My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How Hermione Way's Vibease smartphone Connected Bluetooth Vibrator revive Romance in tech-obsessed world

Friday, August 9, 2013

How Hermione Way's Vibease smartphone Connected Bluetooth Vibrator revive Romance in tech-obsessed world

The Apple iPhone just got a major upgrade in the form of a rather unusual crowdfunded app and product for an even more well known device. I speak of course of the single woman’s best friend, the vibrator and The Vibease, made by Vibease co-founder Hermione Way and her team as stated in the article “This woman’s invention is more important than the iPhone”, August 5, 2013 By Peter Soldinger, Digital Trends.

If you thought my other IndieGogo projects featured on my blog were unusual, such as the last article I did on the Vacuvita Vacuum  Food Sealer as stated in my blog article entitled “IndieGogo funded VacuVita makes Vacuum Sealing Food Easy - How We Can’t Stop, Miley Cyrus Style Eating Organic Food as it last longer”, then wait till you get the 411 on  this project.

The Vibease is basically a IndieGogo Funded Bluetooth connected Vibrator with an App that connects to your Google Android smartphone as stated in “Singapore-made smartphone vibrator Vibease now available for pre-order”, 22 February 2012 1:56pm SGT by Aloysius Low, CNET Asia. Originally when it was released in February 2013 it only supported Google Android Smartphones  but now has an App for the Apple iPhone.

Here’s the Official Vibease page, which from all appearances, have surpassed their target with a mere 20 days to go. And here’s a list of its founding members:

1.      Hermione Way
2.      Angela Mahon
3.      Dema Tio
4.      MaryRose Simpson
5.      Steven Kik

Your partner, miles away, will control the intensity of the Vibrator based on your commands, guided by settings, as your hands would be occupied while experiencing an orgasm. So it’s not  woman’s regular Vibrator, as based on The Vibease dimensions, it’s been engineered to have the smallest form factor yet give maximum pleasure with its built in rechargeable electric motor.

But it’s the hands-free option controlled via Bluetooth that’s got me most interested. Once inserted under her clothes between her legs, the woman can then control not only the level of stimulation remotely but also set the mood using a set of customized Audio fantasies that are, or now, Audio Based and experience by wearing a pair of headphones connected to the smartphone.

Coupled with the long Distance component which allows your partner anywhere in the world via the Internet to control the level and intensity of vibration using The Vibease app on his smartphone while you can hear his voice on the headphones, this product is mesmerizing in its cleverness and practicality.

Best of all for females, you can experience an orgasm alone and privately in your headphones with your partner and no-one will ever know you are having a good time standing right there beside them. The Vibease is a Genius idea, no?

As much as this might appears to be a silly device, it falls into the same trend of App maker making a device to go with the Apple iPhone that is exemplified by Orbotic’s Sphero Robotic Ball as stated in my Geezam blog entitled “The Apple iPhone as a Remote – The R2-D2 Effect of Orbotic’s Sphero Robotic Ball”.

And like that device, it’s also Bluetooth controlled, making it a completely hands-free experience. Albeit not a unique product, as Trojan already has such a vibrator, it however is the first crowdfunded Vibrator, making it a product driven by an actual interest in its success as opposed to merely a company trying something interesting with the smartphone.

It’s also starting a trend towards internet connected sex gadgets that, admittedly, started with Durex, who’d made a similar product called the Fundawear Experiment, basically a His and Her set of vibrating underwear that allows you to touch you partner via an iOS and Google Android App as stated in “Durex classes up the wearable tech space with “Fundawear””, April 19, 2013 By Kate Knibbs, DigitalTrends. I suspect this is still in the experimental stages, as issues related to cleaning these gadgets would suggest non-water and very expensive cleaning methods.

Without a doubt, this product is hit bound as its presses all the right buttons, so to speak. I wish I could be more creative with my language, but that would push this blog post into x-rated territory. It’s nonetheless an offbeat yet cleverly satisfying use of the current App connected Device Trend. Its success, based on their fund of US$15,000 being exceeded to the tune of US$57564, is well aroused….I mean assured, driven by the moans and groans of satisfied women all over the world.

Such tech oriented Sex devices such as The Vibease and the Fundawear Experiment will go a long way to bringing Technological practicality into Sex via our gadget obsession with smartphones to allow you to experience intense please whenever, wherever discreetly. 

Long Distance Relationships In a World (2013) that’s tech-obsessed and lost sense of Romance.

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