, August 22, 2011

Griffin Helo TC US$50 Apple iPhone controlled Helicopter – TVJ and CVM TV's Flight of the Navigator

The thing that numbs the heart is this:
That men cannot device
Some scheme of life to banish fear
That lurks in most men’s eyes

James Norman Hall, Fear

Remember the Quadricopter/Augmented Reality (AR) Drone from Parrot as mentioned in the article “AR.Drone helicopter controllable by iPhone”, published JANUARY 7, 2010 2:18 PM PST by Rafe Needleman, CNET News - RAFE'S RADAR. The Apple iPhone controllable toy was intended to be an augmented reality extension for gamers.

Its lackluster battery life of twelve (12) minutes of flight time and ninety (90) minutes to recharge batteries for a price tag of US$299, with battery packs costing US$29.99, however, is a bit too rich for even the most avid RC (Remote Control) fan as stated in my blog article entitled “Broadcasters and The Parrot AR.Drone - Hawaii-Five-0”.

But like most RC toys, it’s concept of using Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11n) which the Quadricopter/Augmented Reality (AR) Drone generated itself to allow the Apple iPhone user to connect to the device and control it in flight was in itself a brilliant idea. It lent itself to one day making a RC toy controllable via a Telecom Providers EDGE or GRPS Networks, or even via 3G or 4G LTE Broadband, allowing remote controlled flight beyond the visual range of the users.

A potential boon to Broadcasters doing Morning Traffic Reports, both in the US of A and locally here in Jamaica (Television Jamaica and CVM TV, are you listening?) when it comes to doing traffic reports – or for the Jamaica Constabulary Force aka the Jamaican Police to do night Reconnaissance as opined in my blog article entitled “Broadcasters and The Parrot AR.Drone - Hawaii-Five-0”, in which I made the connection to myself. Especially as it comes with its own camera!

 So it’s nice to know that someone saw the potential in the idea of a RC toy controlled by the Apple iPhone and improved somewhat upon Parrot’s offering both in price and design. Say hello to the Griffin HELO TC Helicopter which lands in a familiar design to RC enthusiasts and a price even Television Jamaica and CVM TV could afford of US$50 (not including shipping and handling). Take a gander at the pictures folks!

Need I say more!

A few modifications to this badboy, and it could be made to fly under the control of an Apple iPad owned by that fiend Carlette Deleon aka the Pet Tales Chick aka “Dilly” of Television Jamaica or Beauty Queen Regina Beavers aka The Beaver on CVM at Sunrise on CVM TV.

But this time, instead of communicating via short range LOS (Line of Sight) Infrared, a bit of electronics tinkering and software modification get this RC toy to controlled by its Base Controllers i.e. Television Jamaica and CVM TV using the Griffin HELO TC Helicopter app on an Internet Connected Apple iPad, Apple iPhone or Apple iPod Touch.

Griffin HELO TC Helicopter would have a 3G Modem from Telecom Provider LIME or Telecom Provider CLARO (soon to be gobbled up by Telecom Provider Digicel) or WiMax 4G Mobile (IEEE 802.16d, e) Modem Dongle from Telecom Provider Digicel connected to its electronics, allowing it to be controlled beyond LOS and guided via camera.

Its added feature of prerecorded flight paths suggests GPS comes built into this Griffin HELO TC Helicopter  and thus paints a large target on it for Electronics buffs and makes it a target for such hacks, enable it to be sent on errands (lunch anyone!) by itself.

Another toy for Staff Sgt. Christopher Fessenden to have modified by his brother Ernie and Kevin Guy owners of a Hobby Shop in Rochester, Michigan as stated in my blog article entitled “Lockheed Martin SMSS Robotic Mule vs. modified Taxis Stampede Toy Truck - Remote Control Toy Story” and bristling with a boatload of useful reconnaissance gadgets!

And just to keep the Marketing Department of BOTH the Telecom Providers and Broadcasters in the loop, the logos of any sponsors that wish to sponsor the Morning Traffic Reports on Television Jamaica and CVM TV can be affixed to the modified Griffin HELO TC Helicopter as a means of monetizing the concept, with possible Marketing Applications……maybe a small fleet of US$50 Griffin HELO TC Helicopter in this Television Jamaica and CVM TV Flight of the Navigator (1986)!

Television Jamaica and CVM TV, Compliance?

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