My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: NSWMA can benefit from coming Lithium Demand from All-Electric Vehicle - The Beverly Hillbillies go Electric

Saturday, August 20, 2011

NSWMA can benefit from coming Lithium Demand from All-Electric Vehicle - The Beverly Hillbillies go Electric

My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky.

Wordsworth, My Heart Leaps Up

The recent declaration that Jamaica has an abandoned Gold Mine that owners AUSJAM in partnership with the Government of Jamaica may soon revive as chronicled in my blog article entitled “AUSJAM and the Pennants Gold Mine Rush - King Solomon's Mines in Clarendon” was a breath of fresh air. The Price of Gold shows no sign of abating, and Pennants, Clarendon may not be the only source of Gold in the island.

Especially since the shutdown of the Scrap Metal trade as recorded faithfully in my scribed blog article entitled “LIME and the Ban on Copper Exports - Scrap Metal Industry's Black Swan” as the Scrap Metal Dealers were literally vultures striping Jamaica bare of any metal they could find, even the Telecom Providers!

The Cash-for-Gold trade especially must be booming, as the demand for Gold is VERY strong on the international market and it’s a relatively easy business to get into as stated in the article “Starting a 'Cash for Gold' business”, published Sunday, July 17, 2011, The Jamaica Observer.

But what of Rare Earth Metals Recovery by the NSWMA (National Solid Waste Management Authority)? Are Jamaicans even aware of their hidden coming potential of Lithium and other Rare Earth Metals?

I had previously made note of the coming Crunch in 2012AD the supply of Lithium to fuel the All-Electric Vehicle Revolution as noted in my Geezam Blog article entitled “Lithium-Ion Batteries and Electric Vehicles – Alternatives as 2012 Supply Crunch Nears” in 2010AD.

Since then, no suitable replacements have been found for Lithium for the production of All-Electric Vehicles as stated in my Geezam Blog article entitled “Chinese Crisis in Rare Earth Metals – Afghanistan is Silicon Valley’s Savior” and my blog article entitled  Lithium-Ion vs Hydrogen Fuel Cell - The Living Daylights”.

So Lithium and other Rare Earth Metals needed to make the motors and the batteries used in All-Electric Vehicles will soon start seeing an increase in demand. This as All-Electric Vehicles pass the phase of being just geek tech in the Summer of 2011AD to being seen as a must-have addition for the American Family looking to save on the high cost of gasoline.

Combined with the decrease in the price of Lithium due to emerging supplies in places like Afghanistan and increased recycling efforts, the  use of Lithium by maker of All-electric vehicles is set to surpass even Laptops in their demand for Lithium to make Lithium –Ion Batteries by 2015AD based on the analysis of Analyst IHS  as stated in the article “Cars to surpass laptops as largest li-ion battery market”, published August 16, 2011, 12:00am By Ucilia Wang, GigaOM.

Thus an opportunity awaits the Government of Jamaica via the NSWMA the recycling of Electronics for Lithium and other Rare Earth Metals that will be in short supply come 2012AD.

The Government of Jamaica can jump start this initiative by separating electronic waste from garbage in a factory based process, effectively a Recycling Plant. As Garbage is constantly being produced, it would b a source of skilled employment to sort up such as facility at the Riverton City Dump to separate waste for recycling, particularly sources of Rare Earth Metals, such as Lithium.

This is an energy intensive project that could make use of Biogas, which the Organic waste at the Riverton City Dump produces and is the source of numerous garbage fires to power the Recycling Plant, thus generating additional income aside from compost alone as stated in the article “VIDEO: NSWMA compost heading for overseas market?”, published Friday, August 19, 2011 by Kimmo Matthews, The Jamaica Observer.

Also, if ATL Automotive decided to bring All-Electric Vehicle to Jamaica, they can recoup on their investment in these vehicles by not only offering to partner with Gasoline Retailers and a suitable FDI (Foreign Direct Investor) to have Solar Recharging stations built at participating gas stations, but they can also create a significant revenue stream from the recycling and refurbishing of the Lithium-Ion Batteries used in these oversized mobile devices as stated in my blog article entitled “ATL Automotive to benefit from Low-Sulphur Diesel in 12 Months Time - Bio-Fuels Resident Evil Apocalypse”!

So you might want to think twice before throwing away your electronic gadgets, as they may be worth their weight in Gold as The Beverly Hillbillies (TV Series 1962–1971) go crazy for All-electric Vehicles by 2015AD!

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