My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Apple to launch the Apple iPhone 5S and a S$199 Contract-less Apple iPhone 5C on Tuesday September 10 2013 - ATL and LIME Jamaica may not get Goldfinger that's Made for China

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Apple to launch the Apple iPhone 5S and a S$199 Contract-less Apple iPhone 5C on Tuesday September 10 2013 - ATL and LIME Jamaica may not get Goldfinger that's Made for China

After months of speculation and rumours, some solid news has finally emerged on the Apple iPhone 5S and the possibility of a cheaper variant, the Apple iPhone 5C. I say this with confidence, as the increasing frequency of leaked photos on various blogs confirms the existence of the cheaper variant.

This Apple iPhone 5C (“C” for “China”) that aims to replace the Apple iPhone 5 and the Apple iPhone 4S and give Apple a big boost in the Developing World countries such as China as stated in the article “iPhone 5C could make Apple No.1 in China”, published August 20, 2013 by Brad Reed, Yahoo News andiPhone 5C aims to replace iPhone 5, not iPhone 4S – analyst”, published August 19, 2013 6:52 AM PDT by Don Reisinger, CNET News.

It’s also a perfect replacement for the Apple iPhone 5 and older model iPhones, as Apple strategy is to have customer who have the older model smartphones exchange them for newer models and pay the price difference. They then resell the older models in Developing World countries as a secondary market for smartphones as noted in my blog article entitled “How to unlock any phone and put it on any Network - Guaranteed to unlock any Feature or Smartphone on the Chennai Express”.

But the older models, specifically the Apple iPhone 4S aren’t able to use the new Lightning Connector that Apple began rolling out with the newer model iPhone 5 as opined in the article “New, high-quality shots of 'iPhone 5C' casing appear”, published August 7, 2013 12:17 PM PDT by Josh Lowensohn, CNET News.

Also many customers upgrading from the Apple iPhone 5 in the Developed World Markets would love to have the coloured options that the Apple iPhone 5C comes with along with the contract-less price of US$199 (my price) by default, despite the implications of the phone being made for the Chinese Market.

This makes the Apple iPhone 5C an unlocked smartphone that’s a market stealer that can recapture and woo in any Android users. This as it would also have the same advanced features such as iOS 7 but in a cheaper plastic shell and sans a 2-year Contract, the only requirement being that you have a Prepaid Voice and Data Plan purchase when you decided which Telecom Provider you wish to connect.

Check them out for yourself and be the judge of what’s real and what’s not real:

It’s purpose is clear: like Samsung’s Tizen OS, Canonical’s Ubuntu OS and Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox OS is geared at Developing World markets as stated in my blog article entitled “Samsung's Tizen OS, Mozilla Foundation's Firefox OS and Canonical's Ubuntu OS to launch by Fourth Quarter of 2013 - David Guetta's Titanium Pacific RIM Robots to Battle Google Android”.

But it’s the date that I know with absolute certainty as it’s coming directly from the most reliable sourced on Apple Event Dates, that being All Things Digital, who’ve in the past correctly predicted the dates of Apple’s Product launches correctly.

This time around All Things Digital’s Ina Fried has predicted the date for the Launch of the Apple iPhone 5S and possibly a US$199 Apple iPhone 5C as Tuesday September 10th 2013 as stated in the article “Circle September 10 on Your Calendar for Apple’s Big iPhone Event”, published August 10, 2013 at 4:22 pm PT by Ina Fried, All Things Digital.

Apple’s seasonal pattern: reveal the software and drop hints of future project at WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) which was held on Monday July 8th 2013 to Friday July 12th 2013 and revealed a lot of future products as stated in my blog article entitled “ATL is now the Official Distributor of Apple Product in Jamaica as of July 2013 - Jamaica can now share in the innovation with Apple’s Future Products Despicable Me 2”.

If so the launch of the Apple iPhone 5S will disrupt other tech events slated for that date, mainly Mobile industry analyst Chetan Sharma’s Mobile Future Forward event and Tech Crunch Disrupt and Intel Developer Forum, also slated for Tuesday September 10th 2013

What we know is coming is as announced thus far, that being:

1.      Apple iOS 7
2.      Apple iPhone 5S
3.      Apple iPhone Lite, which many are calling the Apple iPhone 5C
4.      Apple Mac Pro

Additional information from All Things Digital suggests that the Apple iPhone 5S may also have another variant, this time coloured in Gold or Champagne as stated in the article “Yes, Apple Will Sell a Gold-Tone iPhone”, published August 19, 2013 at 9:31 am PT by John Paczkowski, All Things Digital. A mockup of the Champagne of Gold coloured Apple iPhone 5S can be seen in this article “Will Apple sip from a champagne-gold iPhone 5S? (images)”, published August 19, 2013 -- 20:33 GMT (13:33 PDT) By Andy Smith, ZDNET.

This story look legit, as according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new colour for the Apple iPhone 5S is real as stated in the article “Apple iPhone 5S: 'new champagne gold colour coming'”, published 11:03AM BST 19 Aug 2013 By Sophie Curtis, The UK Telegraph. This along with a bigger sized Internal memory, to quote KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo: “We also forecast the new model will add a new look, a golden casing, and a new option for larger 128GB storage, to offer greater differentiation from iPhone 5”.

This is most likely geared at the tastes of the Chinese Market, who are particularly fond of Gold, a symbol of prosperity for them. This new Colour may be part of Apple’s Strategy to break into the Chinese Market and broker a deal with China Mobile, the largest Telecom Provider in the World and in China in terms of Subscribers.

The Gold Plated Edition would be much coveted in the West, though, due to our materialistic preference for Bling. Throw in the possibility that this Apple iPhone 5S may be sporting a Fingerprint sensor, tech integrated into Apple’s products ever since the purchase of Authentec, a Biometric authentication company as stated in “Apple buys mobile security firm AuthenTec for $356 million”, published Friday July 27, 2012 7:03pm EDT By Poornima Gupta and Sinead Carew, Reuters, and we may have yet another incremental update to get excited about.

I’m personally expecting the following though:

1.      Comes in Block, White and Gold
2.      Sapphire Screen
3.      128GB Internal Memory Version
4.      5” LCD Screen 1,080x1,920-pixel with a 443ppi
5.      12.1 Megapixel Camera as I had predicted in my blog article entitled “Sharp develops world's thinnest 12.1 Megapixel Camera - Apple iPhone 5 and Apple iPad 3 in Sharp's focus”.
6.      Quad-Core A7 Processor (just to up the Ante a bit!)
7.      Better Battery
8.      Support for Biometric fingerprint Sensor
9.      Apple iPhone 5C priced at about US$199 without contract

This time around at least on this is for certain. The Apple iPhone normally appears on Telecom Provider LIME’s shelves by early January, with inklings heard before in November as was the case with the Apple iPhone 5 as recorded in my blog article entitled “LIME Drops  Apple iPhone 4S price with Apple iPhone 5 Launch slated for Black Friday - Apple iPad Mini and  iPad 4 coming at LIME's House at the End of the Street”.

With ATL (Appliance Traders Limited) now the authorized dealer for all things Apple as stated in my blog article entitled “ATL is now the Official Distributor of Apple Product in Jamaica as of July 2013 - Jamaica can now share in the innovation with Apple’s Future Products Despicable Me 2”,  expect to see the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C along with the Apple Mac Pro on sale in Jamaica much earlier than normal.

The Observer Fashion Night Out may end up being special if this Custom-fitted Gold coloured Apple iPhone and the U$199 Apple iPhone 5C Made for China were to make a splashdown in a Developing World country such as Jamaica. ATL and LIME Jamaica may not get Goldfinger that's Made for China.

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